Friday 26 September 2014

Raspberry Ketones - Urban Legend?

We live in a time of quick fixes and cutting corners, but when it comes to losing weight, is there really such a thing?  I am the first to admit to buying into these miracle weight loss aids, but the reality is that if they sound too good to be true, then they probably are.

One of the latest weight loss trends to hit the market are the Raspberry Ketones, it first became popular after it was mentioned on Dr. Oz television show back in 2012,  during the piece dubbed ‘Raspberry Ketone: Miracle fat-burner in a bottle’.

Raspberry Ketone is actually a chemical found in Red Raspberries (Rubus Idaeus), that is thought by many to help with weight loss. There is actually no scientific evidence backing this up, except  for some research that has been carried out with small animals, such as rats that show it may help speed up the metabolism.

Now after having my Facebook timeline inundated with adverts for this apparent wonder pill, I was curious. Having seen the before and after images of these girls who are obviously completely different people my alarm bells were instantly ringing. I followed the adverts through onto the page where you can ‘collect your free sample’ only to find that they required my bank details… It was here that I decided to abandon my quest and leave well alone. You need to be incredibly careful in these instances, and this has recently been publicised on Watch Dog, where companies have been taking random amounts of money out of people’s accounts in order to pay for the Raspberry Ketones once the ‘free sample’ has expired.

Back in July I was actually sent a sample of Raspberry Ketones to try out, I thought that it couldn’t do any harm in taking them just to see if there was any truth in how they are being portrayed. I began taking them, they leave a fruity taste in their wake but nothing to sinister. For a little while I found them a little sickly in terms of the after taste but this is something that doesn’t really bother me 2 months later.

In the first couple of weeks I maintained a steady weight loss of around 1-2lbs per week. This had been the average in my regime anyway, and I couldn’t say that the Raspberry Ketones aided or increased any noticeable changes in weight loss. I know this is what you want to read, but this is my personal experience… and I quite honestly think that the only effect the Raspberry Ketones have is the Placebo Effect. Of course taking them isn’t doing any harm, and my experience is just one of many, but before you part with your cash think about where you are purchasing them from, remember that just by taking these tablets alone the weight isn’t going to just come away. I have been eating better, and paying daily visits to the gym. I cannot say that the Raspberry Ketones have helped me along my way at all, hard work is what has been delivering my results.

My personal advice would be to ignore the adverts and save your money. I have continued to take the Raspberry Ketones throughout, and I am still taking them today. I won’t be purchasing anymore when my 3 month sample comes to an end, but I am pleased that I have laid the urban legend of the miracle fat burner in a bottle to rest.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Raspberry Ketones for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

Thursday 25 September 2014

7 things that are Cheaper to Buy Online than in Stores

Buying things online is an option that really appeals to modern day life as it’s quick, easy and is becoming more and more secure. If you still not very convinced on the idea, or would just simply like to learn a bit more about it, we’ve come up with a list of 7 things that are cheaper (and sometimes easier) to buy online.

1. Music
Music is notoriously cheaper to buy online nowadays, with online stores like iTunes selling songs for as little as 70p, whereas a physical single in a high street store would cost you around £3.99. You can also even stream music videos for free on some applications, such as YouTube, and download playlists to listen to on your computer or phone with programs like Spotify.

2. Books
Likewise, buying books online is usually much cheaper and you can get much better deals on them. Some sites like Amazon even allow you to pre-order books that are coming out which is great as you won’t have to queue up for them on the day they come out.

3. Designer clothing
Buying clothes online can be a little touch and go, but it can be definitely worth the risk when it comes to buying designer clothes online (as long as they have a good refunds system). They’ll be significantly cheaper online and a lot of online clothes retailers (even the high end ones) offer things like discounts for new sign-ups and money off your first order, too.

4. Televisions
It’s thought that TVs online can cost 10-20% less than in the stores. Look for television suppliers that offer a good guarantee system, helpful customer service, good delivery times, real customer reviews and of course, competitive pricing to get the best deal for your money.

5. Small electrical gadgets
As well as bigger items like TVs, smaller electrical gadgets (such as cameras, coffee makers etc) are also significantly cheaper online. Look out for cheap shipping costs so that you don’t end up spending just as much on it due to shipping, however. 

