Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Being a woman in 2016

Being a woman in 2016 is hard, men have expectations of how women should look, so does the media and to make the matter even sadder, so do other women.

Every where you look there are publications of the new top models that are pretty much telling us that this is how we should all look, but the reality is size 0 is not a sustainable or healthy body weight, we should all be able to feel great in the skin that we are in. It's high time we look past the mass photoshopped persona that the media dangle like a carrot in our faces at every possible opportunity. It quite simply is not real and we all need to stop beating ourselves up emotionally and physically over something that even these models have not achieved once you take away the air brushing and touch ups.

You only need to look to the media and the celebrities that get splashed all over the television and magazines to see that even these ladies are a far cry from happy. They put there bodies through the mill in the favour of their next big gig, but can you imagine having the pressure to look a certain way on that kind of scale? I know that I would absolutely hate it, I like to be able to rock out on the school run in my gym kit and my hair scraped back in a pony tail, I have absolutely no time for anything else first thing in the morning, nor would want to (aside from that very first cup of coffee!).

Have you ever stopped to think about the  beauty regimes that these ladies have and do carry out on a regular basis? I can easily go a year without even getting a hair cut, and I can't remember the last time I booked in to get my nails done, so to think about what the celebrities of 2016 have done in the name of beauty on a monthly basis is alien to me.

I picked the top 5 beauty regimes that really made my eyes water and thought it would be fun to share them with you here:

Anal bleaching - Ok seriously, I didn't even know this was a thing? Basically this fancy number is a beauty trend in which both men and women 'bleach' the skin around their anus to create a lighter and more even skin tone. Why? I have no idea!

Colonic Irragation - This is one I have heard of but can't say it appeals to me any more now than it did then... Colonic Irrigation is where waste material is flushed out of the bowel using water that is suirted through a tube that has been inserted up your bum...

Bikini Waxing - Would you believe that in my 27 years I have never endured a bikini wax? It's something that I have always thought I should give a go, after all I have had a baby... It can't be that bad... Right?

Liposuction - I have never really considered any form of plastic surgery. I feel like if you want to loose a few inches or shed a few pounds then you should definitely get more active and eat well. Liposuction is of course a medical procedure that removes unwanted body fat...

Breast Implants - Ok so this is a step further than just a beauty regime (unless your Katie Price and it's comparable to an outfit change), but the fact is it happens. I have always had a small chest, and it's something that I am ok with, something that really I am actually happy about. I can wear what I want, I can even go bra less which makes outfit choices that much easier!

There are so many different procedures and regimes out there, and so many ladies (and men in cases) are being driven to 'better' themselves. Self acceptance is a wonderful thing and I truly believe that we all have the potential to be happy in the skin that we are in. It has taken me years to finally feel as confident on the inside as I appear on the outside, but it's something that I want other ladies to feel.

Don't be afraid to just be yourself, your worth your weight in gold and no one has the power to make you feel inferior unless you give them the consent.

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