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Stress-Saving Prom Planning Tips For Parents

Stress-Saving Prom Planning Tips For Parents

Prom is certainly a rite of passage for many teenagers. It’s a great party, but no matter how good your kid is, chances are, they’re going to be out with their peers who may be getting up to no good. So, here’s how to plan a stress-free prom both for you, and your offspring.

1. Get involved with prom preparations
Get involved in shopping for prom with your daughter. It’s fun looking for dresses, and you don’t need to blow the budget when you can purchase one of the 2018 cheap red prom dresses at Prom Dress Shop and similar retailers. It’s also a good idea not to blow the budget, as you want to teach  our daughter about scaling down and value. 

Let her set the level of excitement, too. There are parents that go overboard trying to relive their own  prom, and kids often feel that they need to truly go all out to make special memories. 

2. Keep an eye on prom and post-prom plans 
Find out about the school’s previous proms. The shorter ones are the ones you will have to worry about. Those are the one’s where kids show up and then leave 10 minutes later to make their own party. If it sounds like your child’s prom might be headed that way, help them make after prom plans,  whether it’s a leisurely meal, a cruise, or hanging out at someone’s house. There are plenty of choices, and it’s worth making suggestions.

3. Help arrange transportation 
Hire a van or a limo so a group can travel together. Find a driver you trust, perhaps even a relative. Avoid giving your child your credit card, and it’s probably not a good idea to rent a hotel room. It can  keep kids off the road, but there are higher risks of other dangers. 

4. Talk to your child about things that go on 
Stress-saving prom planning should come with some big talks about what goes on at these events and  that to avoid, so that you can go to bed knowing your child is have a safe and happy night. 

Remind your child about the unpleasant aspects of consuming alcohol, like ruining her beautiful prom dress. Remain firm. It is up to you to set the limits, no matter how vigilant your child may be. 

Most prom-goers will take a backpack with them with a change of clothes for after prom. Check the contents. 

5. Offer help for their post-prom celebrations 
Whether it’s pizza and movies, or breakfast at 5am, offer your home. Your kids want to make a big night of prom, and you’re probably not going to get too much sleep in any case. So, if they’re at home, you can keep an eye on them and judge which kids can go home on their own and which are better off staying over a little longer.

Take note of these tips and ensure that your teens will have the best time of their lives on prom night.

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