Thursday, 23 March 2017

Resourceful Gaming

Resourceful Gaming

My little man is becoming a gamer. He loves playing all types of games, from traditional single-player adventures to those new mobile multiplayer ones. We gave him my old iPad last year, and he plays it any time we let him (Note to fellow parents: ensuring your young ones enjoy the outdoors and getting exercise is important!). So, what’s the latest and greatest game at our house?—a funny name for an entertaining game!

Despite having “Moo” in its title, there are surprisingly no cows involved. is an online multiplayer game that combines many different parts. First and foremost, players must gather resources from the map. These resources include wood, food, and stone. Throughout the course of the game, resources are the primary form of currency. 

Players can spend their wood and stone to build walls around their village, construct windmills, and create mines to gather more goods.
If game were only about gathering and building, it would be a peaceful game. In this day and age, those are much harder to find. The truth is that is filled with action—the fighting kind. But, fear not! 

There is no blood or graphic violence here. Instead, in-game battles are rather silly and lighthearted. That’s due to the graphics and overall nature of As you’ll see, there is a top-down view with simple, 2D visuals. Each character is a big circle with two small circles representing arms. Weapons, such as swords and axes, are just gray rectangles. Despite the action implying swordfights and axe-heavy battles, the game is still completely kid-friendly.

Why do players fight while building villages? It’s a matter of power. is part of a larger group of competitive titles known as .io games. These titles are all about reaching the top of the leaderboard. To do so, you must have the highest score. Some .io games are only about defeating other players. is about collecting the most stuff. All of the wood, food, and stone in your inventory counts towards your total score. The player with the most resources resides in first place. is a multilayered game, meaning many different strategies can be effective. 

Some players might stay away from others, and just try to gather resources without getting into fights. By building a village far away from the action (if possible), one can keep scoring without having to protect what’s theirs. Certain players will take a more aggressive approach, breaking down what others have built. If everyone else’s score is lower, it’s easier to rise on the scoreboard. The most effective strategy might lie somewhere in the middle. Mine resources, build a solid defense, and maintain a steady path towards victory. is a game from which our children can learn. It’s not easy, especially when playing against particularly aggressive competitors. The tried-and-true concept of gathering resources to build is fun and challenging. If your children want to try, I’m pleased to report this game is a step above the rest.

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