Monday, 27 February 2017

Half Term

Last week was half term for us, and it was so nice to have Leo at home with me. I tried to make sure we had some exciting things planned and we did get to see friends, take a trip to the cinema to watch the new LEGO Batman Movie and demolish a lot of popcorn. I think he really needed the break, school is hard and it's nice to forget about the school run and the usual routine of life, and just had a bit of a lazy week. 

We took a trip to the supermarket last week as we needed some bits for dinner, since this whole bag charge came in, I have realised just how forgetful I am. I have so many bags lying around at home, but do I ever have any in the car when I need them? NOPE. So Leo and I popped into Tesco, filled the trolley, paid and suddenly realised that I now needed to get all of this shopping into the boot of my car, and then somehow from the boot into the house.. I stood there realising that I had left the house without a single shopping bag again (and being too stingy to purchase multiple plastic bags) I started to haul the load from the trolley to the car. Leo looked at me and giggled, he knows exactly what I am like and he grinned cheekily at me revealing his one missing tooth (which he swallowed just before half term), 'Oh Mummy, did you forget your bags AGAIN!?'. I chuckled, that cheeky tone is something that I love about my little human, sarcasm at it's finest, which he totally gets off me.

'Yes Leo, Mummy forgot the bags AGAIN'.

I have been meaning to treat myself to a personalised bag for life that I can just keep in the boot of my car for such bag emergencies. I must look quite comical running in and out of the house juggling the entire contents of my shopping basket. I have lost a few items this way in the past, eggs don't fare very well when you drop them, or when you have jam packed the boot so full that they just topple out. Just the other day I managed to squish my Muller Light Yogurt everywhere. It was a sad, sad day.

Today the normality of the routine resumes, Leo is back at school and the house is looking immaculate (which it wouldn't be if half term hadn't come to a close). The Nerf gun bullets have been picked up and there is an eerie quiet taking the house by storm. The pup is over at my Mother's so the house is even quieter than usual except for the music playing over our Amazon Alexa.

Leo didn't want to go to school, and part of me didn't want him too, but we got up, we made it in time for the school bell and then I came home to get cracking with work.

The half term is officially over.

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