Friday, 19 May 2017

What To Do With Expensive Old Jewellery

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Has your great-aunt of beloved grandmother left you with beautiful pieces of expensive gold jewellery that you really have no use for? Fortunately, there are a few options for you.

1. Keep It
Maybe your mother and grandfather really do want you to look after the keepsakes for your own children. Perhaps they are meant as family heirlooms. If that is the case, put everything in a safety deposit box and save it for when your daughter turns eighteen and you can pass it on to her.

2. Wear It 
Maybe you do love the keepsakes and they suit your style. That’s great! Then, have them professionally cleaned and start wearing them. Alternatively, take them to a jeweller and have them updated with stones or metal you love and keep them at the top of your jewellery box to wear regularly. 

3. Get Them Out and Sell Them 
If you really have no use for the pieces and could do with the cash instead, consider selling the items to get cash for gold on the spot. Perhaps you really cannot stand clip-on earrings or you are allergic to yellow gold. That’s okay, with the money you make on grandma’s expensive items, you can update your jewellery box with pieces you really do love. 

4. Alter Things Just a Little 
Let’s say you have an old diamond wedding ring from great aunt Margaret and it’s pretty, but not quite your style. The good news is that you can remove the diamonds and make something completely new and unique. Use the diamond in a new pendant or ring that you will enjoy wearing and you will still be able to remember aunt Margaret and your love for her through the piece. 

Does It Matter? 
It really doesn’t matter if you are changing up old expensive jewellery or selling it for cash. What matters is that you get use – one way or another – out of the items. Whatever you use the cash for, if you sell the jewellery, it will still be a memento of your beloved family member or of special times. 

You may also want to consider recycling old jewellery with gemstones. Let’s say you have a necklace that has real emeralds, or even sapphire earrings. These items will fetch a good price if you want to sell them for cash, and if you send them to someone who is able to remanufacture them or even sell them as is, you at least know that the gemstones will go to someone who will appreciate them more and get better use out of them.

Don’t forget to take the metal into consideration. Silver, platinum, and gold can all be recycled and you can make good money when doing so. The precious metals tend to have a high market value and can be melted down for new jewellery to be created. 

Whether you decide to keep your jewellery, have it updated, or sell it, you can be sure that you are doing what is right for you.

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