Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Are we reliving the 1980s? 

Zombies have become part of pop culture once again, taking many of us back to our youth. Whether in the #1-rated The Walking Dead TV series, Resident Evil movie franchise, or Minecraft game craze, zombies are everywhere. The brain-hungry mythological creatures often represent grotesque violence. As a parent, I shield my children from such content. When my youngest asked to play, I presumed it would be no different than other zombie games. Alas, I was wrong. is a legitimately kid-friendly zombie game. There is no blood, as the game’s graphics consist of simple, 2D geometric shapes. Monsters are green or grey circles, and they look anything but realistic. The gameplay will challenge kids and adults of all ages, requiring strategy and persistence to succeed. Dare I say it— can be downright educational.

Learning to Build
Nothing comes easy in this game. Right from the start, players will learn the value of hard work. Resources are required to build walls, doors, and towers. Much like farmers, players must harvest items from the earth. They can gather wood from trees and stone from giant boulders. Harvesting is simple—simply click and hold to hack with a pickaxe. But, gathering resources takes time. Patient, dedicated players will accumulate enough resources to build a safe base.

Each gamer’s base is based around a stash of gold (pun intended). Every night, a pack of zombies will come to steal that gold. In order to outlast the monsters, each player must secure their base. If your children have played tower defense games, then they’re already familiar with this concept. The objective is not to go on the offensive and actively attack others. Instead, you build as many defenses as possible to protect your home. has arrow towers and bomb towers, among others. Arrows strike far and fast, while slow-launching bombs are good for knocking out large zombie groups.

The Value of Currency
There is an entire ecosystem within If you’ve ever been asked to buy items for your kids’ mobile games, don’t worry—there are no real-world purchases in Instead, players spend virtual gold on all sorts of new items. There are many types of goods available in the shop, which brings up the topic of money management. Spending gold wisely is one of the best ways to succeed in By buying the right items at the right times, players can advance much more easily.

When your young ones play on, they might ask for your help. Surprisingly, we can teach the values of budgeting (in a zombie game!). If your child’s fortress isn’t strong enough, it might need an extra layer of inexpensive walls. When a player has a solid base and lot of gold, then it might be time to upgrade everything. Stronger weapons, armor, and pets pave a much easier road to success.

Overall is a zombie game without harsh violence. During these darker times, it’s a refreshingly bright and educational take on a pop culture phenomenon.

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