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Poki - Flip Master Review

Poki - Flip Master Review

Flip Master 
Trampoline games aren’t exactly a trending genre. Or, at least they weren’t until Flip Master. From the creators of Flip Diving, Flip Master is one of the most fully-featured, well-rounded, and addictive trampoline games. 

Controlled Flight 
Flip Master is a single-player, one-button sports title. The sport is trampolining, and it’s much easier in the game than in real life. Click the mouse button or tap the screen, and hold to spin in the air. One swipe can send an athlete flipping 50 feet above the ground. There are Olympic-level tricks and combo routines to uncover. The Dudette, Big Dave, and an acrobatic ninja are at your mercy. Dress them up, get in shape, and learn how to become one of the most skilled trampolinists in the world. 

Each athlete has the potential to become a legend. Much like in the real world, you pay for certain tiers of success. There are 10 levels per attribute in Flip Master. Going from lvl-1 to lvl-2 costs 50 coins. The next upgrade costs twice as much. After that, you guessed it—the price keeps doubling. The exponentially rising costs prevent players from acquiring too many skills too fast. It also gives us a reason to keep playing (we need those coins!). 

Every skill can be upgraded, from jump and tuck power to confidence, balance, and centering. The power skills are rather straightforward; more jump power means higher jumps, and more tuck power means faster spins. Increased confidence results in sharper trick execution. More balance and centering abilities prevent a plethora of landing accidents. 

Training isn’t the only way to get better. Flip Master has 11 power-ups, which range from temporary ability boosts to point bonuses. Superjump, Superspin, and Superpush let athletes bounce higher, flip faster, and glide more easily. Those three power-ups last for a minute and a half, which you can use in one round or spread across shorter ventures. Other 90-second power-ups include Immortal (head hits don’t hurt), Coin Rain (falling gold), and Bouncing Coins (self-explanatory). 

The other half of this game power-ups last for a full two minutes. These include the invaluable Coin Magnet, Medicine Balls, and Foam Cubes, all of which make scoring much easier. The 120- second Safety Net protects athletes from falling off the sides of trampolines. Bullet Time is possibly the best power-up, because it slows down time, giving players complete control over each microsecond in the air. 

Way to Play 
There’s only one way to begin in Flip Master: The Dude in the Backyard level. After that, the journey varies wildly from player to player. There are prizes from the in-game lottery, random bonuses, and unlockables from the shop. The Flip Master map isn’t linear; instead, you can take any route you wish. You might go to one of the most advanced and exciting levels directly after the Backyard. Or, you could progress through several incremental trampolines along the way. Hop off the  round and reach for the clouds in Flip Master.

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