6. Holidays
Booking a holiday online can feel a little stressful, but if you use a reputable site that makes things a lot simpler, it’s actually surprisingly easy. Sites like for example guide you through each part of the holiday booking process to ensure nothing is forgotten and that you get the absolute best deal for your money. It’s a good idea though to look around before booking to ensure you’re getting the best price for what you’re after.

7. Food and drink

Food and drink can be much cheaper online, but a true main advantage of opting for online shopping when it comes to the weekly groceries is that it avoids the temptation of window shopping in the store, and therefore picking up things you don’t really need. You won’t be able to browse like you would in a store so you will no doubt save a lot of cash. 

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6 Tips for Beginners Painting with Acrylic Paint

Painting with acrylic paint is possibly the most common method when it comes to painting, as acrylic paint is a really great medium to work with, especially for beginners. You can do so much with them, they dry fairly quickly and you can achieve a range of vivid colours in them.
We’ve come up with 6 top tips for beginners painting with acrylic paint to give you some ideas on how to get started if it’s completely new to you.

Essential supplies you need to begin
As with any art project, there are a few supplies you’ll need to get started. These include:
·         Acrylic paint palettes – investing in a set of good quality acrylic paints (available here, for example; is a good start. Opt for a well known brand and avoid going for cheaper options as it should be thought of as an investment.
·         Brushes – likewise, avoid really cheap brushes as these can malt a lot and can even ruin your painting. It’s better to have a few good ones that lots of not-so-good ones. Synthetic ones are fine as long as they’re looked after properly.
·         Your canvas of choice – whether you want to paint into a sketchbook, onto a canvas or a big piece of card, experiment with different types of paper to find the best one for you.

Getting the lighting right
As with any painting, getting the lighting right is essential to ensure that your work is as true to life as possible, and isn’t affected in any way. Natural light works best, though if that’s not possible, an artificial light above you (not behind you) should serve as a good substitute.

Mixing colours and creating new hues/shades
There’s a great guide here for mixing acrylic paints to create new colours and hues that’s definitely worth checking out. As soon as you get the hang of the basics, you’ll soon be able to move onto being a bit more creative and inventive with your hues.

Getting into the ‘acrylic painting zone’
As briefly mentioned above, some artists prefer to work on a canvas or piece of paper/card, and it’s been found that when using acrylic paints in particular, using an easel is superior as this helps a lot with perspective and proportions. Whether you want a tabletop one or a standing one, there are so many available you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

Deciding what techniques work for you
It’s definitely worth taking a look at this article to see what sort of effects and techniques you can try out with acrylic paints and how to improve your paintings as a result. These include things like what colours to start with and adding details to your work.

Finding your inspiration
Deciding on what you want to paint is of course half the battle when it comes to creating a inmasterpiece, so don’t be afraid to try lots of different subjects, themes and styles to find what you enjoy most and what you’re best at.

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Wednesday 24 September 2014

Peppa Pig's Big Splash

There are so many exciting things to do and visit with your little one’s these days. It feels like Leo and I are off on a new adventure each week at the moment. What with days out to Warwick Castle and trips to Thomas Land, we are always finding new ways to keep ourselves entertained.

With Autumn upon us and that familiar chill circling around, we know that the remaining warm sunny days we have are limited, and we will be forced to wrap up warm and find alternative ways to keep the kid’s entertained.

At this moment in time Peppa Pig’s Big Splash is touring around the UK and Ireland, throughout October the show will be visiting Woking, Clacton on Sea and Nottingham. This is a show that Leo and I haven’t seen, but having had a read of the reviews online it sounds like it is set to be a lot of fun.

The show invites Peppa Pig fans to come along and join in with this all singing, all dancing adventure that is sure to keep kids (and adults) on the edge of their seats.


Ticket prices vary depending upon when you visit, and you can have a proper look at what it is going to cost on their website and selecting the best venue and date that you would like to visit. Weekend viewing prices start from £13.50 for stalls and go up to £15.50 for the Dress Circle and Upper Circle. It completely depends upon where you want to sit.


