Wednesday 17 September 2014

Mike the Knight - Journey to Dragon Mountain

September has been a busy month as far as events go, and Leo and I love nothing more than meeting up with our fellow blogging friends and enjoying a great day out. On Saturday we were very excited to be visiting Warwick Castle, and Mike the Knight. Leo had been invited along to watch Mike’s very first feature film, Journey to Dragon Mountain! As big Mike fans, I knew that Leo would absolutely love this experience.

We visited Warwick Castle with Leo last June to visit Mike last year, and we had such a super day. Leo had just turned 2 and up until then, we hadn’t really sat down together and watched Mike. Of course this all changed after he met Mike on the day, and a year later he is our favourite knight. A year later we arrived back at Warwick Castle,  and my little man remembered his first visit there, right down to the fact he had been bought an ice cream after last year’s event!

We made our way into the Coach House where Leo managed to misplace his black jumper, and we met with the rest of the group who were here to watch the new film, and of course enjoy the rather tasty jam tarts that had been left out for us all. I may have had a few more than my fair share when it came to the jam tarts, but they were absolutely amazing, and that alone is my excuse for over indulging…

With a Mike the Knight goody bag and many a flag, we made our way into the screening. With many bloggers and their children all in one room and shouting ‘hoozar’ as the film began, Leo shot me an excited smile. With his flag waving and the film rolling, I could see without a shadow of a doubt just how much he was enjoying it.

Mike the Knight Journey to Dragon Mountain see’s Mike’s Dad arrive back from his travels, I for one was super impressed to see him as I have always wondered whether we would ever meet Mike’s very busy Father. Yes they are thoughts that have crossed my mind when Leo has been watching and my mind has run away with me…

The king has been off protecting the Glendragon and of course ran into trouble with the troublesome Vikings, who had very cheekily stolen a shiny crystal from Dragon mountain. The Vikings thought think the crystal is actually a shiny ball, and as they excitedly ran away they throw the crystal to one another while singing along merrily.

The dragon of Dragon Mountain has realised that their most prized crystal is missing, and he is scouring the kingdom in a bid to get it back. This dragon is the biggest dragon to ever have graced the Glendragon skies and the kingdom is on high alert. Of course when the King sets off on his mission to locate the crystal and return it to the mountain, Mike and Evie decide to go along for the adventure. The King leaves Glendragon followed closely by Mike who in turn is followed by Evie, and the procession continues with Sparkie pulling along a cart full of delicious jam tarts, with Squirt perched on the top!

Squirt is worried that Mike has gone away and left him as he doesn’t feel he is a ‘real’ dragon. He thinks Mike needs a dragon who can breathe fire and be brave, and this sets the scene for the film. Squirt is on a mission to prove to himself that he can be the dragon that Mike needs him to be.

All Mike really wants to do is to show his Dad all of his new knightly tricks and demonstrate how his training has been coming along, Evie wants to demonstrate her wizardry, which of course only causes more problems for the poor King along the way.  When things don’t go to plan they must all work together in order to re-unite the Dragon and their crystal jewel again.

I actually found the movie a nice one to watch with the family (or in my case a room full of bloggers and their little ones). Leo thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and has enjoyed it again since our visit to Warwick Castle as they very kindly gave him one to take home.

The entire day at Warwick Castle was absolutely fantastic, this being Leo’s second visit I was really impressed to discover that he still had a great recollection of last year’s trip. We walked around and had a look around the castle, Leo wasn't too fond of the Kingmaker exhibition, but this may be down to me taking him on the Pirate Adventure at Drayton Manor a few weeks ago…He just kept on saying ‘no boat Mummy! I scared!’, so we made a quick exit out and made a dash for lunch.

Leo got treated to a Mike the Knight fancy dress set complete with helmet and sword, and I have to say that this was my best buy of the day. Leo looked every inch the knight as he wore his attire and strutted his stuff around the castle grounds. Not to mention how Leo’s day was made complete when he didn't just get to meet Mike himself once, but twice!

Mike the Knight is visiting Warwick Castle throughout September, the weekend of the 13th and 14th was the first in the series, and it is running right up to the 27th and 28th. It really is a great day out for the entire family, Leo spent so much time building up tall towers in the Mike the Knight activities that have been put together especially for Mike’s visit. These activities alone provided both Leo and his cousin hours of fun, and to make the day even more amazing, as soon as we got into the car to go home, both of our boys decided to take a much needed nap, providing us with coveted silence the entire way home.

A big thank you to White Tiger PR, Warwick Castle and of course Mike the Knight for such a super day!

Disclaimer: We were invited along to Warwick Castle where we were provided with complimentary entrance and a goody bag. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. This post features a compensated link.

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