Thursday, 17 August 2017

The working from home struggle

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Working from home can be a real challenge, if it's not the demands of the task at hand then it could be the people who think that because you 'work from home' you can drop everything to do them a favour (one that usually takes up the majority of the day!), or for instance today... School's out for summer, which means that Leo is at home until September.

I always find it hard working when Leo is around because I feel like it isn't something that he should have to endure, and I am lucky in the sense that my working life is very flexible around him. I should really be working evenings right now, so I can get everything done, but the reality is that this doesn't happen. 

I watched this video this morning and found myself laughing and nodding along with the scenario, do you see yourself?

Even when Leo is at school it can be hard to get everything that you need to do done, the dog needs walking, there's a class that you really want to do on at the gym...Life happens. It really is all about organisation and juggling everything around so that you have every base covered. 

The perks are that you can have coffee on tap, you can work in your PJ's and with bed hair...(So glad you cannot see me right now!) and you can take the dog out for a breath of fresh air.

I am lucky enough to have a home office, a setup with desk and a decent spec computer that allows me to get to work on my ever growing to do list. However... that is not to say that my setup is perfect, the one thing my home work space is missing, is a desk chair. It has been the next thing to buy for the home for a year now, but sadly there is always something more pressing that needs to be done. So what do I sit on? I sit on my vanity table bench, and it is far from comfortable I can tell you.

It is not a good seating position at all, and there are times I have to stand up just to give my back a rest, but the alternative is kneeling on the floor which in the grand scheme of things is an even less attractive option. 

I have been having a look online for some cheap office chairs, and I really need to make a decision and get one ordered.  Ideally I would like to have this sorted by September so that when Leo goes back to school, I can get straight back to work and be much more efficient.

How do you find working from home?

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