Isle of Weight


Of course when it comes to planning family adventures together we do need to consider transportation and accommodation. I know when we look into our next adventure we always think about the distance we have to travel, and how beneficial it would be to book into a hotel and turn it into a weekend. Of course with the expense of a fun filled family day out you don’t want to incur un-necessary costs but there are options out there that can ensure you don’t break the bank. Ideally family friendly hotels within close proximity to your event venue is the best option to consider, if you are visiting Woking then the Holiday Inn at Farnborough is just on the door step. If you are visiting Southampton then there is a great choice between the Holiday InnSouthampton, Holiday Inn Eastleigh and Holiday Inn Fareham.

The most important aspect of any family trip, is to have fun and make the most of each other’s company.  These moments go by so quickly, and it is so important to enjoy the here and now.

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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Back to Nursery

On the 5th September Leo went back to play school for his very first funded session. In the weeks of Summer that quickly passed us by, Leo seemed to blossom before our very eyes. He began to string more and more sentences together, and he made such an effort to use his words. We used to Summer as a spring board and got out and about to really make the most of the weather and each other’s company. I had a feeling that the nursery would also see a huge improvement in just how far Leo had come over the Summer holidays, and I hoped that I wasn't alone in these thoughts.

With Leo’s funding now in place for his final pre-school year before starting reception next year, I prepared his school bag the same way I always did. I packed a spare change of clothes, some fruit and his juice cup. I woke Leo up from his slumber and a very excited child replaced the sleeping child who had been fast asleep only moments before. Leo was so excited to be going back to nursery again and when I dropped him off on the Friday for his first session, he didn't even say goodbye before he ran off to join his class mates.

When the time came to pick Leo up from school, I arrived and peeked in through the window. The entire class was sat together on the carpet talking, and when I got to the front of the line, they called for Leo to come over ready to go home. The nursery leaders each had some incredibly positive remarks about how they had found Leo’s first day back at school. One said ‘Hasn't he grown up over the Summer!?’ another said ‘I have noticed a huge improvement in his speech!’ and another said ‘I am understanding so much more of what he says!’. I was so pleased, Leo has been taking his time but been improving all the time, and now I feel like we are finally bridging the gap that has stopped him getting his point of view across.

Wednesday 10th September marked Leo’s very first full day at nursery,  we prepared Leo’s school bag and even made up his lunch box ready for that very first session. Leo was even more excited at the prospect of taking lunch along with him, that once he had his Planes Lunch box in hand he insisted on having his Ham and Cheese Sandwich for breakfast. So to save his lunch we had to make him up a second sandwich that he could enjoy at that precise moment in time.

Granny dropped Leo off for a 9am start, and then that was the last we saw of Leo until 3pm that same day. It is the longest Leo has ever been out of our care and it was a surreal moment to arrive home from work for lunch, to not have Leo at home. Leo had gone off as happy as always and found his name badge out of all of the other names and proudly stuck it on his hook. Leo then spent the day at nursery for the very first time.

Leo has come on so much since that very first nursery session back in January, he is more confident and willing to give new things a try. I find it incredibly hard to believe that this time next year, my baby boy will be in reception and 4 years old. Time really has got a wicked sense of humor to say the least, but it is not relenting. Time is speeding by and shaping my little man as it goes, each day he does something new and surprises me in a whole new way.

I am so pleased at how well Leo has just slipped back into nursery life, and just accepted that now he is older he gets to go more. I have put Leo into nursery on a Monday, Tuesday morning. He attends Wednesday all day and then has Thursday off to spend an entire day doing things with me, and then goes back in refreshed for Friday’s afternoon session.

I wanted Leo to do one full day so that when he does begin reception next year it won’t be such a shock to the system. I now that as this year progresses he is going to continue to grow up, and when next September does roll around, he will be more than ready to take on big school with all of his peers.

Leo and his bucketful of Schleich Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are one of those delights that simply fascinate children, Leo is forever racing around roaring and telling us he is primitive beast. Nursery have even told us how he will stand at the top of the play gym and roar his little heart out, while the other children run away petrified of me Leo-saurus.

