Thursday, 16 November 2017

Preparing the Home for the Festive Season

Storage space is something that seems to be very lacking in 2017, when they throw up these new houses they don’t seem to take into consideration that the people who purchase them or go on to inhabit them, will move in with a vast array of items that will need to be placed in certain spaces, be accessible and look tidy.

I know this because my home doesn’t seem to have a practical storage space to item ratio, and it has meant that I have had to get creative.

My bedroom is in the shape of a L, and I could just about fit my kingsize bed in the one end (granted it was touch and go as to whether or not this was going to be possible!). In the other end I have had to fit 2 chest of draws and a medium sized wardrobe. In an ideal world, the area of my room that is home to all my clothing storage, would have been much better served as a walk in wardrobe. It would allow me to hang everything up, and although I would be loosing out on one area of the room, in the grand scheme of things it would make much more sense and create much needed storage space. 

Bravo London offer the perfect walk in wardrobe solution, you can go to them with an idea and they will design a bespoke, personal wardrobe for your needs (and they even offer a price match guarantee!). You might be thinking that this will take a while to craft from idea to finished product? Well it actually only takes Three weeks from design sign off to the actual installation, which means that you could have your walk in wardrobe fitted before Christmas!

I do really need to have a sort through my room before the festive period kicks off in a few weeks time. I want to go through all of my clothes and take what I no longer wear to charity, it’s a great time of the year to have a sort through, not only because you can help people in need, but it also helps you get on top of any Christmas clutter, it also free’s up space for the SALES! 

My plan of action is to have this back big sort out in the next week, donate what I no longer want and make sure that my room is completely clear of washing, clothes, paperwork... basically anything that shouldn’t be there.

I always like to sort the house in preparation for Christmas, before all the decorations come down from the loft, and as I am rather ahead with my Christmas shopping this year (and my blog to do list for that matter!), it really is the most logical thing I could do.

Who knew that one day I might actually get myself prepared and ahead of the ball?

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