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A Guide For Plus Size Girls: 4 Ways To Avoid Prom Fashion Faux Pas

Plus Size Girls

There is no doubt about it – prom night is the biggest night of a teenage girl’s life. If your daughter is a plus size girl and is in need of a plus size dress for her special night, there are a few things you and your daughter need to take into consideration before she picks a dress. As with all girls, there are tons of fashion mistakes that can happen when picking a dress. From unflattering colors that make them look bigger, to horizontal strips that accentuate the abdomens and hips that they don’t want to draw attention to, and even the wrong length that makes them look heavier, there is so much to think about.

Here are four important considerations when picking your daughter’s dress that will help her to avoid a whole host of fashion faux pas.

Plus Size Girls

Plus Size Girls
The Style of the Dress

When it comes to prom dress styles for plus-size girls, there are some cuts that are a complete no-no. Try to avoid figure-fitting and tight-fitting styles and instead choose something that will deflect attention from your daughter’s hips and thighs and draw attention to her waist. Local and online dress stores are already selling some of this year’s hottest styles for plus size girls.

The Length of the Dress

If your daughter is going for a traditional prom look, you could help her choose a floor-length dress. However, if she would prefer a more modern look, and perhaps a shorter dress, make sure it is one that covers her knees or is about three-quarters in length. It is important for your daughter to feel comfortable in her dress so avoid long dresses that drag on the floor or ones that are too loose and will shift around her frame.

The Fabric of the Dress

It is important to choose a fabric that matches your daughter’s personality. If she plans on dancing all night long, make sure her dream dress will handle her moves. You’ll want her to stay away from long dresses that she could trip on, get caught on her heel, or be stepped on by other dancers. If she wants a sleeveless dress, make sure it has wide straps to fit comfortably over her shoulders and keep the dress snugly in place. Online shops offer some of the best plus size dresses for prom 2017. Make sure to check them out.

The Color of the Dress

Plus size girls look amazing in neutral colors, such as nude, gold, white, and black. Try to stick to a maximum of two colors and avoid shiny embellishments and details that risk exaggerating your daughter’s size or accentuating parts of her frame.

A Few Tips to Remember

·         Let your daughter try out a couple of cuts and styles before settling on a dress.
·         Start looking for her dress early – at least a few months in advance.
·         Buy her dress at least six weeks before prom so that there is enough time for alterations.
·         Choose a dress your daughter is comfortable in.
·         Keep a budget in mind.
·         Do a little research before looking for a dress.
·         Once she has a style in mind, try on different colors.

Use these tips to make sure your daughter will look as sensational as she is in her plus size prom dress.

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