Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Top Tips for Custom Made Closet For Your Bedroom

Custom Made Closet

Every one of you must have imagined at least once in your lifetime the ideal house – ‘The destination’. It is the place you would want to build or buy for yourself and settle cozily in with your loved ones. And during your imaginings along with a spectacular view, amazing interiors and huge spacious rooms, you must have given some thought to the perfect closet.

Well I certainly did, and during my search for the perfect closet on the Internet, I came across this website called which makes the best custom made closets you could ever imagine!

Getting a well-fitted wardrobe isn't exactly a cakewalk but for this company it seems to be just so. From a walk in wardrobe to a sliding door wardrobe, a bespoke wardrobe to a made to measure wardrobethis London based company offers all this and much more.

Top Tips For Custom Made Closet For Your Bedroom

Here are some top tips that you should follow while getting a custom made closet for your bedroom

- Plan Ahead
This sounds obvious but it's really not. Most people don’t exactly realise what they are getting into during renovation of any sort until they are smack into the middle of it. It's a hassle, I know, so you have to plan ahead for it. Empty out the space where you want your brand new fitted closet to be in as well as the surrounding space because the workers will need it. Put away your belongings into labelled boxes and hang up the items you need for work.

- Picture What You Need 
You don't need to be particularly good at drawing for this! Just close your eyes and picture how you want your wardrobe to look like. Surf the Internet for ideas and jot down first your must-haves and then the items you are open to negotiate about.

- Be Realistic
You can't get a walk in wardrobe in a 2x4 space, can you? So be realistic. Go with what you have and add to it what you CAN have. is the best place for you to get a made to measure wardrobe. The team of workers will take notes and build you a bedroom wardrobe in the largest size possible. You'll have tons of space to hang up all your clothes and place your shoes on in no time!

- Money Matters
It’s easy to want a sliding door wardrobe but it will cost you more. Custom made closets don't exactly come cheap but if you are willing to splurge a reasonable amount on a fitted wardrobe of your dreams, then go with the manufacturing company that gives you the best of it at an affordable and reasonable price. Go through Bravo London’s website and browse through the diversity of wardrobe types. Be it a Chelsea styled one or a Kensington styled closet, a hinged one or a Runway styled wardrobe, this website offers them all!

So now that you have armed yourself with these tips, visit and get the wardrobe of your dreams in just a matter of time!

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