Monday, 12 June 2017

Fidget Spinner Games

Fidget Spinner Games

Fidget spinners - they’re unique, addictive, and omnipresent. Fidget spinners are literally everywhere, from elementary schools to train stations to offices (there are quite a few around here). They’re the stress balls of 2017.

The balancing toy is so popular that it has spawned a series of video games. Family-friendly portal Poki hosts all of the best ones, including Fidget Spinner Extreme and the brand-new There are a few other related games in the mix, such as Pineapple Pen and Bottle Flip. Basically, Poki’s Fidget Spinner category is a collection of trendy, addictive games. Lucky for us, each one is free to play.

A Real-World Connection
In the real world, fidget spinners offer a tactile experience. Kids can play with one or two hands, trying to spin and balance the toy for as long as possible. Spinners are often marketed as an ADHD antidote, although positive effects have not been proven conclusively. Nonetheless, people with and without diagnosed disorders seem to love playing with those toys. Fortunately, the virtual toys in these games are just as fun.

The addictive nature of fidget spinners involves, well, spinning. The idea is to spin them really fast, so that they glide for a long time and maintain their balance. YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are filled with videos of people setting personal records and performing tricks. And most of the fidget spinner games are about setting records. Trying to spin the virtual toy at blazing speeds, building momentum, and setting a high score is just as fun as it is in real life. Plus, video games can offer even more fun.

The Best Parts
It’s important to remember that these games are free. So, kids won’t have to ask their parents for money to play. Also, gamers can have as many fidget spinners as they want! Each title includes a virtual assortment that rivals any hardcore fan’s personal toy collection. There are spinners in practically every color under the sun. Plus, many games include a special set of unlockable designs. This makes the games even more addictive, because there are great rewards for leveling up—more fidget spinners.

Video games also let players take the spinning action into a whole new realm: MMO. is the first fidget-worthy multiplayer title we’ve seen, and it is fantastic. Gamers spin their toys as fast as the laws of physics allow. Dots strewn across the arena increase a toy’s RPM. Glide over the dots to rev extra fast, and learn the meaning of true power. There are custom spinners, magical whirlpools, and plenty of competitions to enjoy.

More to Come lets us peek into the future of fidget spinner games. It successfully combines the top trends in toys and online gaming. Whether or not fidget spinners continue to grow in popularity, these games are here to stay. Chances are, more games will continue to appear in Poki’s collection. If setting a high score is important, then it’s best to start practicing now. More players always means more competition.

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