Thursday, 16 February 2017

Do it yourself D.I.Y

Since moving into my own home, I have had to do more D.I.Y than I am used to, and it has to be said that I am not all that great when it comes to doing these alien jobs around the house. Don't get me wrong... I can put a picture up. Just last week I hammered a pin into the wall using my hair brush, now it might sound quite out there but I happen to think that I did a pretty good job, I won't need to call Slater & Gordon Solicitors for a personal injury claim any time soon!

I usually save up the D.I.Y stuff for Luke, but I often end up waiting a while for him to do it (I have had a shelf that needs putting up above my television for a few weeks now, maybe one day soon it will be on the wall where it belongs!). Luke is actually a carpenter, so he is pretty handy to have around, but it's true what they say, when your in the trade, your home is the last to be done, and as Luke has his own home, and I have mine...Mine comes even further down the list!

I am pretty clumsy as it happens, but there have been times I have surprised myself with what my do it yourself skills have been capable of. I once built a wooden toy box for Leo and fitted the hinges myself, just last year I put Leo's new bed together with the assistance of my Mother, and now I am putting up pictures using hair brushes. Seriously, are there any limits to my talents!?

Slater & Gordon Solicitors have put together a really interesting infographic highlighting some of the danger that we might not always consider when we turn our sights to home improvements. I won't talk about that time I managed to electrocute myself... You can check the infographic out below.


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