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Horse riding - Learning to Ride

Horse riding - Learning to Ride

We all have some pretty wild and crazy aspirations as children, it's their over active imaginations and something that we really need to encourage as they grow. I wasn't any different, there was a time when I was going to run away to Neverland with Peter Pan, and also that time I was convinced that Aladdin was on his way to pick me up on his magic carpet (Disney obviously had a very big impact on my childhood!).

As a child one of my biggest dreams was learning to horse ride, and there was a time where I was adamant that instead of learning to drive, I would instead own a horse and just ride around EVERYWHERE. When I say everywhere I was thinking literally everywhere you would drive. Across country, to work, to the shops, heck even on holiday! 

I did eventually get riding lessons during my early school years, and to this day I can remember that white ponies name - Minty. Unfortunately the lessons were never consistent and I never really harnessed any skills, but still that dream of one day riding my horse to the shops played over and over in my mind.

When we eventually moved from our home in Yorkshire to the Midlands, I was really excited to hear that I could start having some lessons again, but as with most things I attempted as a child (tap dance, karate and learning the flute being among the clubs I attempted and subsequently quit), it didn't quite pan out that way. 

This new stables did allow me to get a lot more hands on, I was allowed to care for the horses and it definitely provided a great source of responsibility, I never did get used to all of the different horse products though.

I can't really recall what made me step away from my dream of learning to ride, it was definitely before I put myself forward for the driving test that I always swore I wouldn't need (you know because I was going to have a horse!).

I have actually ridden in more recent years, and boy what an experience that was. I never really did have any grace, and I never did acquire any skills in the equestrian department, and this really did shine through on that day I went out into the Cotswolds on the back of a rather large horse...

The whole day was arranged through a friend, and the horses were owned by a family friend, she helped me kit the horse up, and off we went. The horse went slowly at first and then out of nowhere decided to pick up speed. Faster and faster he went, until finally I was dangling from the horses neck (I wasn't even on the horses back any longer!).

I decided then and there that any hope of one day being able to ride a horse was now officially never going to happen, and I was suddenly really glad I had opted to learn to drive a car! 

I think that with anything learning to ride a horse is all about time and consistency, and I believe that the younger that you start, the more naturally these lessons will be absorbed.

Maybe one day I will get back in the saddle, but I for one don't want to be hanging on for dear life again.

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