Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How to use natural light to your advantage

How to use natural light to your advantage

I live in a new build home, and as of August we will have been here for a year. The time has really flown by and even now 11 months later, I haven't managed to get everything I wanted to get done, done since the move. In honesty it took me a long time to find my feet again after the move, and the boxes seemed to be never ending!

I have never really been very good at envisioning on where to put furniture and what not, so when we started to unload the moving truck I sort of just threw furniture where I thought it should go... Now I have been here a while I am starting to revisit the idea of where things should actually go...

There are some gorgeous houses on the development, my favourite is the 3 story town house. A girl can dream right? These houses are the type that I would love to be able to purchase one day, I have had a peak through the windows into the spacious rooms on the ground floor, and the kitchen's are just perfection, I recall just standing there planning where I would put all of my kitchen gadgets.

The master bedroom is on the third floor with it's own en-suite bathroom, a few years ago we looked at a similar house and I fell in love with that bedroom. They have the most gorgeous contemporary roof lanterns that allow all of the natural light to come pouring in, and it masks everything in a gorgeous golden glow.

How to use natural light to your advantage

My own bedroom doesn't have near enough as much natural light as I would like, boasting one double window and one small dungeon window which can be highly irritating, especially on really gloomy days when the natural light is scarce.

I have had to think of different ways in which I can make the most out of the natural light that does come into my home.

How to use natural light to your advantage

- Mirrors are my number one go to, they of course reflect the natural light your already getting, which in turn bounces it around your home. I have one wall in my lounge that really needs a large mirror on it, as this would then brighten up the whole room, while also making the room appear larger as it will reflect the opposite side of the room.

- Light colour scheme - You will notice that my home features a light colour selection, I choose to keep the walls rather plain and add texture and colour into the furnishings. By doing so the light colour scheme reflects the natural light.

- Hard floor - When I moved in I really wanted to have a hard floor on the ground floor, this was primarily because of the dog, but I knew that it would help me in my bid for natural light (this would have been great in the hallway). I think at some point this is something that I am going to have to action.

Over the last few days I have been playing around with where I want my furniture, I started in the living room and managed to make the room feel less cluttered, and now I am focusing my attention upstairs. I spoke recently about how I want to give Leo's room a complete overhaul, starting with his high rise bed (which makes the room feel quite dark), and as for my room, I just need to adjust where the mirror currently is and move my vanity table so that it sits directly in the natural lighting.

I will be sure to report back with how the finished looks come along...

Leave your top tips on making the most of natural light below!

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