Thursday, 13 July 2017

Decorating ideas for your office space

Personalising your office space prevents your working environment from becoming bland and uninspiring. You’d be surprised just how much of a transformation you can make, even within the admittedly limited confines of a desk. From pens to postcards, there are a number of clever ways you can decorate your office space to startling effect.

Add a splash of colour to your blank canvas of a desk

The neutral colours of an office provide you with a blank canvas to work with.  Adding a splash of colour can liven up even the dullest of desks. Too often office workspaces suffer from a lack of character and stale décor can cause creativity and productivity to stagnate. Adding colour doesn’t demand that you do something drastic either. A colourful stationery jar coordinated with an equally colourful mouse mat should suffice.

Invest in vintage

Styling your desk in the vein of a bygone era creates a distinctive workspace. Depending on what you can get your hands on (and what licence your boss gives you to make changes) it may be worth investing in a vintage chair or desk. Mid-century modern furnishings are refreshingly sleek and bring to mind the office décor of the high-powered advertising giants in Mad Men. Lamps and fans are potentially a more manageable investment yet they still retain the same ability to rejuvenate your workspace - a clip on brass lamp is a space-saving example. A few mid-century modern additions and you’ll be feeling like a present day Don Draper.

Bring the office to life with a plant

Plants literally bring life to the office. Unlike their living, breathing human counterparts, they require very little in the way of maintenance, particularly if you make an astute choice. Bonsai trees, for example, only require watering once every few weeks. Succulent plants like cacti and agave are similarly low maintenance options; they don’t need watering very frequently and don’t have pollen, meaning you won’t upset any of your colleagues who suffer from allergies.  Plants have been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on productivity, and they are ideal for decorating an office space.

Note holders are your friend

Versatility is note-holders’ main selling point. Because you are free to attach pretty much whatever you want, assuming it’s card-shaped, note holders can be used to display anything from inspirational messages to photos of friends and family. If you don’t have any wall space adjacent to your desk, note holders bless you with the new found ability to actually display whatever you wish, unless, of course, you had resorted to attaching stuff to the edge of your computer monitor.

Unleash your inner artist

There a number of ways you can sneak your favourite pieces of art into your office space. Dedicating all of your wall space (or note holder), your mouse mat, and your computer background/screensaver to displays of art will make you feel like the curator of an art gallery rather than an office worker at your desk. Displaying some of your favourite art will not only break up the monotony of the design of your office, it will also stoke your creativity and act as a source of inspiration. 

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