Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Create a bedroom children dream about

Creating a ‘nest’ for your child is an instinct most parents have, and it doesn’t stop once your child has grown a little. Designing a bedroom that suits your child and their interests can make all their dreams come true.

A Special Place
A child’s bedroom needs to be a special place, reflecting their unique interests and personality, is something many parents are willing spend a lot of time and money on.

There’s no need to worry if you haven’t got brilliant DIY skills or the artistic talent needed to paint a mural - today there are dozens of companies dedicated to helping you create the perfect dream bedroom for any child, whatever their tastes. Here are just a few ideas from bed-e-buys to help inspire you.

Paint a Picture
 Bedroom walls can be a boring place if you leave them blank. There’s no need to have acres of magnolia to limit your child’s imagination - there are plenty of ways you can brighten up even the smallest of bedrooms.

Keeping your paint bold and colourful can be great for some children, statement walls can be a fantastic way to create themes for a bedroom. 

Alternatively, using calming colours like greens and soft blues can be great for those who need a relaxing bedroom to get a restful night's sleep.

Decorating your child’s bedroom walls with a mural or illustration will help inspire their imagination, taking them to a different world.

Whether they are a budding astronaut, an aspiring scientist or want to grow up to be a fairy princess, you will find a whole host of ready-made murals, wall decorations or stencils to help you create the perfect background to their dreams.

And there’s no need to worry if your artistic skills are not great. You can buy anything from animal prints to landscapes, space scenes and their favourite characters from books or TV.

Work, Rest, Play!

A bedroom is not just for sleeping in. Even the smallest of children need somewhere to sit and read as well as space to play in and somewhere to do homework once they’re older.

Make your child’s bedroom extra-special and add a see-saw swing, which hangs from the ceiling, or an indoor climbing wall for your budding adventurer? 

They’ll love you for it!

 Scource: growingspaces
And so to Bed

Central to every bedroom, of course, is the bed, and there is a large variety of beds of every size and shape to suit every child’s personality and needs.

A popular choice for older youngsters are childrens cabin beds which come in different styles - some with storage space underneath and others with space to sit and play. They appeal to most children and offer space-saving solutions to parents. Great for the smaller bedroom!

Whatever your child’s taste or interests, you can make it far easier to get them to stick to bedtime if you make their bedroom a pleasant and welcoming place.

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