Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Why I WILL go back to Tunisia

Tunisia Terror Attack

2 weeks ago I arrived home from Tunisia with sun kissed skin and so many beautiful memories. It was the kind of holiday where dreams just came true. We had loved it so much that we were in the process of looking to go back this year, because the idea of returning to Tunisia felt like going home.

I had planned to pop into the travel agents on Friday, pull off some prices and have a look at when was best to return. I had just dropped little man off at nursery when my phone beeped. It then beeped again, and again.

I glanced at the messages 'Have you heard about Tunisia!?' it read. In my rush to get Leo to nursery I hadn't heard anything at all. I pulled up Google and nervously typed 'Tunisia' into the search box, unsure what I was going to read. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to discover...

'Massacre on the beach' read one, 'Terror attack in Sousse hotel' read another...My heart sank, it just sank. I felt deflated and sick. Really sick. I wasn't resonating that I had been in the country only weeks before, because I had been in Hammamet an hour away. I wasn't thinking 'that could have been us' because it couldn't. I just found myself lost in thoughts of  how and why? This was not the country I had fallen in love with, the people I had met, the beautiful white sand and clear blue waters were not the place for such evil. for such terror.

Of course the poor people staying at the Marhaba Hotel in Sousse have had a completely different experience. A nightmare that is being shared throughout the world, a nightmare that isn't going to end when they wake up. It's happened and there is no way back to Friday morning, to before they opened their eyes to a day that was going to change their lives beyond all recognition. 

I have been glued to the news, read everything, watched everything and I still feel the way I did when I first heard the awful events. But through it all there is one thing that has stayed with me, and that is my experience of this beautiful country and it's amazing people, and it is for those reasons right there, that I will be going back.

You might think that I am losing my marbles to even contemplate going back now, but I will not be scared to see the world through something that 'may' or 'may not happen' and I certainly don't want Leo to grow up being scared of the world we live in. If we lived our lives like this then we quite simply wouldn't leave the house. 

My head is telling me lightning doesn't strike twice, and that I was actually in more danger visiting before this atrocious act was committed.  This unfortunate, completely devastating series of events could have occurred absolutely anywhere in the world, and they have done. Cast your mind back to the London Bombings, do you still frequent the tube? It was just yesterday I took Leo on multiple underground trains to get around the city. He has absolutely no idea to what happened all those years ago, and although everyone who heads down into the depths below London is fully aware to what happened, they go down anyway. They carry on moving forward, because they have to.  

People won't forget what has happened in Tunisia, we won't forget the people who have lost their lives. We will remember them. But by not heading out into the world, we are letting them win, we are letting fear and terror strike just as they intended. Just like they want.

So when I do head back to Tunisia I will be thinking of the people who should still be here, of the nightmare that people are still living, of the family and friends that should have enjoyed the magical country just as I did, and traveled back home with stories of their adventures and sun kissed glow being a tell tale sign that they had been somewhere special, somewhere exotic. 

It takes something devastating, an evil person, an unforgivable act for the rest of the world to see jus how kind, and heroic the people who step in to help you are. Among the news of Seifeddine Rezgui being responsible for what can only be referred to as a terror attack, everyone else rallied together. Real life heroes shielded Westerners from the mad man, they took their lives in their hands and tried to help. They carried the injured, they chased the gunman. They helped pick up the pieces, because it was just as much a shock to them as it was to us.

Their country, their home, their honor and livelihood. 

This attack was the act of one man and whoever helped him, one sick man with a twisted view. It most certainly does not reflect on the people of Tunisia. What I really hope is that this is noted, that people cast their fear aside and still visit this beautiful part of the world. 

Tourism is such a massive part of these peoples lives and it's relied upon, for the moment their will be repercussions due to the nature of what has happened. I just hope one thing shines through, and that is the generosity, kindness and heroism of Tunisia. The diamonds who shone when the sky went dark and tourists fell.

That is why I will return to Tunisia.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Dreams come true in Tunisia - Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins in Tunisia

Growing up we all have dreams, things we want to do...To see.
As we get older it's easy to push these things aside..To forget.
One dream that has always stayed with me, is to swim with Dolphins.
For one reason or another it's never happened, but the sparkle of the dream has always stayed there, very much alive.