Dinosaurs are just a whole other world of imaginative play, as once upon a time they walked this earth dominating the planet we now inhabit. I think that is part of the sparkle that draws children towards these rather spectacular creatures, that once ruled the earth. Talking to Leo about the world and it’s past is always an interesting topic of conversation and you can tell he thinks that I am making it all up, and in his mind Dinosaurs are nothing more than a make believe monster on the television, or a heap of bones in the Natural History Museum…

We were recently sent a selection of Schleich Dinosaurs, and Leo was incredibly excited to open up the box to discover Seven new models just for his enjoyment. In Leo’s box full of Dinosaurs we discovered the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Quetzalcoatlus and Spinosaurus along with the brand new 2014 models, Therizinosaurus, Pentaceratops, T-Rex Light Green and the Velociraptor in Green.

Within moments of the un-boxing ceremony, Leo had taken a handful of Dinosaurs over to the table to play. There was instant growling and roaring as the fun began to take hold and Leo’s imagination went wild. I on the other hand was really impressed with the level of detail that had gone into each of the different models, from the teeth, colouring and care that had gone into all of them, they were really something else. The details was so precise that on a few of them they had even been packaged in cardboard due to sharp horns or tails. I was instantly surprised at the weight of the models, they are all pretty heavy and you know you are holding a quality object. There is no cheap plastic in sight with the Schleich model collection, only superb detail.

The Dinosaurs have been coloured as true to life as possible and they all look realistic and even a little scary in cases! Some have moveable jaws, others have rotating arms which of course gives a whole new level of play value to these models. They are aimed at pre-schoolers from the age of 3+ and really do allow your little one to delve into a land long forgotten. Whether or not of course they believe you are telling the truth about this land from long ago… Well that is another situation entirely!

You can purchase the Schleich Dinosaurs through Amazon and prices start from as little as £3.50 depending upon which models you are looking at. They are all sold individually but with Christmas coming up they would make super stocking fillers for the kids.

Disclaimer: We were sent a selection of the Schleich Dinosaur range for the purpose of this review. All views and opinons expressed are completely honest and my own.

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Mike the Knight - Journey to Dragon Mountain

September has been a busy month as far as events go, and Leo and I love nothing more than meeting up with our fellow blogging friends and enjoying a great day out. On Saturday we were very excited to be visiting Warwick Castle, and Mike the Knight. Leo had been invited along to watch Mike’s very first feature film, Journey to Dragon Mountain! As big Mike fans, I knew that Leo would absolutely love this experience.

We visited Warwick Castle with Leo last June to visit Mike last year, and we had such a super day. Leo had just turned 2 and up until then, we hadn’t really sat down together and watched Mike. Of course this all changed after he met Mike on the day, and a year later he is our favourite knight. A year later we arrived back at Warwick Castle,  and my little man remembered his first visit there, right down to the fact he had been bought an ice cream after last year’s event!

We made our way into the Coach House where Leo managed to misplace his black jumper, and we met with the rest of the group who were here to watch the new film, and of course enjoy the rather tasty jam tarts that had been left out for us all. I may have had a few more than my fair share when it came to the jam tarts, but they were absolutely amazing, and that alone is my excuse for over indulging…

With a Mike the Knight goody bag and many a flag, we made our way into the screening. With many bloggers and their children all in one room and shouting ‘hoozar’ as the film began, Leo shot me an excited smile. With his flag waving and the film rolling, I could see without a shadow of a doubt just how much he was enjoying it.

Mike the Knight Journey to Dragon Mountain see’s Mike’s Dad arrive back from his travels, I for one was super impressed to see him as I have always wondered whether we would ever meet Mike’s very busy Father. Yes they are thoughts that have crossed my mind when Leo has been watching and my mind has run away with me…

The king has been off protecting the Glendragon and of course ran into trouble with the troublesome Vikings, who had very cheekily stolen a shiny crystal from Dragon mountain. The Vikings thought think the crystal is actually a shiny ball, and as they excitedly ran away they throw the crystal to one another while singing along merrily.

The dragon of Dragon Mountain has realised that their most prized crystal is missing, and he is scouring the kingdom in a bid to get it back. This dragon is the biggest dragon to ever have graced the Glendragon skies and the kingdom is on high alert. Of course when the King sets off on his mission to locate the crystal and return it to the mountain, Mike and Evie decide to go along for the adventure. The King leaves Glendragon followed closely by Mike who in turn is followed by Evie, and the procession continues with Sparkie pulling along a cart full of delicious jam tarts, with Squirt perched on the top!

