Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Honey I shrunk the....

The other weekend Luke and I were due to go out for a good friend's birthday meal. Of course in true style, we were both running late. As per usual. I was processing through the usual 'I have NOTHING to wear' saga, which usually involves me trying on everything I own and then throwing it across the room in anger and disbelief. The disbelief stems from the fact that when it is all nicely hung up...It looks like I have some incredibly beautiful items... Yet the moment it comes to wearing it, it doesn't look the way I want it too. 

I had actually been super organised earlier that day, I had taken a load of washing, and I had washed said load of washing. In that wash that I had decided to stick on 40 degrees (nope... I did not pay mind the washing labels, because where would the fun be in that!?), and in that wash I had put Luke's rather nice black and red tartan shirt, the shirt he was intending to wear to the meal that very evening. 

Continuing my organisational streak, I then took the completed wash and stuck in the tumble dryer. Here I would usually check to see what needs hanging and what can be dried, and granted if it can be tumble dried... I usually do take the easy way out. So Luke's shirt was washed and it was now in the dryer ready for him to wear.

Flash forward a few hours and we are in the midst of our usual running around palava. Clothes are flying from my wardrobe, from one end of the room...To the other, and Luke is only just thinking about getting in the shower, but it's all fine, because the one shirt he has at my house is now washed, dried and even ironed. 

I finally make a decision on what I am wearing, Luke slips the shirt on (That may or may not seem to be a little snugger on him than the last time he wore it....) and we continue getting ready to go. Suddenly Luke comments on how tight the shirt is fitting, and complains that the cuffs are digging in... Then all eyes are on me.

Of course...I shrunk his shirt (If it was this occasion I am unsure... Because I have to admit that I did like wearing this shirt, and did happen to think that it fit me better than it once did...).

I tried to stifle my giggles, but as usual they didn't stay hidden for long. Thankfully he saw the humour, and if he hadn't ripped said shirt, I would have been the very proud owner of a shirt that fit me perfectly! 

I did double check the label after and I am certain it said that it could be tumble dried... So I guess we will never really know where I went wrong with this mishap, all I do know is that I had the best intentions. 

It's not the first time I have destroyed clothing items though, there have been some very unfortunate instances over the years, but we all do it. It was late last year that I managed to shrink my absolute favourite pair of shorts. To this day I miss them dearly, but they were shrunk beyond belief and even I couldn't fathom them being as short as they were...

Data Label ran a survey that demonstrated that 56% of people find laundry symbols confusing, and I have to admit that I like to double check these things (usually....) because I get very attached to my favourite clothing items and definitely want to avoid any mishaps (however comical). 

You can read more of the survey here

I remember my Mum shrinking my Dad's wooly jumper a few years back, it had somehow found it's way into the tumble dryer (seeing a pattern here!?) and when it came out it looked as though it would fit Leo! It was hard to keep a straight face during that episode, but again it just highlights that these comedy reels can happen to absolutely anyone. No one is above shrinking their clothing in a moment of absent mindfulness. 

With that in mind, it can't hurt to brush up on what the symbols inside our clothes mean.... 

Your welcome :D

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