Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Creating extra space in the family home

Creating extra space in the family home

Yesterday I decided that I was going to give the living room a bit of a shuffle round, I have spoken before about the set up I have in this particular room. It is where the family comes together to relax at the end of a busy day, and it is also my personal work space.

The large corner sofa that sits proudly in this area acts as a sort of room divider, it breaks up the area between work and play, which allows me to nestle my desk in the corner of the room so that I can have a professional space to get everything I need to get done, done.

Creating extra space in the family home

The only problem with this setup is that I miss out on the opportunity to have a proper dining area. The living room is a nice size, and it was made that way so that you can fit a dining table where my desk is situated. I had to make the decision to either have an office space, or a place where we can sit down as a family.

I needed the space for my work, but I also needed somewhere that we could sit down and enjoy a meal. I have got around this by having a breakfast bar in the kitchen, it only seats Two people at any one given time though, so although it provides a solution to a necessity for the most part, it would be so nice to have that little area where we could have a full size dining table and have everyone sit down together.

I come from a big family (you may have even seen us featured in the Guardian a few years ago!), we have always had that luxury of being able to sit down at the big family table to have a meal, and that is something that I do miss...

I have been thinking about solutions that could potentially provide a solution to this, and suddenly I found myself on Google looking up self build conservatories. I don't have a huge garden, but I would have enough room to put something like this in, which would in theory give me an additional room. A room big enough to become a eating area with a full size dining table.

I would lose out on my patio, but in the grand scheme of things I think this would be a lot better. It would give me the perfect excuse to overhaul the entire garden. If I was to go ahead with the conservatorie idea then I could pull up the entire lawn.

Creating extra space in the family home
Excuse the state of my windows, Lux (AKA the puppy) likes to put his muddy paws up them DAILY.

I haven't gone crazy, this is something that I have been pondering for a while. Having a dog means that I am constantly having to put down grass seed, because whenever he pees, he's destroying my lawn. I have even thought about astro turf, but I think the best option would be to pave the entire back garden, because this would work beautifully over the summer months when you want to get outside and have a BBQ.

No lawn to cut (which I cannot do right now because the lawn mower packed up over the weekend!), no more stressing about the dog burning the lawn, no more playing hunt the poop (which is especially fun when the lawn has grown considerably). 

I wouldn't really miss that small green space in the garden if I am honest, I love pretty flowers and plants, and it would make a lovely courtyard area with lots of potted plants. You could still get your green fix, even if the lawn isn't there anymore. 

What I would gain out of having an additional room far outweighs the sacrifice of the lawn, a conservatory, a place to sit down as a family and still being able to keep my office space would be rather amazing. 

It is certainly something that I am going to have to give some more thought, but the more I think about it...The more I am itching to make a start!

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