On our recent visit to Tunisia I heard about a local company that could make it happen.

Friguia Park.

On the day of our adventure we traveled the 30 minutes or so from Hammamet to Sousse, and then it was time for an experience I have waited years for...

To meet the Dolphins!

There was a group of about 15 of us who were to swim with the Dolphins, and this group was broken down further into 3 or 4 mini groups. Each group had an instructor who kitted us all out with life jackets, pool shoes and finally talked us through exactly what we needed to do.

Swimming with Dolphins in Tunisia

Swimming with Dolphins in Tunisia

Swimming with Dolphins in Tunisia

We knelt on the edge of the pool with our knees encased by the water, the instructor whistled and out of the depths emerged a grey shape, it was approaching with speed. It was Luna, the Dolphin we were going to share this once in a lifetime experience with.

Luna swam to the edge of the pool where the shelf fell away to the depth, with our hands outstretched she swam right along the edge, and it was at this moment my hands met with Luna for the very first time. It was the most surreal experience, nothing can prepare you for coming so close to a Dolphin, and getting such a privilege. They are complete powerhouses of muscle, and that was the first thing I noticed as she swept past me. 

She was smooth, soft and strong. So very strong.

Swimming with Dolphins in Tunisia

Swimming with Dolphins in Tunisia

Swimming with Dolphins in Tunisia

This was just the beginning of our experience, and before I knew it Luna had her nose pressed up against my lips, the sheer strength that she had in her face was incredible. A gentle giant who was curious and mischievous, a complete beauty.

Luna soon demonstrated that she was the cheekiest out of all of the Dolphins, she played, nudged our hands and splashed us playfully with water. 

One at a time we swam out into the centre of the pool and stretched out our arms. The instructor told us that Luna was now going to swim with us, first she would swim out to us, and when she tapped our hand with her mouth we must gently place our hands on her dorsal fin.

That's exactly what she did, she swam along beneath me and then popped up! I was suddenly flying through the water at speed, completely effortlessly, almost like a feather. 

We spent a good hour with the Dolphins before we said our goodbyes. It's an experience I will hold close to me forever, they are truly beautiful and I will treasure that day for always.

Dreams can come true.

Swimming with Dolphins in Tunisia

Swimming with Dolphins in Tunisia

Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Mirage Beach Hotel Review - Hammamet Tunisia

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

At the end of April we booked a family holiday, it had been a long time coming and it was something that we all needed. We had a budget that we needed to stick to but we wanted somewhere further a field than Spain, not wanting to end up in England under the sun as you seem to do in so many resorts these days. 

We wanted somewhere hot, cultured and somewhere we could really un-wind, and as I scoured the last minute deals on Thomas Cook, Tunisia was a resort that popped up on multiple occasions and really caught my eye. I clicked through to the hotels, I studied the images, imagined myself there sat around the pool, but just like Goldilocks none of them were for us. 

It was then I came to the Mirage Beach Hotel located in Hammamet, Tunisia. 

It was the price that leaped out at me first thing, drawing me in like a moth to a flame. I studied the photographs just as I had done for each of the other hotels and it looked absolutely perfect. My first instinct was to have a look on Trip Adviser at all of the reviews and see how they stood up in reality, and it was then I discovered that there was no trace of them at all. Upon further investigation I found their Facebook page, and realised that at that moment in time the hotel wasn't open. It had been closed prior to changing hands and was formally known as Club Med. This gave me a little more information to go on, and the reviews on the former hotel were super. I was adamant that this is where I was going on holiday.

We booked and the holiday count down began. Before I knew it the day had arrived and we were crossing the patchwork sky to Tunisia. We arrived around 1am and were promptly checked in, the staff from the very get go were superb and couldn't do enough for you. We were issued with our all inclusive bands, and shown to our room where they set out a big basket of fruit for us to enjoy. This was such a lovely touch for us as we were ravenous from all the travelling, So before going to bed we all indulged in the nectarines and peaches. 

The housekeeping team had turned all of our towels into marvelous creations and that really brightened Leo's very first night. 

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

The Room

We opted for a family bungalow within the hotel grounds, it was situated a short walk from the main complex which was fantastic for us.  The bungalow consisted of a living room with two sofa beds in, they were all ready to be used which was great at gone 1am when we just wanted to get Leo straight into bed. Going through from the lounge there was a toilet and additional shower room with sink on the left hand side, going to the end of the corridor was the main bedroom. 

