Thursday, 1 December 2016

12 Travel Hacks to Make Family Flying a Doddle

If there is a way to really get my heart racing, it's telling me that I am taking Leo on a plane. It's not that he is naughty, it's more the keeping him entertained for however many hours the plane is in the air. When we flew back from Crete last year, we discovered that the entire families seating had been sat at entirely different areas on the plane, that was fine except for the fact that Leo's seat had been assigned to far away from my own. We did some seat shuffling and I managed to get one next to him with the aisle in between us, this meant that he was actually sat directly next to a young lady. Leo made himself very at home, he was soon trying to get her attention up from the book she was reading and peering over her shoulder as she used her smart phone. Of course the entire flight for me was then spent trying to get Leo to respect people's personal space. Thankfully the lady found Leo endearing and this definitely helped me to relax a little more.  

Leo has flown on a number of occasions from a young age, the first time was at 5 months and he decided to fill his nappy as soon as the plane left the runway in favour of the open sky. The second time was by far the hardest experience and I can confirm that flying with a 2 year old was a lot harder than flying with a baby in arms! The third experience was when we flew out to Tunisia back in 2015, and just as the plane began to take off, Leo announced how scared he was and announced that he thought it might crash (of all the things that someone could say when a plane is about to take off!).

The have a great post live featuring 12 top travel hacks that have the potential to take the stress out flying with your family, and turn it into an enjoyable experience. The infographic was put together by Schofields and it definitely has some great points. If I had sorted the seats on the plane ahead of time, then I would have eliminated any chance of Leo not being sat by me, and of course avoided Leo being cheeky (all the while charming) to the pretty girl he ended up sitting next to for four hours! 

Leo is a good little flyer really, he has his moments as do any child, but he sits as good as gold watching the on board entertainment or playing with the numerous activities we take along for him. The rule of thumb for us is to just make sure we have ample amounts of snacks and drinks to keep him going!

We are thinking about a long haul holiday next Summer, it is still all up in the clouds at this precise moment in time, but I know that Leo will be on his best behavior and we will definitely be pre booking our seats to make sure that we end up all together.

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