Squirt is worried that Mike has gone away and left him as he doesn’t feel he is a ‘real’ dragon. He thinks Mike needs a dragon who can breathe fire and be brave, and this sets the scene for the film. Squirt is on a mission to prove to himself that he can be the dragon that Mike needs him to be.

All Mike really wants to do is to show his Dad all of his new knightly tricks and demonstrate how his training has been coming along, Evie wants to demonstrate her wizardry, which of course only causes more problems for the poor King along the way.  When things don’t go to plan they must all work together in order to re-unite the Dragon and their crystal jewel again.

I actually found the movie a nice one to watch with the family (or in my case a room full of bloggers and their little ones). Leo thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and has enjoyed it again since our visit to Warwick Castle as they very kindly gave him one to take home.

The entire day at Warwick Castle was absolutely fantastic, this being Leo’s second visit I was really impressed to discover that he still had a great recollection of last year’s trip. We walked around and had a look around the castle, Leo wasn't too fond of the Kingmaker exhibition, but this may be down to me taking him on the Pirate Adventure at Drayton Manor a few weeks ago…He just kept on saying ‘no boat Mummy! I scared!’, so we made a quick exit out and made a dash for lunch.

Leo got treated to a Mike the Knight fancy dress set complete with helmet and sword, and I have to say that this was my best buy of the day. Leo looked every inch the knight as he wore his attire and strutted his stuff around the castle grounds. Not to mention how Leo’s day was made complete when he didn't just get to meet Mike himself once, but twice!

Mike the Knight is visiting Warwick Castle throughout September, the weekend of the 13th and 14th was the first in the series, and it is running right up to the 27th and 28th. It really is a great day out for the entire family, Leo spent so much time building up tall towers in the Mike the Knight activities that have been put together especially for Mike’s visit. These activities alone provided both Leo and his cousin hours of fun, and to make the day even more amazing, as soon as we got into the car to go home, both of our boys decided to take a much needed nap, providing us with coveted silence the entire way home.

A big thank you to White Tiger PR, Warwick Castle and of course Mike the Knight for such a super day!

Disclaimer: We were invited along to Warwick Castle where we were provided with complimentary entrance and a goody bag. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. This post features a compensated link.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Thomas & Friends - Tale of the Brave

Earlier this month Leo and I had a rather exciting invitation to visit Thomas Land and have a private screening of the new Thomas the Tank Engine Film, Tale of the Brave. Leo is a huge Thomas fan, and has always thoroughly enjoyed his visits to Thomas Land, so of course our RSVP to come along was a resounding ‘YES’!

We arrived at Thomas Land, based at Drayton Manor with a few minutes to spare, we made our way to the 4D cinema where we were greeted by the lovely team who had thought of absolutely everything. There were cartons of Thomas juice for the children and bottles of water for the grown-ups, not to mention the popcorn that was on hand for the screening.

The Fat Controller was happily going around the group posing for photographs and being his happy self, Leo was so pleased to get to meet him. What I really liked is that having visited Drayton Manor and Thomas Land on a number of occasions, it was nice to see that the man behind the Fat Controller was the same person. He may not of remembered me, but I certainly remembered him!

While we waited for the screening to begin, the children got to have a look at a number of the new toys that have been released to go along with the feature. I have to say that I was really impressed with the latest track master model, and may have already jotted that down onto Leo’s Christmas list.. Not that I want to encourage any more train track entering the house!

By the time we were ushered into the screening, Leo was infatuated with all of the new Thomas toys around him, and ultimately I had to let him borrow two of the trains to take in with him. As soon as we were in the 4D cinema he had forgotten all of the toys, and was far too excited to watch the brand new film. The Fat Controller came out onto the stage and introduced the new movie, and then it began.

As far as Thomas films go, I admittedly just watch them because my 3 year old is train mad, but I thought this latest film was easy to tolerate from a adults perspective and I even found myself secretly enjoying some of the songs *makes mental note to look into the soundtrack*.

