Thursday, 9 February 2017

Did you over spend on Christmas 2016?


Doesn't Christmas feel like a long time ago now? 2017 is already flying by and it will be Spring before we know it, it has to be said though, so many people are still feeling the ripple effects from Christmas, at least 35% of the 2,700 people within the UK surveyed by My Voucher Codes, over spent over the Christmas period. 

I find this rather shocking if I am honest, I like to spoil the Leo and the family over the holiday season, but I never ever spend more than I can afford. This year I was extra specially worried about how I was going to finance Christmas, we had just moved to the new house over the Summer, and there were bills coming out of my ears. With this in mind I created a budget and I stuck to it, I got creative with my ideas and come the big day, Leo was over the moon with his treasures, and I was just so pleased to see how much that beautiful boy of mine was enjoying the magic.

38% of the people surveyed kept to their budgets (You can read the full article over at The London Economic), and I just don't quite understand how people get themselves in such a financial mess over the festive season. Why would people spend money that they cannot afford, I have never put Christmas on credit because I like knowing that I am starting the New Year without worrying about paying off that one day at the end of December. 

I can't say that I am exceptionally oraganised when it comes to preparing for the big day though, but I do start to make some purchases when Leo goes back to school in September. I like to be able spread the cost over a number of months so that I can afford to spend more than I would than if I did it all in one go with the majority of people during December, I find that if you look around throughout the year, there are usually some pretty good deals available, and it is so easy to pick things up and store them away, and then when you come to get all of your wrapping done, it's nice to not have to get stressed about what you still need to purchase.

When Leo and I were in Tesco the other week, we picked up a super deal on a NERF Gun that was reduced from over £50.00, down to £12.00! I couldn't believe it and sent the lady off to query the price, and when she came back confirming that it was indeed the correct price, I practically threw that toy into my trolley before someone else came along and snapped it up! Leo looked really surprised, especially since I had just been telling him that 'Yes we can look down the toy aisle, but no you cannot have a new toy today!'. I just wish he had been with his Dad at the time because it would have been amazing to sneak that away for Christmas 2017.

If you keep your eyes open throughout the year though, and you are open to storing things away, then it is totally possible to not get into debt, and very easy not to get stressed out about Christmas Shopping!

I have not yet bought anything for this year, but I think I will start keeping my eye out now so that I can put some things away in preparation. I always make sure to hide things in the attic, as there is no way that Leo can discover anything up there, and it keeps it out of my way until we need it.

How do you prepare for Christmas? 
Were you able to stick to your budget for Christmas 2016?

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