Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Play Soccer with an All-Star

Like most children his age, Leo loves to play soccer. It’s a great way to release energy and get plenty of healthy exercise. But, the weather here doesn’t always cooperate. During those many rainy days, getting grubby in the mud isn’t ideal.
What’s there to do indoors? Play video games, of course! We moms should know that certain games are loads better than others. Forget the violent games and mindless time-wasters. Instead, steer your children towards games that are actually beneficial to their development. I recently discovered Pelé: Soccer Legend. It lets players become the best footballer in history. Leo loves it.
On which side of the pond you reside doesn’t matter. Everyone who supports football clubs knows that Pelé is an athletic hero. He played famously for Brazil in the mid-1900s and set bunches of records. Pelé won the FIFA World Cup not once, not twice, but three times. During his storied career, Pelé scored 1,283 goals, a record that will likely stand forever. He played the sport with style, grace, and excellence. He’s an athlete from which our children can learn. That’s where Pelé: Soccer Legend shines.
All of the action takes place in the streets of Brazil on a sunny day. You’ll start by trying to score without any goalkeeper. Pelé himself will teach you how to kick straight, curve the ball, and perform trick shots. A friendly picture of Pelé appears, and he smiles while giving tips and tricks. This always makes Leo happy, as taking lessons from a legend makes the gaming experience that much more special.
There’s only one control: swipe to kick. This means that everyone from age 3 to 103 can play. Leo’s on the younger end of the spectrum, and he had no problems kicking and scoring. In fact, I think he’s better at playing than me!
Gamers will learn many different ways to score in the first few rounds. After that, the real challenges begin. The action in Pelé: Soccer Legend requires players to be thoughtful and clever. This isn’t a button-mashing arcade game; it’s a well-designed sports game with realistic physics. When multiple defenders are standing in front of the goal, you’ll have to figure out the perfect shot to score. There’s always more than one way to win, making each gaming session unique.
One of Leo’s favourite aspects of Pelé: Soccer Legend is the bonus shot. At the end of a successful round, you can perform one of Pelé’s signature kicks. These are totally awesome, highlight-reel shots, and they’re worth more points. One of my favourite features is the power-up system. For those of us who can’t score as easily, there are power-ups that enhance the ball. Items like the Fire Booster and Multiball make it nearly impossible to miss the goal. If a player gets stuck on a certain challenge, they can use a power-up to advance in style.

On those days that your young ones can’t go outside to play sports, Pelé: Soccer Legend is the next best thing.

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