The rooms all come with air conditioning as standard, ours didn't seem to work for the most part but with the temperature in June being average it wasn't something that we missed. I am sure if we had mentioned it at reception there would have been a resolution, but like I say this wasn't something that effected our stay.

The room was comfortable and suited us perfectly for our needs, we all slept beautifully and recharged ready for another day of adventure. The only things that I would have liked to see in the room were tea and coffee making facilities and perhaps a mini fridge to keep a few bits and pieces in, being all inclusive however they weren't essential items as there was always somewhere to get a beverage or something to eat.

Although the hotel has been refurbished it's apparent that the money has been spent within the hotel rather than on the rooms. The rooms are a little tired, ours came equipped with a hand held shower head, but that for us was no issue at all, the rooms are clean and adequate. In fact I loved our room, and cannot wait to re-book for the next few months time. 

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

The Mirage Beach Hotel

This hotel was heaven for us, we had the most amazing time. From the 3 available pool choices that all feature different depths, to the beautiful beach that was right on the doorstep, to the absolutely FANTASTIC entertainment team. Everyone was friendly, welcoming and would go out of their way to make sure you enjoyed your time there.

With the hotel only being open a month before we visited, there weren't many other guests. This for us was just incredible. We could float around the pool, lounge on the sunbeds and let Leo enjoy himself as loudly as he wanted without having to worry about to many other people. In fact because of this it meant that the guests all formed a community and by the end of the holiday I felt like we had made so many new friends.

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

The entertainment team really did help make our holiday, they engaged with everyone, and even if you are like me and don't usually get involved, you will by the end of your time there have danced with the amazing dancers (They can all move!) taken part in water gym, practiced your archery or even played volley ball on the beach.

The evening shows cannot be missed, they will make you laugh like you have never laughed before, and you will be amazed by just how talented the team are. They even persuaded Luke to dress up as a lady and rollie pollie across the stage, Leo couldn't believe his eyes, and for that matter neither could I...

Make sure you check out the entertainment soundtrack and learn the moves, they will insist you join in!

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

All Inclusive

I think sometimes booking an all inclusive deal can be a little worrying, but Leo, Luke and I were really impressed with the food presented to us each day. There was absolutely something for everybody, even Leo who is the fussiest eater imaginable. From Omelettes and cooked breakfasts to pastries and fruit for breakfast, to pasta, salads, pizza and fresh fruits for lunch, to traditional cuisine, lasagnas, meats and fish to the tastiest puddings...

The chef in the restaurant was so kind, and by the end of the holiday he was putting up plates of the food he rated the best for us. He was right and really did look after us all. You should have seen the fresh chips portion he plated up for Leo on a nightly basis...

Do not miss the Crepe chef in the bar when it comes to your afternoon snack. They are delicious, and just reminiscing has my mouth watering..

Within the all inclusive package you are provided with breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks (excluding the well known brands) and snacks. If you want ice cream from the bar this comes at an additional cost.

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Over all

We had the most fantastic time and the week went by far to quickly. I needed another week, but then that may not have been long enough. We were completely spoiled by everyone who worked there, to the destination it's self. It's not everyday you have such a beautiful hotel all to yourself and the friendliest community right around you. I was sad to go home after such an amazing week, so many people to say goodbye to, so many things I still wanted to do. 

So with those feelings still at the very pit of my stomach, I am determined to go back. I intend to visit again in September this year to catch some more sunshine and make many more memories to go hand in hand with the ones we have already made.

If you are in any doubt about booking the Mirage Beach, push them aside. You will absolutely love this place.
Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for this post. We booked our own personal holiday there in June and these are my own honest views and opinions.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Serve Up An Ace With A Yellow Fondant Icing Tennis Ball Cake

Wimbledon is just around the corner. To celebrate why not try your hand at a tennis ball cake made with yellow fondant icing?

Wimbledon is a true summer institution in England. While the world’s elite tennis players sweat it out under the summer sun (or get rained off, you never can trust the weather), spectators cheer them on from the stands and living rooms, usually while indulging in strawberries and cream, champagne or Pimm’s.

