Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Online Training and Flexible Jobs for Mums: how to become a Social Media Mum

This year has thrown up many new words and phrases, post truth, fake news were spawned after the recent political activities both in the the UK and US. Add to this the term digital moms, which has been coined for a special type of employee in the job market. A digital mom is a tech savvy, social media user who are becoming the best social media managers on the market. There are so many opportunities out there for digital moms.

The best elements of being a digital mom is that the jobs available are cool and usually quite flexible to fit in with your lifestyle. There's so much choice available, you could be a freelance writer, writing articles for companies. Or a guidance counsellor, or many more in the multitude of roles.

One of the largest areas of opportunity is in companies looking for social media managers. Nikki Cochrane, who founded Digital Mums in the UK said this about the role "We started to think about what makes a good social media manager - someone who’s level headed, someone who’s a good communicator and someone who’s calm in a crisis - and we began to realise that we were actually describing mums."

The great thing about social media is that you don't have to be based in the office to be functionally using it, it can be utilised remotely so mothers, busy with family, can access it from home. They can even schedule tweets and Facebook posts to go out during times when they may be busy with some forward planning.

This works great for the business who have a social media presence that is focused on by a determined and organised individual, but also for the employee who doesn't have to worry about a commute, childcare costs or not being there for the family.

Thanks to job offers sites like there are many flexible professions available that you can easily find in the digital sector like for example working as a content strategist for blogs or as a marketing copywriter . So why not build your future around this expanding area that can fit around your life, your family, your future. Take your first step to becoming a digital mom and watch the job offers roll in.

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