Tale of the Brave was released in the UK on Blu Ray and DVD on September 1st 2014 and follows Thomas and his friends around Sodor in a brand new tale. The story starts with Thomas working in the clay pits when a storm approaches, the rain pours and batters Sodor leaving the clay cliffs very un-stable. As Thomas makes his way through the clay pitts, a flash of lightning reveals what looks to be very large footprints on the slope above him. This sets the scene for Thomas and Percy to be on the lookout for a monster!

Thomas isn’t sure about what he saw in the clay pits, but when Thomas confides his thoughts to Percy, Percy is convinced that there is a monster loose on the island. Percy works himself into such a state that he is even too scared to deliver his mail trucks, every bump and shadow becomes a cause for concern.. and Percy very quickly finds himself getting into trouble.

Thomas and the Tale of the Brave introduces some new characters, Gator become a firm favourite with Leo, and I am sure he will be joining Leo’s growing train collection in the not so distant future. The film has been thoroughly enjoyed by Leo and he had an absolutely fantastic day running all over Thomas Land, it is suffice to say  that he was completely in his element.

The Thomas and Friends Tale of the Brave DVD is on sale now, and is a must watch if you have Thomas fans in your midst.

Disclaimer: We were invited along to Drayton Manor for the screening of Thomas and Friends, Tale of the Brave and provided with a goody bag. All thought and opinions are completely honest and my own.

A Healthier Me - 14 Weeks In

14 weeks ago I made a lifestyle change, one that I wasn't sure would stick. 14 weeks ago I cut out all the rubbish that I was happily consuming on a daily basis, and I opted for a healthier me. Chocolate was replaced with grapes, and my love of Coca Cola was quickly swapped up for water.

3 months later I feel like I have come so far, when I looked in the mirror all those weeks ago, I saw a spare tyre around my waist and I knew something had to be done. I didn’t see the girl I once was and the thought of going on holiday and wearing a bikini filled me with dread. My reflection wasn’t me,  I saw someone I hardly recognised anymore and it gave me the sheer determination to make a change. I have learnt that unless you are really ready to make a change to your life, you quite simply won’t do it. I have demonstrated this each time I have decided to start a diet or lead a healthier lifestyle, but this time my determination has prevailed and now the changes I have implemented are just part of my everyday life.

For me losing weight has meant finding the old me again, through each lb that has melted away I have found I am becoming more confident within my skin again.  I surprise myself with each week that goes by, I am wearing clothes that I never would have dreamed to wear 14 weeks ago, and they are all factors that go towards pushing me further. They truly are the reward for all of the hard work I have been putting in. Just having the willpower to say no to cake and chocolate has shocked me no end, and although I stumble every now and again, I am no longer eating it each and every day. I have found eating in moderation really does do wonders, and you still get to have a little bit of the forbidden treats that you crave.

A big part of my weekly routine sees me visiting the gym, I try to go each evening where I focus my main efforts on cardio. I typically spend around 50 minutes on the cross trainer and then work my way around the weights. In the 3 months since joining the gym I have noticed changes that are beginning to take hold. The changes have been gradual and it hasn’t happened over night, my results have been in conjunction with eating well and working out.

A month or so ago I was sent a pair of Ilu Sheer Panel Capri Leggings for use at the gym. I liked the look of them and was even more impressed with them when they arrived. They are completely different to any other gym clothing I own, and I love that they are so unique. The leggings are black and feature a black netting up each side of the leg. They fit perfectly and I feel incredibly comfortable while I am wearing them for my training sessions. As the leggings are so different to anything else I have found that people have been rather complimentary about them, which has actually caught me a little of guard at the gym!

The leggings are designed to make you look and feel great, they boast a tummy flattening, bottom shaping design paired up with a high sheen finish, and they really do look amazing. I have actually just placed an order on the website to get myself a second pair of these leggings, this time with the Pink netting. Ilu are currently holding their end of season sale, so I actually treated myself to a new top as well.  I have been really impressed with the sports range available, and you can see for yourself just how different it is to general sportswear.

They are currently on sale at £17.99 down from £35.99, so if you have your eye on a pair get them while stocks last!

Another much welcomed gym addition is my set of Yurbuds Inspire Pro for Women Headphones. They have been specifically designed for ladies ears for use during sporting activities. I have found them a godsend after using my iPhone headphones for a few weeks, and getting incredibly frustrated each time they fell out and I had to put them back in. The Yurbuds Headphones stay in throughout the duration of the activity, they are comfortable and perfect for my needs. They retail at £24.99 and I wouldn't be without them during my training sessions these days.

