Friday, 26 May 2017

Private House Rentals

A few years back now, my little family and I were all living together in a private house rental. It was perfect for the 3 of us, a great size with it's own reasonably sized garden, we had gone through a estate agents, and we lived there for a few years. We all loved that house and it did really feel like it was our home, unfortunately all good things come to an end.

One day I arrived home from work and discovered a hand written note had been slipped through the letter box. It had been hand delivered as there was no address on the front. The letter was from the man who owned and rented out the house that we now called home. The letter was telling us how sorry he was, how we were going to have to move out because he needed the house back for his son and grandchildren to live in. 

I am not going to lie, it was a big blow. We had made memories in that house, we called that house home and now we were going to have to leave.

That was 3 years ago now, and things have settled down after the upheaval of moving. It did get me thinking though about what landlords should consider before they rent out their properties. We were told that this would be a long term let, so we allowed ourselves to get comfortable, we lulled ourselves in a false sense of security thinking that we could spend a long time there. 

Obviously sometimes plans change due to unforeseen circumstances, and the landlords son separating from his wife was definitely an unforeseen scenario that could not have been predicted. What was really nice was that our landlord had taken the time to write to us himself, he had dropped the note around and given us notice before the agency had spoken to us, and do you know what? I am so grateful for that because the next day I missed a call from the agency. They left the news in a very matter of fact manner, like it was no big deal. 

I can only imagine how much more gutting that would have felt if I hadn't already been informed. 

When I think about renting a property I would much prefer to go directly through the landlord and take out the middle guys. I like to make sure that they have their own landlord insurance such as because it means if there are any issues with the house then we will always have a roof over our heads.

I would much rather deal directly with the landlord instead of an agency, because to an agency you are just a number, to a landlord you get a much better service and usually the deposit will be cheaper because you won't have to pay the service fees that the agencies add on top.

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