Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How to Improve Your Flat Roof

How to Improve Your Flat Roof

Whether you like your flat roof or not, you may have never realised it's full potential before. If you have a flat roof then you have a rather fantastic opportunity, and that opportunity alluminium roof lanterns otherwise known as sky lights.

Installing roof lights have a fantastic range of benefits that you might not have thought of:

They are energy efficient 
Natural light cannot be beaten, and it's FREE, which means you can make the most of the daylight hours and use less energy. During the Winter months you can utilise the time that the light sticks around, but in the summer months imagine never having to turn the lights on!? 

They save money
This goes without saying, if you are not needing to use your energy as much... You will save money! 

They provide ventilation 
An electric venting skylight produces a “passive air conditioner.” when it is open Through the chimney or exhaust effect they create, the warm air is drawn up through the venting skylight, providing a cooling effect and fresh air throughout the house.

They provide privacy
The new build home I live in pretty much means very little privacy. Everyone's windows look out over other people's gardens, or look into other people's homes. Sky lights mean that you get that essential natural light while at the same time keeping your privacy intact. You can look straight up and see nothing but sky (this is also great in an evening too if you want to look up at the stars).

A sky light means that you don't look out and see people, and they can't look in and see you. 

They promote good health and make you feel happy
Nobody likes a dark dingy room, which is what makes sky lights so clever and sought after. They let all of the natural light in effortlessly and there are many health benefits that come from exposure to light. It promotes Vitamin D production that is absolutely vital for good bone and muscle health.

Not to mention that it helps us regulate our sleep cycles and strengthens our immune systems!

I have always loved sky lights myself, more for the aesthetics than the energy efficiency. I love the light that cascades into the room, and I love the idea of peering up at the night sky while I am in bed. They would also be amazing at night in the summer to allow the breeze to wash over you as you drift off to sleep.

If roof lanterns aren't your ideal solution, then maybe you like the sound of the CoeLux's Fake Skylight?

I would love to get sky lights installed in my bedroom, but I can't see this being an option for a few years at least, one day though this would be something that I would be over the moon about doing. 

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