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The Top 10 Reasons Why We Need Locksmith's

The Top 10 Reasons Why We Need Locksmith's

We have all been there at some point in our lives... You know stood outside your house trying to figure out how you will get back in because you seemingly left this house without your keys this morning, there is no worse sound than hearing the latch drop behind you as the penny drops and you realise that you can no longer get back inside again...

My worst instance in this was when Leo was around 18 months old. I had popped out to the car to grab something, and in an effort to keep the heat inside I pulled the door to in an attempt to do just that. Of course all I really did was lock myself out and Leo...Inside...On his own. 

Leo found the entire ordeal rather humorous, I on the other hand was worried that he could get into all kinds of mischief (and all I could do was watch and shout 'No!' from the other side of the door. Thankfully the cavalry arrived a mere 5 minutes after, and after Leo tired of knocking on the window and giggling, he had gone back to watching In The Night Garden on the TV. 

This is something that can and does happen, my Mum used to be a childminder, and she once managed to get locked outside of her car by one of the children (who spent the time laughing hysterically before eventually opening the door!). Or there was that time when we lived in Yorkshire and I had to climb through an upstairs window in order to gain access to our family home (after my Mum had locked us all out...Including herself!).

There are plenty of reasons that we need a locksmith, and these are the top 10 reasons that we need their expert services...

The Top 10 Reasons Why We Need Locksmith's

1)    Locked keys inside of the house.

2)    Locked keys inside of the car.

3)    Keys have been lost.

4)    Key has broken off inside of the lock.

5)    Locks need replacing after burglary.

6)    When moving into a new home.

7)    When concerned about home security.

8)    When the safe combination is forgotten.

9)    To recode an electronic keypad lock.

10)  For transponder key reprogramming services.

Just like a dentist or a doctor, we all need a locksmith at some point in our lives, there is a worldwide demand for such services, even if you live in sunny Australia without a care in the world (Poisonous spiders are nothing to fear right?), you may still need to call in your local South Perth Locksmith for a helping hand at some point!

Looking through the top 10 reasons to call a locksmith I have suddenly realised that we have ticked off quite a few of them (without intentionally trying to of course!). I have even had the opposite problem... I have been locked inside my home. 

When Luke and I moved in together for a time back in 2012 (or was it 2013!?), I found that I couldn't get out of the house on a good few occasions. Everyone thought that I was going crazy, and as I was the only one getting stuck, I thought maybe it was just me too! It turns out that the latch was occasionally jamming (albeit only on myself) and we had to call a locksmith out to have a look at that for us. Thankfully they were able to come to my rescue and restore access in and out of our humble abode...

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