Monday, 5 June 2017

Broadband and Me

Broadband Devices

The internet has come a long way over the years, and I only need to cast my mind back to when I was at school and we are back at a time where dial up was the only way to connect to the world wide web. I can recall MSN Messenger which for a long time was my main term of communication with friends from school and family from around the world. 

The ironic thing was that when you were connected through the wondrous dial up, anyone trying to call the land line couldn't get through as the line was monopolized by the internet connection. Thank goodness they sorted that little issue out, and now we can have our phone lines and a very generous speed through the likes of Talk Talk Business Fibre.


In 2017 the whole world is online, we use it in every line of our working and leisurely lives, we use it to connect with breaking news, and we can use it wherever we are on this globe we call earth. I was waiting to board a red eye plane on Saturday night as my holiday in Greece came to an end. It was then as I logged onto the airport WiFi that I learned of the terror attack on London Bridge.

My heart broke again as I thought of the atrocities being carried out on my home soil.

I boarded that plane after watching some of the scenes being streamed to my phone, and I left Greece with the news weighing heavy on my shoulders. 

Then last night I streamed the One Love Manchester concert through Facebook, and the heavy feeling was replaced with a sense of pride. Everybody coming together and promoting love, as Ariana Grande said herself, this was exactly the medicine that the world needs right now, and I couldn't help feeling emotional as I watched the huge show of support unfolding before my eyes. 

The internet means that we can be in touch with everything that is going on as soon as it happens. We don't need to wait for Newspapers to arrive in the morning, or for the evening news to report it. We have the power to find out as the events unfold, and I have to admit that this is both as incredible as it is at times scary.

Dial up may have evolved to fibre, and MSN may have been passed over for Facebook but regardless as to whatever we use it for, we are all online accessing content, creating content and working with the connection that links up planet Earth.

I use the internet for work and pleasure, as I work for myself from home having a decent connection is essential for me. It has to be said that being a blogger often transpires into work and play, and as social media is a big part of a blogger's promotion, this is something that is an essential aspect of my daily internet habits. 

Our entire lives our online whether we care to admit it or not, but the internet has allowed us to have our own voice, and it's a channel for us to put ourselves out there and be heard. We can share our views in blogs such as this one, we can share our views and opinions on YouTube and we can connect with people from all walks of life. 

With the internet we can all help make a difference.

In the wake of the Manchester attack the world was left numb, but there was nothing but an our pour of love and support and there were some incredible and inspirational stories which is what I chose to focus on. The two homeless men who chose to help instead of run, and in return the world decided to help them get back on their feet.

Paying it forward.



The internet helped raise money for these men, it then helped to track them down and bestow a life changing amount of money to help them turn their lives around.

The internet is the most amazing tool, and it is something that is only going to continue to grow and develop with time.

We have already come such a long way, and who knows where we will be in the next decade?

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