Each change I have made has helped me on my way to where I am today, I am now 2l lbs lighter than I was when I first started on this path. I have lost inches all over, I have achieved my biggest goal which was to be comfortably back in my size 8 clothing. My next challenge is to now to just keep going on my mission to tone up. It really does just go to how that if you really want something, and you are willing to work for it, you can achieve it.

14 weeks later I would gladly jet off to sunnier skies, and I would without a shadow of a doubt be comfortable enough to don a bikini, and for me to say that after feeling so self-conscious only 3 months ago.. It is clear to me that I am feeling a lot better about myself and my confidence is returning.

Since my last post 5 weeks ago I have gone on to lose another 4.6 lbs. The weight that is coming off is now just due to the fact I am not putting the rubbish I was in my body. I am a lot more conscious about what I eat, and this is reflecting in a slow but steady weight loss.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Ilu Sheer Panel Capri Leggings and Yurbuds Inspire Pro Headphones for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

Sunday 14 September 2014

The Fireman Sam Titan Boat Review

In the last few weeks Leo has been enjoying a new addition to his toy box, the Fireman Sam Titan Boat from Character. Leo is currently going through a boat phase, so it arrived at the completely right time. 

The boat itself is basic and is designed for children 3 and up, what I like about it was that it was a straight up toy, there are no lights or sounds and it is completely up to Leo to see where his imagination takes him. I love nothing more than watching Leo enjoy his games of make believe these days and he really does get into the games he dreams up.

The Titan Boat is designed for play on the floor, and features wheels to roll it around as you would a toy car. We received two fireman figures with our set, but when purchasing the boat you actually have to buy the figures separately and the price of £9.99 includes the boat only. 

Leo has been enjoying playing with his Titan Boat and moving the characters around the boat as they go on their adventures to fight fires.

The boat is the perfect size for little hands and easy to maneuver around. A great little gift for the younger Fireman Sam fans in the house.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Fireman Sam Titan Boat in exchange for our honest opinion.

Friday 12 September 2014

"Folr" is launched to help watch over your loved ones.

I have spoken before about the digital age that we live in and how it can both help and hinder us all at the same time. Never before have we had so much knowledge in the palm of our hands, never before have we been so tuned in socially with each and everyone around us.

While the world continues to grow, and the technology before us exceeds new expectations on a daily basis, we are now able to tailor the technologies to aid our daily lives. Now seems like the perfect time to introduce you to Folr, a location-tracking application that provides real time information on the whereabouts of family members and those closest to you. The app can be installed on any smartphone or tablet and unobtrusively updates you on the locations of those most important to you.

I couldn't help but think what a great idea this was for school age children who would maybe be responsible for catching a bus home after school, I know that with Leo in the years to come this is something that would give me peace of mind, but also allowing him that little bit of extra freedom when the time swings around. Folr is targeted at users just like me who want that little bit of reassurance when letting their children grow up, but this app has so many other uses. For me the use of this app would be as a family locator.

Folr is a completely unique location-sharing app that can provide a current location at any moment in time, or you can even see the history played back for you. My instant thoughts were that this app could be used for bad as well as good, but you needn't worry, you send out an invitation to your nearest and dearest so that they can either accept your invitation or leave it. Users of the app get complete autonomy over when you are being tracked.

Folr isn't just a parenting tool though, you can use it to keep a check on a elderly family member or maybe even the husband who is away on a business trip. There are so many scenarios that could play out and be resolved sooner by using Folr. I know that when I was talking to my Mum about it she seemed quite interested, especially for use with my 17 year old brother who is getting to an age now where he loves to be out and about. I know that she wishes it had been around when I was younger!

In the above screen shot, you can see that I have complete control over who I accept, which means I no one I don't know can gain access to any of this sensitive information. It is primarily for friends and family on a need to know basis.

What do Folr have to say?

'At Folr, we believe in the good that this app can do, as we aren't just a
company, we are concerned users too.'

The Folr App can be downloaded for free from both the Ap Store and the Play Store.

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my honest opinions on the new Folr App.

