Thursday, 14 December 2017

Don’t panic! Five great last minute gift ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Long-term fans of The Simpsons might remember the first ever Christmas episode, in which Homer has been entrusted with the task of buying gifts for all the family. Naturally, we get to witness his initial confidence slowly give way to blind panic as he runs out of time and finds himself searching the wares of a late-night fuel station and choosing between car air fresheners and bottles of brake fluid as family gifts.

We laughed, but we also felt a pang of connection with the yellow cartoon character. After all, most of us have been there – or at least, if not there then somewhere in that direction, and that is really what great observational humour is all about. This was the episode that brought us Santa’s Little Helper, the gift that kept on licking, and for The Simpsons, a Christmas disaster was averted. Here are our tips for some great last minute gift ideas that will not involve you searching the 24-hour forecourts of the animal rehoming centres:

1) A Homemade Voucher

A DIY gift voucher is more personal than a shop-bought one, and can be created in a few minutes. Just ensure you are stocked up with coloured paper and envelopes, pick up some spare HP or Epson ink cartridges at Printerinks and you are ready for anything! There are plenty of free templates you can find online, or simply let your imagination run riot.

2) Amazon Prime Subscription

Amazon is the third largest retailer on the planet – in the past two years is has risen from sixth – and is a company that everyone uses from time to time. Prime membership delivers a variety of benefits to members, including free express shipping and access to millions of online boxsets, movies and music. The really clever bit is that you can buy it online, and if the recipient is already a member, your gift automatically converts into a gift card.

3) An Experience Day

Another gift that you can purchase and print in next to no time is an experience day. There are so many to choose from, ranging from a fine dining experience to a helicopter lesson, so you are absolutely certain to find something that is just right for even the most difficult friend or family member.  

4) Spotify

Everyone loves music, but it is such a personal thing, it can be a hazardous road to go down when buying a gift. Spotify gives access to an astonishing 30 million tracks, so you really can’t go wrong. A month’s subscription will set you back £10, and longer options are available.

5) A charity e-card

This is a gift that any socially-responsible person cannot fail to love. Oxfam gives you the option to make a charitable donation on behalf of someone else. They will send the recipient a card, letting them know what you have done and giving an idea of how the money will be spent, helping those who are most in need. 

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