If you prefer to indulge in something a little sweeter while watching rallies and aces here’s a Wimbledon inspired cake that uses yellow fondant icing to great effect.

Baking The Ball Cake

Spherical cakes always make for a pleasing and eye-catching sight, but many people shy away thinking they’re only for the pros to make. Actually, there’s nothing arcane about making one.
These quantities will make one big tennis ball cake. You could use the same quantities to make several smaller cakes if you desire, using smaller cake tins.

• 290g butter
• 290g caster sugar
• 290g self-raising flour
• 145g plain flour
• 5 eggs

Before you begin preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F and grease and flour a set of ball or Christmas pudding cake tins.

1. In a large mixing bowl mix your butter and sugar until it’s soft and creamy in texture.
2. Mix in your eggs, one at a time. In between eggs mix in a spoonful of flour.
3. Sieve your plain and self-raising flour together then stir it into the cake mix until it’s combined.
4. Pour your mix into the two tins, dividing the mixture cleanly. Bake for about 25 minutes. To check it’s ready insert a skewer into the centre of the cake, if it comes out clean then it’s ready.
5. Remove from the oven and leave the cakes in their tins on a rack for about 10 minutes. Turn out on the wire rack and leave to cool fully before decorating

How To Decorate Your Cake

Now that you have the two halves of your tennis ball it’s time to get decorating. We’ll be using a buttercream and jam filling to fuse the two cakes together, then adding a coating of buttercream before adding the yellow fondant icing.

• 125g unsalted butter
• 250g icing sugar
• 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
• Raspberry jam
• 500g yellow fondant icing
• 250g white fondant icing
• 250g green fondant icing

1. To make your buttercream put your unsalted butter into a mixing bowl and stir with a wooden spoon until soft and creamy.
2. Add your icing sugar a bit at a time stirring it in until the mix is smooth.
3. Pour in two teaspoons of vanilla extract and then mix in and continue mixing the buttercream until it’s light and fluffy.
4. Sandwich the two cakes together with a layer of raspberry jam and buttercream, leaving enough buttercream for the next stage.
5. Give your cake a thin coating of buttercream. This gives a smooth surface for your yellow fondant icing.
6. Dust your work surface with icing sugar and knead and roll out your green fondant icing.
7. Take an 8in cake board and cover with your green fondant. Use a wire brush to stipple and rough up the surface to great a grass effect.
8. Re-dust your work surface and roll out your yellow fondant icing. You’ll want it fairly thick, about 5-8mm. Next comes the tricky part.
9. Using your rolling pin for support lift the icing over the cake and place it down.
10. Allow the icing to drop down and smooth it into place using your hands, gently working out any wrinkles. Be careful not to tear the fondant icing as you work.
11. At the base of the cake press the fondant in underneath using a cake smoother and then cut away any excess that remains.
12. Using a cake slice transfer the yellow fondant icing covered cake to the cake board. It should sit securely but you can use some royal icing as a glue if you need to.
13. For the white stripe on the tennis ball take white fondant and roll it out into a rectangle about 3mm deep. Then cut two strips about an inch wide, each long enough to cover about half the cake.
14. Brush the back of each strip with cooled boiled water then carefully position one in place. Hold it in place for a while until it is firmly stuck.
15. Overlap the end of the next strip slightly with the first one and press into place.

Serve and enjoy.

It’s amazing what you can achieve with some Renshaw fondant icing and a little bit of imagination.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Kayla Itsines London World Tour!

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

Kayla Itsines has quite frankly changed my life, and I don't say that lightly. 

Kayla really has in no round about way made me the person I am today. For the first time in the longest time I have a sense of confidence, I am happy in my own skin. I don't look to other women and wish that I had their body, their shape, their style. 

I accept that I am the very best version of ME that I can be.

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Transformation

In fact these days I look at women in a whole new light, women who have taken control and worked their socks off to get the bodies that they have always wanted, I look at them and think 'Well done'. I appreciate the hard work and grafting they have put in to getting where they want to be. I myself know that changing your mindset and your lifestyle is easier said than done. Changing up what you eat, what you drink and how you live your day to day life is no quick fix.

It takes time and commitment.

