Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Win a £150 Go Ape Adventure Voucher with Artificial Grass Direct

Children Digging to Australia

Growing up I was always on the lookout for my next big adventure, whether it was trying to dig through the earth's crust to Australia in my parent's back garden, or falling head over heels in a rather large muddy puddle on the new housing estate (and subsequently getting hosed down with the hose pipe in the garden...In January!), there was always something keeping me busy, and it would be fair to say that I was a bit of a tom boy in most respects. 

Miss matched clothes, hair that resembled falling through a hedge backwards and attempting to keep garden snails as pets... In my bedroom... Well I was happiest in my wellies and swinging from rope swings.

Sometimes I even did all of this after rummaging through Mother's make up box...

Girl in Mum's Make Up Bag

Ironically as I got older, I developed a fear of mud, snails and heights, and thankfully learned how to apply my makeup and dress myself! Thankfully Leo does not share the same wild antics that I once displayed, and as I think about us as children around the same age, I am rather thankful that he doesn't find himself in the same situations that I once did.

Go Ape Wyre Forest

In recent years I have managed to ignore my fear of heights somewhat, and have been able to enjoy the adventure that can only be found at Go Ape. Admittedly the first time we went along, I might have been dragged there kicking and screaming, but the second and third instances were well and truly off my own back. 

To this day though.... I do need to be physically pushed off of the Tarzan swing. There is something about the aspect of free falling (even if it is just a short way!) that I don't think I will ever be able to get my head around. 

There is something very special about throwing yourself out of a tree on a zip wire and hurtling at speed over the tree canopy. I have always prided myself of being able to land it on my feet, and I cannot help smiling when I watch people coming down after me, landing on their backsides!

Go Ape Wyre Forest

I can't wait to be able to take Leo along and introducing him to Go Ape in the next few years, right now he is still a little bit too young for the nature of this exact course, and he has told me that there is no way in hell that he will be doing this (we shall see about that one when the time comes!), but for those of you who would love to go along and do something like this as a family....

Artificial Grass Direct have a rather amazing competition live right now, and the lucky winner will win a £150 Go Ape Adventure Voucher! This voucher can be used at any location, for any activity and is for both adults and children!

The competition closes on Sunday 28th May 2017, and the winner will be announced on Monday 29th May 2017 via the Artificial Grass Direct Facebook and Twitter pages, so make sure you check back there on that date!

Go Ape Wyre Forest

I definitely recommend a visit to Go Ape so make sure you pop over for a chance to win the voucher. 

Good Luck!

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