Thursday, 8 December 2016

Moana Games: Interact with an Enchanting Movie

Over the weekend I took Leo on a daytime trip to the movie theatre. We joined a bunch of other mums and their young ones for a matinee showing of Moana. It is the newest PG-rated animated film from Disney, and it has received sweeping amounts of praise. Moana is playing in 3D and 2D, the latter of which we enjoyed. Presently, theatre 3D glasses are too big for Leo, and I feel he’s too young for that just yet.
Before watching Moana, I heard that there were already lot of free games based on the movie. I hadn’t played any, but I kept that in mind at the theatre. It gave me an interesting perspective, because much of the film felt like a video game! There were many fun scenes on the beach and thrilling boat trips, all of which I knew were even more immersive in 3D. Plus, I thought about what games could be made from movie scenes.
Upon returning home from the theatre, I visited It’s the premier resource for free games on the web. Poki has thousands of high-quality games, and they’re all sorted into categories. A couple of my friends’ daughters absolutely love the Girl Games section on Poki, which has everything from My Little Pony to Baby Hazel to Hello Kitty. Poki also has educational games, traditional board games, and plenty of action titles for older players. After seeing Moana, I wanted to try Poki’s movie games.

There is a nice selection of web games based on Moana. One of the first things I noticed is that each game icon looks like artwork from the movie. This is always a good sign, because it tells me the games are going to be authentic. On other sites, I’ve seen certain movie games that have amateur, unofficial graphics. That’s an unsettling notion, as it never bodes well for the rest of the game. Thankfully, the movie games on Poki aren’t like that! The Moana games boast all of the same vibrant colors and inviting visuals as the feature film.

Nearly all of the Moana games I played featured the Polynesian princess and Maui, the charismatic demigod. In the movie, Maui is voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has proven his stardom on the silver screen many times before. There are several Moana puzzle games that showcase Maui and his impressive assortment of full-body tattoos. Mau is holding his signature magical fish hook, and Moana is wielding her surprisingly powerful oar. The unlikely pals are also donning their authentic Pacific Island clothing from the film.

Regarding wardrobe, I encountered several highly captivating dress-up games. Fashion-loving gamers can explore beach closets filled with straw and grass skirts, patterned crop tops, and radiant leis. There’s even a crossover game that puts Princess Moana and Queen Elsa together! That’s one of the best things about the Moana collection on Poki; not only are there delightful surprises based on the new movie, but you never know which other Disney characters you’ll encounter.

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