It was recently announced that Kayla Itsines, the very lady who has inspired me to be all that I could possibly be was heading on a world tour. She was coming to London. I was absolutely devastated to discover that within 39 minutes all of the free tickets had completely gone. I wasn't going to get the opportunity to head along with all of the #BBGGirls (Bikini Body Guide Girls) to London and celebrate the amazing community that I am now a part of. 

Kayla released a second round of tickets that I again missed...So you can imagine my surprise when a ticket landed in my inbox. The surprise that came when I discovered that I was GOING to the London Boot Camp thanks to a fellow BBG Girl that I had only ever communicated with via Instagram.!

@Carolien_vr had taken the time to come on to this here blog, get my email address and sort my ticket. I am so eternally grateful for that act of kindness, because thanks to Carolien I had the most amazing day at Kayla's Boot Camp on Saturday 13th June.

I was one of the first to arrive, and as I arrived at just after 11am it meant that I was practically at the front of the line. With doors not due to open until 1pm and the first group still inside Olympia West after the first session, I thought that the wait may be long and tedious. Of course it didn't take long for the true BBG spirit to sweep through the growing crowd.

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

I got talking with 3 wonderful ladies who had each ventured to London alone in pursuit of the boot camp. Make sure to pop by and follow their journeys on Instagram!

On the left is the lovely Petra @Powerpeps who traveled all the way from Italy to be there! In the middle is me *waves*, and next to me is the gorgeous Eva @evalicious_m who flew in from Switzerland! On the far right is the beautiful Tash @mylittlegymdream!

By the time the doors opened I considered these girls to be my friends. Before I knew it we were running up the stairs of Olympia West to secure a good spot at the front by the stage. I ran like I had never run in my life, suitcase in hand, I ran like my life depended upon it, and after what felt like forever we entered the hall. 

We ran harder and faster, and eventually located spaces right in front of the stage. I couldn't quite believe that we were going to be right there in the very thick of it as London came together for Kayla. With an hour to go before the lady herself arrived, we took the ample opportunity to snap photos in front of the board after Toby (Kayla's other half!) announced that there would be a potential prize for someone.

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

Of course I never in my wildest dreams, dreamed that it would be I who received it!

I even had the amazing opportunity to meet two of the amazing ladies I have spent so much time following and talking with on Instagram. Ladies I really have shared their journey with, and it was so fantastic to meet the beautiful Lisa @lisa_pittbbg!

I even got to meet the lovely Kerry from @bbg_cm_2015! I could hardly contain my excitement!

Arriving back to our places and perching on our yoga mats we spoke with other BBG girls and the excitement grew as the minutes ticked away. It was almost time for Kayla's arrival. Toby was on stage by this point and he was talking to the crowd which had really grown since our arrival. 

The next thing I know is Toby is calling my name. My Instagram post is being read out to the audience and my presence was required on stage. I was going to be going home with a shiny new Polar Watch. My heart thumping like it might burst out of my chest at any moment, I got to my feet and walked the short distance to the stage, one foot in front of the other. Any other time this would have scared the living day lights out of me, but here within the BBG community I was at ease. That being said though, not at one moment did I look out at the audience, so that most likely helped.

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

The day was off to the most amazing start, little did I know that it was about to get even more surreal. 

Even more amazing!

Kayla walked in, the atmosphere electric, the crowds cheering, shouting, applauding. She came right past me as she walked with a bounce to the stage. I was in awe, complete and utter awe. 

Very soon we were into the work out, and OH MY GOD the #DeathByKayla hashtag exists for a reason. Working out with Kayla made every other time I had used that hashtag an injustice. Kayla workied us hard, and the warm up alone almost killed me. Even now I can certainly still feel the fruits of the effort, and it puts a big smile on my face.

The half hour work out flew by as quickly as the sweat dripped down my brow. When it came to an end I could have quite contently lay on my yoga mat and had a hours lie down, but it was time to meet the very lady herself. I had the opportunity to MEET Kayla, and I joined the back of the line that slowly snaked around to where she was stood meeting and greeting the London community.

Eventually I was at the very front of the line, it was my turn to step forward, and I was ready to introduce myself when Kayla stopped me completely in my tracks. Kayla already knew who I was. I could have chocked right there and then. HOW!?

