Thursday, 12 January 2017

On Demand Television for Busy Lives

Watching television is not something I do as often these days, I lead a rather busy life making sure that Leo is ready for School after having read,washed, dressed and got a good nights sleep under his belt, and then in between I work, exercise and get that rather beautiful puppy of ours walked and suitably tired out. By the time this is all done and dinner is washed away there isn't always a lot of evening left to play around with.

It was for this reason that when we moved house, I decided not to get too adventurous with a television package, we decided to just keep Netflix and utilise the content that is on there as it has absolutely everything we wanted and needed (You can check what is currently on Netflix by searching the list of Netflix movies here). I don't ever get chance to watch terrestrial television and in honesty I don't even have an Arial installed to do so, and when I do grab the time to sit down at the end of the day, everything I enjoy watching can be done so on demand using my Netflix subscription.

It has to be said that streaming has really provided viewers with an entirely new viewing experience. There is no more 'I must get back home to watch *insert show name here* at 7pm', you can now just tune in and watch it at your leisure. How cool is that?

Netflix has allowed Leo to get into some children's show's that he would probably not have seen on your typical television packages. He fell in love with the Mario and Luigi cartoon and also all the vintage Power Ranger shows (some even from my childhood!), and I think this is rather nice as 
having seen some of the Disney shows my younger sister has watched on their Sky channel over the years, I have to admit that I was left wondering what on earth happened to show gems such as Home Improvement and Boy Meets World.

I myself really love the Netflix Original Series such as Orange is the New Black and Designated Survivor. I have always loved Kiefer Sutherland since I first saw him as Jack Bauer back in Season One all of those years ago, and I was hooked on his latest series from the start of the Pilot. If you have not given this show a try yet, I highly recommend it and would be very surprised if it didn't tickle your fancy!

I was lucky to work on the Netflix Stream Team for a few years (sadly this finished last year), but during my time with them I was lucky enough to attend some fabulous events, one of which was the Season 2 Orange is the New Black Cast Q&A - you can see the clip below.

For me, I would much rather get into a good boxset over a film these days. There is something slightly addictive to falling in love with a series, from the characters, the ongoing seasons and the story lines presented to us, it can be enough to keep us on the very edge of our seats, we won't talk about how many times Grey's Anatomy has reduced to me tears, and Derek's death.. Well that is just a whole other level!

I think it is great that we can watch our favourite content around our busy lives so easily, and if it wasn't for this genius invention I would definitely never get to watch any television!

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