Thursday, 16 February 2017

How to Regain Control of your Garden after Winter

Winter can cause complete devastation to the garden. It is impossible to keep your garden looking neat and attractive when it has been battered by the harsh weather for months and the bleak grey of winter can leave it looking more like wild, untamed tundra than your backyard. So, what can you do to take back control in time for the warmer months of the year?

Collecting Debris
The first step to taking back control of your garden involves tidying the area. After months of rain, wind and neglect, your backyard will be covered in all kinds of debris. The quickest, easiest and most effective way to collect all of this is with a leaf blower, which you can get from suppliers like SGS. Use this to make small piles of leaves, rubbish and any other debris that has fallen. Dispose of this appropriately and it will already make a big difference.

Mow the Lawn
Next, the lawn will need a good trim much like you would get a fresh summer haircut. Mow it to a neat length, aerate the lawn and also trim back your hedges and carry out a thorough weeding of the entire area. You may also want to call a tree surgeon to thin out the branches to allow more sunshine. Collect all the trimmings and dispose of them appropriately.

Clear Out the Shed
The shed can be an intimidating place to go after the winter months as it is likely to be packed full of dust covered items and so crammed that you can barely get a foot inside. Bring everything out and throw away what you don’t need, keep out your garden furniture and BBQ and neatly place the rest of the items back. Clean the furniture and BBQ and set up a social area and space to relax.

Winter can leave your perimeter fence, gate and garden shed looking drab and unattractive - this can bring down the tone of the entire backyard. Clean these wooden items and provide them with a fresh lick of paint to revitalise and make your garden much brighter.

Inject Life and Colour
Finally, you will want to embrace the new season by buying colourful plants and flowers. You can also add your own decorations to add style and personality.

With these steps, you will have reclaimed your backyard just in time for spring and summer. There is nothing better in these months than relaxing in your garden surrounded by natural beauty or inviting your friends and family round for a BBQ and a few drinks.

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