Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Why Many People Prefer Cast Iron Radiators Over Modern Radiators

Cast Iron Radiators

Cast iron radiators are becoming more popular these days. There are plenty of homeowners who prefer this type of radiator than its modern counterparts. But, why are cast iron radiators popular? What advantages do they have over aluminium or modern steel radiators? In this article, we are going to give you the best answers you can get from experts. Read on to learn more.


Cast iron radiators take less space but produce more heat output to warm the entire room. This is another reason why they are more popular than aluminium or steel radiators. No matter where you place them in your room, they will always produce sufficient heat to warm the entire house.

This is not possible with modern radiators which need to be positioned in a central location. When you look at most central spaces within the majority of rooms, you will realise that these spaces are reserved for things like cupboards, sofa sets and many other things. So if you place a modern radiator in front of these things, it is not going to heat the entire room efficiently.


Cast iron radiators can be customised to offer a more modern feel and look. That said, it is possible to get them in a specific finish, heat output requirements and exact size and design. When it comes to the finishes, you can have cast iron radiators in metallic colour, stone blue, pitch black, olive, dayroom yellow, pavilion gray, off-white and many other colours you may think of.

With modern radiators, the above feature is not easy. You can order them in specific sizes to fit your room requirements. When it comes to colour preferences, you can only repaint them but still you won’t get the preferred results.


Cast iron radiators are an efficient option when it comes to period renovations such as agricultural buildings, warehouse or church extensions, and conversions. These buildings have a larger space and raised ceilings so these radiators provide sufficient heat to warm the space. This material also complements with the age of these buildings.

The reason why they work better in buildings with large spaces and raised ceilings is because cast iron itself is a good conductor of heat. Although this material tends to take longer to heat up due to its density, the material is capable of retaining heat for hours once it is heated up. When used at home, this radiator is more energy efficient.


Another reason why cast iron radiators are popular is because they complement well with green heating systems such as Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps. For example, when using Ground Source Heat Pumps, the heat that is transmitted from the ground to the cast iron radiators is held longer than when modern radiators are used. Again, the reason for this is because cast iron is denser than its steel or aluminium counterparts, and is an excellent conductor of heat.


For many years, cast iron radiators have been considered an old idea. However, due to their efficiency, which is an important factor to consider before purchase, they have enjoyed a major revival when it comes to popularity.

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