Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Design Challenge: Where to Place a Radiator in Your Home

Design Challenge

If your home comes with an old radiator and no longer functions efficiently, it may be time to replace it with a new radiator. This can also be a blessing in disguise as there are more updated options available in the market that will not only improve heating but are also more aesthetically pleasing. 

Some modern radiators offer less bulky designs like angled, curved, flat and compact radiators. Designs can vary in sizes to perfectly fit the area where it is needed. 

Where to put radiators in your home:

·         Bathrooms
·         Living room
·         Bedrooms 
·         Under Windows

Design Challenges Are Faced With Angles and Curves

If there are spaces in your home that require angled or curved radiators, this is now a possibility. The curve of a wall or curve of a window is not a problem with the right radiator.

A good example of the unique curved design is under a bay window. Placing the radiator near a large window is essential. If you need a curved radiator for your bay windows, it can be found here at They are one of the trustworthy providers of quality radiators. Check out their website to see what they have on offer.

There are also flat radiators which are best for any areas of the house. They can be large and displayed vertically along the wall of a room. This design looks very sleek and neat. It also matches well with any style of decor.

Small Spaces Still Need Heat

Of course, it is a design challenge when adding a radiator into a small space. Instead of taking up more area than needed, compact radiators are a good solution. They can be placed wherever needed, such as a small bathroom. Another area to place this type of radiator is in the bedroom, and smaller rooms like guest rooms or offices. But, there are also companies that can customise a curved radiator to match with your home’s design and your preferences. Contact a reputable company such as Radiator Curving so you can discuss your requirements with them.

Proper Maintenance

 By simply giving your radiator a good cleaning, it brings a sense of new life to it. Cleaning your radiator well and removing the dust and dirt helps it to function better. The quality of air is also better when you regularly keep your radiator clean. If you don’t know how to do it, it is always best to research the proper way of cleaning a radiator before you start. Brushing it with a standard toothbrush or a small brush carefully is your best option. Simply brush away the dust with a dry toothbrush, and then follow up with moist brushing.

If you’re planning to change its colour or repaint it, make sure the area is well ventilated and that you have a high heat spray paint of your chosen colour. Cover any areas to avoid painting mistakes and protect the surrounding area. Simply spray, allow drying, and spray a final coat.

With radiators installed in the right places, you and your family can stay warm and enjoy your home. 

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