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Top Tips When Planning your Family Holiday to Spain on a Budget

Planning your Family Holiday to Spain on a Budget

Now that we are almost a month into the New Year with Christmas firmly packed away into the attic, and any residue glitter has almost been vanquished, many of us are starting to think about the summer months ahead, and of course family holiday's in the glorious heat.

Spain is the number one destination choice for families in Europe, and it's not hard to work out why. We are really lucky living in Britain because we don't have to travel too far on a plane to reach Mediterranean climates and experience Spanish culture, and their incredible cuisine (I adore Tapas).  

I have been lucky enough to visit Spain on a number of occasions throughout my Teens. The first time we went was when I was 16, it was the year I left school. My family booked a beautiful villa in Javea, and we spent two weeks in the sunshine with our own private pool. In more recent years I have visited the Balearic Islands, Mallorca and Menorca, Menorca being my absolute favourite of the two. 

Planning your Family Holiday to Spain on a Budget

 Latest figures from the Spanish National Institute of Statistics ( show that British tourists to Spain spend an average of €130 per day on their holidays in 2016 (between January and November) with approximately one third of that being spent on travel (flights) and accommodation and another third being spent on food and activities. 

Holiday's cost a lot of money so it is always good to start thinking ahead, defining a budget and shopping around to make sure that you can get the best prices available. 

Top Tips When Planning your Family Holiday to Spain on a Budget

- Get the best offers
Use price comparison sites when looking for your flight, search engines are a powerful tool that allow us to compare prices of the different operators, meaning that we can find the very best available price. Once you have found the price that beats them all you can book it confidently knowing that you are saving money, which you can then add to your spending fund while on holiday. 

- Be flexible on the airport you choose to fly from
You will always look to see the cost of flying from your local airport, but sometimes this can cost you. It is always best to look at a number of different airports and see what the price variations are. Often you will find that it is cheaper to fly from London instead of Birmingham, and sometimes this can still be the case once you factor in travel and parking, so it is always a good idea to look a little further a field. 

- Book ahead
When you travel by air it is always important to remember that flight ticket prices are constant changing. Prices depend on factors such as travel time, occupancy on the aircraft and current oil prices. I always recommend booking early, as once you have booked your price is fixed and cannot be changed.

Planning your Family Holiday to Spain on a Budget

- Last minute means last minute
Some times it can be commended to wait for last minute as you can pick up some pretty amazing deals. I myself have never done this as I like to know where I am going and have time to plan ahead, but I have seen friends book some incredibly priced last minute fights and accommodation.

- Book the basic essentials
If working to a budget then it is important to avoid adding additional cost to your holiday, airlines always try to up sell on extra services, booking seats together, extra luggage, extra leg room etc. These are all extra services that you can live without, and by not booking will definitely save you a pretty penny.

- Think holiday villas & apartments
You might be surprised to know that you can book a luxury villa or apartment for less money than it would cost you to stay in a hotel. It works out to be much more affordable and the best value for money. is one of the few holiday rental websites that you can refine your search according to distance from the beach, it has 1000s of family-friendly villas and apartments to choose from and you can contact the owners directly with any special requirements you have to make your stay in Spain a relaxing, memorable family holiday.

We loved having our own villa in Spain,it was spacious and a beautiful place to spend 2 weeks. The biggest luxury for us was not having to share the pool with anyone. 

- Travel out of season

If you can, it is always advisable to book out of season as that is when the best deals are floating around. Obviously this is harder when children are factored in due to school commitments, but if you are in a position to travel without little ones in tow, it is always advisable to look for off-season discounts.

- Hire transport
The best way to get around and really see a destination is by renting a car. The best offers can always be found online and I always recommend booking ahead of time so that it is all ready to go as soon as you land at the destination airport. 

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