Thursday 1 March 2018

How to Get Your Eyebrows Looking Perfect at Home

perfect eyebrows
One area of beauty which is often overlooked is the eyebrows. With so much focus on hair and makeup, it can be easy to forget your brows. They should be given plenty of attention, however, as they play a huge part in shaping your face and they can also boost your entire appearance if cared for in the right way. Whether you have thick, thin or bushy eyebrows; there are always ways to care for them and get the perfect arch.

The Perfect Shape
The perfect eyebrow shape is generally accepted to be when the beginning is aligned with the centre of the nostril, and the arch falls over the back third of the eye. Additionally, the eyebrow should not extend to the temple area. However, different face shapes have slight variations and you can find guidance for this online.  This is true regardless of how thick or thin your eyebrows are, so it is important to keep this in mind when working on yours.

Tweezing Tips
To obtain the perfect shape, you will first need to tweeze rogue hairs. Be warned though, by plucking too many it can misshape your brows and take a while to grow back. A few tips include purchasing high-quality tweezers, using a mirror with at least 5x magnification and plucking just one hair at a time.

Many find it helpful to use an eyebrow pencil and draw different shapes to see what shape looks best. Once you are happy with the shape, you simply tweeze any hairs that fall outside of this line. Next, brush the eyebrows up and trim any that are too long or floppy with short scissors.

Filling In
Removing hairs is only half of the task, as you may also need to fill in areas to obtain the perfect arch. The best way is with brow powders or eye shadow that match the colour of your brow. Apply this with a soft wedge brush or thin liner brush and start in the centre and work outward, before finishing with the beginning of the brow. It is best to minimise the use of this if possible, and instead work with the hair that is there.

In addition to meticulous and careful work, it is also important that you have products of the highest standard. Beauty specialists, like Capital Hair & Beauty, are the best places to shop and will carry all you need for eyebrow care and enhancement.

With a little work, your brows will look their best and have a huge impact on how you both look and feel.