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10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For New Mothers

10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For New Mothers
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It goes without saying that the best gift you can get for a new mother is the offer of a break – be it cleaning for her, cooking a meal, babysitting while she catches up on sleep, or just hanging out with her. But, if you would prefer to give her something that will last longer, here are a few ideas that new moms love to receive.

1.    A Membership to Amazon Mom

Babies are not cheap, especially when it comes to essentials like diapers. Amazon Mom offers a variety of discounts on wipes, diapers, and a wide variety of other essentials, and it allows moms to get discounts on their baby registry gifts, too.

2.    A Modern, Trendy Diaper Bag

Typically, the only bag new mothers find themselves carting around is a diaper bag. So, why not get her a trendy bag that looks like a purse? There are bags on the market that look like pocket books but have plenty of room for wipes, diapers, and so much more.

3.    A Cleaning Service

New mothers hardly have the time or energy to look after themselves, let alone clean their homes. You can save her the hassle by having her home professionally cleaned for her.

4.    A Rechargeable Battery Case for Her Phone

If you’re looking for ideas to add to any style of baby hampers, consider a rechargeable battery case for her phone so that she never misses a baby moment and she can keep snapping those pictures.

5.    A Comfortable Top to Relax In

It can take a little while to get back in shape after giving birth, so moms love flowy, loose tops that will help them relax in comfort. It also makes breastfeeding much easier.

6.    A Home-Cooked Meal

New parents really don’t have much time to cook adult meals for themselves, but they still want nutritious, home-cooked meals. If you aren’t able to cook for mom yourself, you could order a home-cooked meal to be delivered to the new parents.

7.    A Baby-Friendly Necklace

Dangling jewellery is not the best idea for new moms who carry and cuddle their babies and want to avoid the strong grip of curious new hands. However, there are teething necklaces on the market that are ideal for mom and baby. They are stylish and made from non-toxic materials so baby can chew away happily.

8.    A Subscription for a Streaming Service to Help Her Chill Out

When baby goes to sleep, mom can catch up on all her favourite TV shows and movies with a thoughtful streaming service subscription.

9.    A Custom-Printed Mug

If the new mom works, she is going to miss her baby when she returns to work. So, why not consider a custom mug that has a picture of her baby printed on it? She’ll love having the mug to remind her of her new born baby and it’s something she is sure to show off to her colleagues.

10. A Relaxing Spa Treatment

Being a new parent is really stressful. Help mom unwind by booking her a relaxing spa treatment, such as a facial or a massage.

These are just 10 gift ideas for new moms that are sure to be appreciated!

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