Sunday 7 September 2014

Leo Visit's Land's End

At the end of August the entire family packed up there bags and traveled to the Cornwall for a weeks break. Our week was spent in a holiday cottage at Sennen Cove, one of the last little villages in Cornwall before you reach Land's End. 

Leo had been so excited in the weeks running up to the week away, dreams of days spent at the beach and day trips out and about filled his head, and for the most part of the 6 hour drive he was surprisingly well behaved.. If you could ignore the constant 'I want to go to the beach' the entire time..

Our first full day was spent down by the beach, and the walk to the coast was actually a little further than any of us could of anticipated. Having had the car so full of everybody's bags, we had had to sacrifice the pushchair for this trip, which meant that Leo used the line 'But my feet hurt' more than we would care to remember..And it also meant that Leo was carried in each instance that he decided to sit down and refuse to walk another step.

The walk to the coast saw us walking through fields and avoiding cow pats, it saw kissing gates and stiles, all new experiences for my beautiful little man. When we eventually arrived at the beach, the walk seemed very much worth it, and those tired little legs that Leo had been plaguing Leo only moments before had been forgotten as soon as he had seen the sea.

Leo didn't care that there was a chill in the air, and within moments of arriving at the beach he was running in and out of the waves having the absolute time of his life.

With the beach out of Leo's system for a day or so at least we decided to visit the Cornwall Seal Sanctuary. This is a place I have visited a few times over the years, the last time when I was still at school. It must have been well over 10 years since our last visit, and now here I was bringing Leo along for his first visit. 

It was a rainy day and we arrived in our wellies and coats ready for a soaking, and as we arrived the rain went away and we began to peal off the layers as the sun tried to break through. Leo lead the way around the sanctuary and marveled at the Seals and Sea lions as he went.

All was going well until Leo had a little accident, and by accident I mean deliberately wet himself. Of course as Leo has been so good with his potty training, of late I haven't been taking spare clothes with me on each outing. So I had to quickly strip him off and dress him in the rain poncho.. Suffice to say he looked rather comical running around in very little...

We took the obligatory walk to Land's End and had a look around the attraction. Leo gave me many a heart attack as he wondered around and I saw just how little barrier enforcement that there was between the land and the shoreline below the cliffs!

Towards the end of our week away we visited St Michaels Mount, and Leo did especially well climbing the majority of the way to the top. I had casually slipped in that it was Mike The Knights house, and we may just see him if we took a trip to the top. Unfortunately Mike was away on a mission during our visit, but Leo had the best time climbing the steps and pretending to shoot the cannons.

You can see from the below image the walk that was on our hands, and with two toddlers kicking sand in their wake, we knew it was going to take a while. To visit St Michael's Mount you either walk to it while the tide is out, or take a boat. Leo was all for taking the boat, but we visited during a time when the tide was out, and followed the cobbled path all the way up.

Leo climbed steps and did amazingly well on his latest adventure, and only wanted carrying when the steps turned into slippery slopes and he couldn't quite keep his footing in his size 10 wellies, that were still that little bit too big for him.

With true British weather on our side, it was inevitable that we would encounter some rain. And when I say some rain, I mean that the skies opened up on us and didn't relent until we couldn't be any wetter than we were. At first Leo thought it was amazing, he ran, splashed in puddles and had a fantastic time, until of course it wasn't fun any more. We walked as fast as we could back down the tidal cobbles, but it was too late. We were all completely and utterly soaked, cold and feeling a little worse for wear.

There were so many memorable moments to our a week away, it saw Leo having a fantastic time and he seemed to just grow before our eyes. The week gave him lot's of opportunities to use his words and by the time we got back he seemed to have come on in leaps and bounds.

A particular highlight of the week had to be Leo's pronunciation of chicken chunks... Apparently chunks is a word that could be completely misinterpreted as a rather naughty word that he most certainly doesn't know. But having said that, I couldn't help crying with laughter when Leo strolled back into the kitchen after refusing to eat his chicken chunks and chips... and demanded to know 'Where are my Chicken Chunks!?' - Little did he know that naughty Mummy had gobbled them all up...

Now here we are in September, the schools have gone back and the Summer is soon to be a distant memory. But what lovely memories we have created.