Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Papa’s Sushiria: Cooking and Learning

Papa’s Sushiria
Who knew working at a restaurant could be so much fun? Ten years ago, the folks at Flipline Studios started the Papa’s Restaurant series. The kid-friendly, food-centric games are equal parts entertaining and educational. The past decade has seen a bunch of sequels, nearly all of which share the same charm as the original Papa Louie game. This month, Poki and Flipline Studios are giving us all a holiday gift: Papa’s Sushiria.
If your young ones enjoy restaurant management games (which are much more fun than the name implies), they’ve probably played the likes of Papa’s Bakeria, Cheeseria, or Donuteria. The game Leo and I discovered today, Papa’s Sushiria, lets us have more food-making fun than ever before.
The gist of the game is simple. As Papa Louie’s main employee, you take orders, cook food, and serve it to customers. But, the magic of Papa’s Sushiria is in the details. At the very beginning of the game, players can decide if they want to be Matt, Clover, or create their own character. The player customisation screen allows for practically infinite variations. There are more than 100 hairstyles, countless facial expressions, and all sorts of additional design tweaks we can make. Before our first day of work, Leo and I spent a quarter-hour enjoying just making our character!
The first day on the job consists of training. Players learn about the four stations: order, cook, build, and tea. The first step is the easiest, and the last one is the hardest. At the order station, we simply listen to what the customer wants to eat and drink. The order ticket will show every ingredient necessary, from rice type to tea bubbles. Then, we’ll put on a chef outfit and walk into the kitchen.
The cook station is where things start to get tricky. We pour white or brown rice into the rice cooker, and wait for the meter to reach the halfway point. This teaches patience and timing, because letting the rice cook too long (or not long enough) will result in a lower score. After adding sushi vinegar and spreading rice on nori, we’re ready for the build station.
Building the sushi is really captivating, because every order is different. We must follow the ticket carefully to add the correct fillings and toppings in the correct order. There might be several meats, vegetables, and/or seasonings on any one sushi roll. Top it off with General Tso’s sauce, and we’re ready for tea.
The tea station is the last part of the process, and this was the toughest one for Leo and me. In order to prepare the perfect tea, you must have precise timing. But as we all know, practice makes perfect. Halfway through our first week on the job, Leo and I were experts at making Chai tea with butterscotch bubbles. Yum!
Papa’s Sushiria is also filled with fun extras, like after-work mini-games and a restaurant decoration mode. The best way to discover it all is by walking into Papa Louie’s restaurant and putting on your new sushi apron!

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