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Have fidget spinners taken over your household? One of my child’s friends left one here after a playdate. Since then, at least three more have appeared. The ubiquitous toys have been banned from many schools. Fidget spinners aren’t inherently bad, but they can cause more distractions than they cure. At our house, fidget spinners are noisy. For that, we have a solution:

It’s Virtual is a new, free-to-play web game. It’s available on Poki for PCs/Macs, tablets, and mobile phones. Kids can play with virtual fidget spinners alongside hundreds of others online. The 2D graphics and gameplay are just as fun as the toys—without any cost. In, players can compete alone or in teams. The objective is to spin as fast as possible. When two fidget spinners collide, the faster one reigns supreme.

To Sign Up or Not
Registration isn’t required in But, signing up via Google or Facebook allows players to save their progress. If your child is old enough, I recommend registering. That will let them level up, earn coins, and unlock new fidget spinners. The game’s best features are still available for unregistered users. However, when returning to play later, no progress will be saved. Poki

Good for Young and Old is a good game for younger and older players. One big reason is the extremely easy-to-understand control scheme. When playing on the computer, gamers use the mouse to point their fidget spinner in any direction. Holding the left mouse button gives a speed boost. That’s it—there are no complex combos or advanced controls to memorize. Thus, little ones and experienced gamers can share the same level playing field. also boasts equally uncomplicated gameplay. Both of its modes (FFA and Team) feel the same, with no major difference in the core action. FFA is an abbreviation of Free-for-All. If your child has played another .io game, they’ll be familiar with FFA. It’s a mode in which each person plays for themselves. There are no teams, guilds, clans, or squads.

In Team mode, the arena is split into two groups: Blue and Red. Each player is randomly assigned to a team. All the Red players are allies, as are Blue ones. Players on the same team cannot hurt each other. Team mode is a good place to start, because half of the arena is filled with friends. Other than that, the two modes include the same controls and core gameplay. Poki

The Big Advantage is part of two larger crazes: fidget spinners and .io games. While we’ve already discussed the toys, we have not mentioned much of the game genre. Having grown to massive popularity in the past two years, .io games offer quick, easy-to-join multiplayer action. is merely the latest entry in this category. If the past is any indication of the future, will become the next international sensation. Since my youngest child started playing the game, he has spent a lot less time with the real-world toys. And it’s been a lot quieter in the house.

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