Sunday, 26 November 2017

Playing Monopoly Online

 play Monopoly online

When you think of board games, face it, you think of Monopoly. It’s the classic game that almost every family has; it’s family fun for all ages. Unfortunately, because everyone loves Monopoly and it gets played a lot, the many game pieces tend to dwindle quickly. No one knows where they end up or how they get lost; a lot of times they just fall out of the box as you’re transporting it, unbeknownst to you, lost forever. Thanks to the growing popularity of online games, you can now play Monopoly online for free without risking losing any pieces.

It’s the same great game but online 
The cyber simulation of Monopoly, at least the one on, offers very realistic gameplay and graphics. You can choose up to four players for this pass and play style game; each player gets to pick a color and can choose to put either a nickname or their real name. If the whole family wanted to play, you could even display it on the television and pass around a wireless mouse. You won’t have to clean off table space, make sure everyone can store their properties somewhere, or even make sure everyone can reach the board; all you need is internet access. 

It keeps track of everything for you 
One of the major benefits to playing Monopoly online, rather than in real life, is that you don’t have to keep track of anything. The game keeps track of who owns what property and what amount of rent is owed at particular times. It keeps track of the Chance and Community Chance cards drawn and the action they require and makes sure you move the correct amount, landing on the right space based on your roll. It even displays the amount of money you have, rather than in a more complicated way like by denominations; you won’t have to count your money to know where you stand. You won’t even need a banker, the game does it for you. However, this could be a downside for those of you that love being the banker, but at least you won’t have to worry about the bank running out of any particular denomination. 

 play Monopoly online

No one can cheat 
Each player clicks to roll the dice, the game moves their piece the appropriate number of times, then prompts them to buy the property they landed on or disperses the appropriate action card. There’s no possible way anyone could cheat in this version of Monopoly, other than taking another player’s turn.  f you’ve got a sneaky family member or friend that always wins and your just so sure cheats, this is a great way to find them out. The dice is rolled fairly and electronically each time and the game handles all the cards and money. The downside to this, however, is that you have to play by the traditional Monopoly rules. If you grew up playing with any backyard rules, you won’t find a way to utilize them in online Monopoly because you can’t change the rules in the programming. 

There’s no risk of losing pieces 
Just transporting the Monopoly box from its place of storage to the table has a risk of some of the very tiny game pieces falling out of the box, let alone playing it. Dice, houses, and hotels can fall off the table; properties can get misplaced; even the player pieces can disappear. Playing Monopoly online takes all of that risk away with the added bonus of not having to find a table big enough to play where everyone can reach the game board. Likewise, you won’t have to worry about your board game not having all its pieces. If your Monopoly game has last a few properties or Chance cards, you can’t play anymore, but that’s not a problem with the online version. 

 play Monopoly online

Free online gaming has really blossomed into a lot in recent years; now there’s even online simulations of your favorite classic board games, like Monopoly. Playing it online allows you to not worry about having all the pieces, keeping up with them all, keeping track of your money and  properties, or even having a clean space on which to play. This cyber simulation offers great graphics,  traditional game play in a pass and play style, and it’s incredibly realistic. 

Everyone will be able to see the board, reach it, and keep track of their total money without counting. 

This game truly offers a great alternative to the classic board games.

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