Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Bumper Cars

Mini Cooper S Convertible

I had so much I was going to get done today, I dropped Leo off at school and thought I would pop into the parent's and see how my Mum was doing today. I didn't intend on staying too long but of course the conversation flowed and soon it was gone 11am.

I decided to get myself into gear, said my goodbyes and made my way back to the my car. I turned on some Christmas tunes and started to make my way back home. The roads in Evesham at the moment have been awful, there is traffic as far as the eye can see, so you can forget getting anywhere quickly. 

I sat in the slowly crawling traffic and made my way up to the roundabout, it was my turn to go so I was busy looking ahead checking for a gap that was big enough for me to get over the roundabout safely, when all of a sudden my car shunts forward and there's a bang from behind. I realised instantly that someone had gone into the back of my car.

I wasn't really sure what I needed to do at this point, I am on a busy road, on a busy roundabout with wall to wall cars all around me. I knew that I needed to get out of the way pretty quickly because if I stayed right on the roundabout much longer I was going to cause a bigger accident. I automatically put my hazards on and pulled over to the side of the road so that other cars could go by. My main concern at this point was that whoever had me would just drive off without a second thought. 

Thankfully the man who had gone into the back of me was so incredibly lovely. He made sure I was ok, we swapped details and he was so very apologetic, and to think that I had got out of that car ready to get really angry, there was absolutely no way I could be cross with this elderly man. I got back in the car and had to go down the by pass (the whole time the man who bumped my car is still behind me) and when we got to the next roundabout we both exchanged a smile and a wave.

The funny thing is before I could really evaluate the damage of the bump, I had to wash my car. It was that dirty that I couldn't even really see the blue colour of my car shining through any more...

The irony in this whole experience is that it was only the beginning of December that someone bumped the front of my car while I was parked up visiting a friend. So now that's front and back bumped for good measure I suppose! 

I returned to find my registration plate snapped in half and a small dent on the front bumper, of course whoever did the damage was no where to be seen, and they hadn't been courteous enough to leave a note apologising and confirming their details to get the damage repaired. Leo was absolutely outraged, and the thing that really grated on my 5 year old was that they didn't even have the audacity to apologise, they just fled the scene leaving me to pick up the bill, it's times like this you just want to get in touch with Prime Lawyers.

I still need to get my registration sorted out, and now I need to get a quote for the bump today, but this gentlemen is going above and beyond. He called me around 30 minutes after the collision to make sure that everything was ok and reassure me that it would all get sorted and that I would be looked after. I had absolutely no worry at all, and as the damage is so minimal I am not overly concerned at this point.

I want to sell my car in the next few months, so I will need to get it in tip top shape so that I can put it on the market. Ultimately I want to upgrade to a bigger car with a decent boot space so that the pup can travel in the back (instead of on my lovely leather seats!).

I should probably take a look at that to do list now right? You know now that things have finally settled back down...

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