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

The meeting was like a dream, I cannot even begin to explain how amazing it felt. When I started the guides 18 weeks ago back in February, I had no idea of the changes I was going to make, the people I would meet, the accomplishments I would achieve. How much I would look up to and admire Kayla herself. Over the course of my journey I have gained such a huge respect for Kayla, and the amazing community that is the back bone of the BBG Guide.

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

Kayla Itsines London World Tour

The entire day was completely amazing, and I have left with the motivation to work harder this year than ever before. A year into my journey to tone up and find myself again, I have found that and so much more. I really do owe all of that to this lady right here!

Thank you Kayla!

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for this post,, this is my own personal experience using the BBG Guide. All views expressed are completely honest and my own.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Quad Biking in Hammamet - Tunisia

Hammamet Quad Biking

Action, Adventure, Exhileration.
Off roading, Mountains and Quad Bikes.

They aren't usually words that you would use to describe a family holiday. So you may be surprised to hear that we took Leo out on a 2 hour quad biking adventure while away in Hammamet, Tunisia this month. 

We were all issued with safety helmets and Leo was seated with his Dad. I had a smaller quad to the men and soon it was time to set off into the early morning sun. We were each plastered in sun cream, Leo in factor 50, and soon we were winding along the unknown roads in a line of around 9 quads. Our group consisted mainly of people from our hotel  at the Mirage Beach. 

We very quickly got to know our fellow quad bikers and this made the experience even more enjoyable. The wind in our hair, the sun on our backs and the perfect opportunity to see the real, Tunisia, the raw parts that aren't wrapped up in the protective bubble of the hotels.

Hammamet Quad Biking

When visiting a country on a all inclusive deal I think it is very easy to get lost within the ready made world you arrive in. A protective bubble that completely shelters you from the destination you have chosen to visit. The people, the culture, the natural surroundings are all lost among the swimming pools and all inclusive buffet. That is exactly why we wanted to get out on the quad bikes and out into the world beyond the bubble. 

We wanted Leo to see and experience something new, exciting and foreign.

We whizzed over a level crossing, through small towns, villages, and off into the mountains. I turned around to see Leo's face and his eyes were wide and glassy behind his sun shades, his latest adventure being the most exhilarating experience of his young years.  

Hammamet Quad Biking

Hammamet Quad Biking

Hammamet Quad Biking

Hammamet Quad Biking

Much of the time was spent on the Tunisian roads, but when we  came to the end of a small village we found ourselves leaving the comfort of the smooth concrete beneath our tires and bumped over rocks and unknown terrain.

We saw the natural beauty and relished every moment, the sun bouncing off everything that it touched. The mirages that looked like big pools of water, pools that we never reached. The amounts of rubbish that suddenly appeared on the sides of roads, even out into the mountains where you wouldn't have expected to come across anything like that. In one house we passed, the garden was completely laiden with rubbish, and among the rubbish was her washing line, where all of the families washing was drying in the warm sunlight and soft breeze whispering over from the sea only a few miles away...

In the off road parts that we visited there was so much natural beauty, and even some very old war tanks that looked as though they had seen better days. This was one of the only places that we stopped on the 2 hour trip, and we were all so glad to get off and stretch our legs, down the water we had brought along for the ride and snap a few photo opportunities. 

Hammamet Quad Biking

We later stopped a little while away from the tanks and our guide strategically poised his quad bike on the end of a cliff edge, jamming the breaks on so that everyone could have a holiday snap. Leo gave me clear instructions 'NO MUMMY! NOT YOU! You to tired! Daddy do it!', that boy of mine does worry about me! Of course I told him that it would be absolutely fine, not one to turn down a photo opportunity such as this. Even though a little while earlier the brakes on my quad had popped off when the guide had jammed them on...

Hammamet Quad Biking

Hammamet Quad Biking

Thankfully everything was ok and Leo was worried for no reason other than he's a worrier at almost 4 years of age.

Seeing Hammamet by quad bike was such an amazing experience for all of us, we laughed, smiled and enjoyed the adventure as a family. I am so pleased that we had the opportunity to take Leo, and to show him everything that we saw. 

They are going to be memories we all keep for many years to come, and it just goes to show that family holidays can be full of action, adventure and exhilaration if that is what you want.