Saturday, 7 October 2017

Everything You Need to Know about is a super fun, online multiplayer game. It was the first public release for its developers and is a raging success for .io game lovers everywhere. This game is not only fun to play but becomes addictive as you want to do better and better each round. The gameplay is simple and easy to pick up on and pretty soon you’ll develop strategies for how to be the best player out there. You can play with all your friends, too. Just send them the link and share what username you decide on. You can even choose a different username for each game if you want.

Here’s how it works: Your goal is to be the biggest animal. How do you become the biggest animal? You bite other animals on the butt. The bigger you are, the harder it is to kill you. So, if you’re just starting the game and another player bites your butt, you’ll die instantly. If you’re a larger animal being bitten by a smaller one, it may take two or three bites to take you down. Your creature will get smaller with each bite. If you take down an animal that’s way bigger than you, you’ll gain special abilities to evolve. You can also get bigger by eating the little dots you’ll see around you, but it takes quite a bit longer than biting other animals.

The controls are very easy to learn and grow accustomed to. Your creature will follow your cursor. To bite other animals, you just have to direct your creature up to their butts; no other region can be bitten. You use the “Q”, “W”, and “E” keys to activate your special skills. You’ll know which to use for which skill by looking at that skills icon at the bottom of your game screen. It will say which key for which. The first ability you choose will be accessed through the “Q” key, the second through the “W” key, and the third through the “E” key.

There’s very little strategy necessary to succeed at this game, however, there’s opportunities wherein you can utilize strategy and improve your skills. If you follow the link we provided above, there is a walk-through video to show you how the game is played and demonstrate what it will be like, so you’re better prepared. This game was released just last month and is already very popular.

Similar to Katamari Damacy, the more you devour the bigger you grow, but if other players bite your butt you’ll shrink until you die. It’s also similar to and, if you are familiar with those games. The whole point of the game is to bite as many opposing players as possible and make your character as big as possible. To block other players from biting you, you merely have to spin around to not allow them access to your butt. The bite only works if it’s on the butt.

This game is a great time-waster and is actually enjoyable. It’s not like those pointless freemium games you can download on your phone; there’s some strategy involved, but it’s not so challenging that it will become too time-consuming. This game is light and fun.

If you’re looking for a great online multiplayer game that’s free and easy to pick up, look no further than this addictive game. You should not that this game is relatively new, just having been developed last month, and is already available on several websites and loved by many. This addicting game will have you logging on every spare second you get to try to make your animal the biggest in the round. The longer you last, the better your chances are at being the best. There’s opportunities to develop and utilize strategy, or you can just play casually when you have some down time. This game has a little something for everyone and involves cute cartoon animals; who doesn’t love cute animals? What are you waiting for? Start playing today and get all your friends playing too!

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