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How an Interior Design Theme Can Give Your Room More Character

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Interior design is not just about adding fluffy cushions and matching curtains. It is about so much more: character.

The character of your home comes from you and the other people who occupy, live, work and play in the space. You want it to be stylish but you also want it to be functional and practical.
But it can all seem a little mysterious how some people seem to get a fantastic looking, stylish home. No longer do the ‘mysteries’ of interior design need to plague your nightmares, because all is revealed by Balustrade Components.

1.   Scale

Scaling an interior design scheme is about size and dimensions. When you walk into a room, there should be a mix of heights and sizes so that there is appeal and interest to the eye.
Too many small things clutter a room, and not having anything tall or bold in size means there is no break in the monotony of one height.
The Solution – adding a floor lamp and bold piece of art work on one wall can make an instant difference to the scaling of a room.

2.   Shop Around

Another pitfall is that we buy an item on a whim. It looks great in the shop or on the web but when it arrives, although it is still great, somehow it just doesn’t fit the room.
It could be too small or too big. Or it may be that with a little more research, you could have found a batter quality item at a better price.
The Solution – items that are added in the long term should be a considered purchase and within budget.

3.   Arranging Accessories

Adding character to a space is all about the accessories and things you collect or want to have on show. It can be a CD collection, your library of vinyl albums or maybe you have books galore. Maybe you collect pretty ornaments or have a penchant for coloured glass bottles.
Whatever it is, there are no right and wrongs and these items can be displayed in an interior design scheme without it jarring or looking out of place.
The Solution - collect these things together. Consider clustering items together by size, number and colour, or even by the type of accessory they are. For example, group candles together or have pockets of interest with glass items in varying shapes and sizes.

4.   Art Work

You may have noticed in recent years the trend for clustering hanging wall art. When this is done correctly, a full wall of hanging wall art is simply fantastic.
If you want your own personal art gallery there is nothing stopping you from creating something fantastic. Except that some people struggle to get the right look.
The Solution – set out the wall first by taking your time;
·         Cut out paper outlines of the art work to would like to hang – you might need to label them so you know which art piece they correspond to
·         Stick these to the wall in the shape you want your art work to cluster.
·         Move these outlines around until you have the look you want
·         Take a photo on your phone of the pattern and start to create the art gallery.
This process saves a lot of messy holes and produces an art work ‘pattern’ that allows the collection to look cohesive.

5.   Matchy-Matchy No-No

It is a common mistake and one that we have all made. We assume that interior design and style means everything matching, everything in its place.
But it doesn’t. In fact, matchy-matchy means a characterless space. It may be stylish and right out of the pages of a glossy magazine but is it the space that really suits you and your family?
The way to lighten this matchy-matchy look is to introduce something that almost looks like it shouldn’t be there, but somehow works.
The Solution - you can add a focal point in many ways. Try adding a quirky central light fitting or opt for an armchair that is unique, different and adds a pop of interest into the space. This is a great way of adding a glimpse of your personality to a space too.

What You MUST Have in Any Design Style…

… you must have a focal point. Whether that is attracting attention to the fireplace or a fantastic piece of hanging wall art or a decadent sculpture, in any interior design there must be a focal point on which the eye can rest and make sense of the rest of the space.
What changes will you make to your interior?

Balustrade Components have the fixings and fittings that make adding focal points and character to an interior design style a compete cinch. 

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