Thursday, 27 April 2017 Review

Global Development Delay

Leo has gone back to school this week following the Easter break, and it's been so strange not having him around, not to mention how I have had to re-adjust my sails for the early morning school run. These last few weeks have been spent relaxing and making the most of not really having to do much at all, and one of the ways that Leo likes to relax is by playing games.

Before Leo broke up for the half term break, I wrote a post about our journey with Global Development Delay, and I spoke of the struggles and difficulties that Leo faces with his academic learning. I get told regularly that Leo struggles with following school work instructions, and although this is getting better as he get's older and he looks to other students to see how they are processing the assignment, they still say this is a difficulty for him.

When it comes to things that Leo is interested in though, like games, especially Minecraft, which quite honestly confuses me left, right and centre. I am often left astounded at Leo's understanding and demonstration within the maps. He builds, farms, mines for materials and uses those materials to aid his game play, and there I am not even sure how to use the most basic controls! I am going to talk about this further in a future post, but the way Leo can navigate through these virtual worlds, and process instructions he has seen on YouTube videos from pro gamers, just leaves me in awe, especially since it's not something that I can help him with, because my gaming starts and ends at Mario!

We discovered a new game to have a play with, over on Poki. This game has similarities to Minecraft so I knew that Leo was going to absolutely love it. You basically have to collect resources from around you, this then allows you to build and create protection for yourself from the world around you!

It isn't just you running around in this big virtual plane though, so keep an eye out for other players who might try and trip you up!

 The controls are pretty simple, to move you just need to use the arrows on your keyboard and you can use the mouse to click on objects. This allows you to attack, gather or look at the items/creatures you encounter in this virtual dimension. 

The animals will try to attack you, so you have to keep your wits about you and be prepared to protect yourself (this is where building protection is a great plan of action!), and after you have killed the animal, it becomes your food so don't forget to collect the meat!

Speaking of food, you will need plant beds in order to grow and gather your own food, you don't want to starve after all. 

Leo has been enjoying this game, and I like that it is giving him a different gaming experience in the sense that this is based on the computer. Allowing Leo to do this helps him build his confidence with the mouse and the keyboard, and it encourages him to use his growing reading ability, because the words and letters that are appearing on screen are actually of interest to him. It's something that we can sit down together and work towards, and it's nice to see him wanting to know and learn.

Helping Leo is all about appealing to what interests him, and if that means going about things in a different to traditional way, then so be it. We all learn in different ways, in our own time, but as long as we try and we give things our best shot, then that's all we can ask.

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