Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Things to do with the kids over the Christmas break

I for one cannot wait for the end of this school term, Leo breaks up on Friday 16th December and I am quite happily counting down the days. I love the Christmas break, it means lot's of family time that's sprinkled with that extra special ingredient - Christmas magic. 

We always get up to quite a lot over the holiday and I am sure that this year won't be any exception to this rule, we actually started it off on Saturday at Drayton Manor and their Magical Christmas. If you are thinking of visiting then I highly recommend it. Leo had an absolutely incredible day, and it brought smiles to both my face, and even Luke's! 

I am already starting to think of ways in which I can entertain Leo over the couple of weeks that he is off school, and ways that we can do things together. A lot of our time is going to be spent with extended family as it's the festive season, but when we are at home I was thinking about making some home made Christmas Decorations with him. 

Saltrock have shared a super blog on DIY Christmas decorations made from natural materials, and I there a few designs that I think would be great to try out with Leo.

I'll share my favourite with you below, for the full roundup and how to make them yourself make sure to visit the Saltrock Blog.

The Pinecone Garland

My Mum used to make these when I was little, it seems fitting to give this a go with little man. We don't have a fire place at the new house, so I thought these would look pretty on our banister rail.

We have lots of pinecones around near us so they are very easy to get hold of in mass quantities, and something like this would also make a fantastic personal present for family members from Leo. I know that he would be over the moon to make and gift a present like this, they don't take overly long to make, and if you want to get really creative you could even spray them silver or gold to make them look even more festive.

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