Thursday, 19 July 2018

A Rhodian Summer

Electra Palace Hotel Rhodes

It has become a tradition to go on a large family holiday each year, and it is something that both Leo and I always look forward to. This years destination was Rhodes and although we didn't get out to do all of the typical tourism sites, we did have a relaxing week by the pool and I fell in love with a new part of the world.

Leo has become a little fish in the water, and the one to one swimming lessons have really paid off. It was incredible to see him looking so confident and competent in the pool (Even if he has inherited his Mum's fear of the sea).

We stayed in the beautiful Electra Palace, a 5* hotel set near enough of the waters edge and with some scenic walking routes into the nearby town. Leo accompanied his Granddad and I on what we believed to be a short stroll, but an hour and a half later we finally arrived at our destination, and by this point Leo had well and truly lost his sense of humour and a serious word of warning about how he wasn't leaving the pool again for the rest of the holiday. (It resulted in a taxi ride back to the hotel). 

Electra Palace Hotel Rhodes

Getting away with Leo, my parents and siblings is something that I truly believe is really special. Sometimes things in life happen that really help you appreciate what and who you have in your life, and sadly an event like that took place this month. 

Standing on the beach with my nearest and dearest as the sun began to set in the distance, I couldn't help but feel truly thankful. I might not have millions of pounds or drive the flashest of cars, what I do have is modest, but when it comes down to it family is priceless.

Electra Palace Hotel Rhodes

I am really lucky to have such a close knit family, and one of the things that I am truly proud of is that I get to share all of this, and all of these people with Leo. They have all helped shape him and watched him grow, and I know that they not only have my back, but they also have his too.

Electra Palace Hotel Rhodes

Electra Palace Hotel Rhodes

Electra Palace Hotel Rhodes

Old Rhodes town was somewhere I was really excited to visit (of course Leo by this point was not), but I am so glad that we had the opportunity to go along. It's absolutely beautiful and if boat tours are your thing then I highly recommend checking out the Yellow Submarine in the harbour.

We took a walk around the harbour and then found ourselves inside the old town walls, there were street vendors selling all sorts of weird and wonderful things and I was in my element when I found a whole herd of wild cats and their young kittens. 

Old Rhodes Town

Old Rhodes Town

Old Rhodes Town

With amazing food and Greek culture there is something for everyone in Rhodes. I know I need to go back in the not too distant future, as I didn't even begin to scratch the surface of this beautiful, beautiful place.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Wedding Vs. Engagement Ring – What’s The Difference?

Wedding Vs. Engagement Ring

Image by Gena M via Flickr

An engagement ring is an important part of the marriage proposal. Usually, it is a beautiful gemstone that’s set on a band. Sometimes, the engagement ring is referred to as the wedding ring, but this is incorrect. So, let’s look at the differences between the two.

The Wedding RingWedding Vs. Engagement Ring

Image by  diamondcentre via Flickr

Wedding rings are the rings that partners exchange during their wedding ceremony. Usually, these are simpler bands compared to engagement rings and don’t have a prominent gemstone or centre diamond. During the ceremony, both partners normally receive a wedding band and they place them on their third fingers on the left hand. Since the wedding band is put on the same finger as the engagement ring, brides often choose to move their engagement ring over to the right hand just for the ceremony. View the Diamonds for Less custom wedding bands in Toronto to choose the perfect ring for your partner.

Men tend to receive their wedding bands on their wedding day, at the ceremony. The men’s varieties are usually thicker in width and made of one type of metal, such as platinum, gold, or titanium. Some men’s band contain small jewels or diamonds.

The Engagement RingWedding Vs. Engagement Ring

Image by Tambako the Jaguar via Flickr

An engagement ring is presented at the time of the proposal. As tradition, women receive the ring and wear it right from the time of the proposal to indicate she is spoken for. Engagement rings vary greatly in style and price, but diamonds tend to be the most common choice.

What Do the Rings Mean?

The tradition of an engagement ring dates back a number of centuries, when a man would ask his beloved’s hand in marriage by presenting her with a valuable ring in exchange for the approval of her father.

Over time, engagement rings have become more extravagant as they grew to represent a man’s wealth. While this may be a dated notion, the tradition of offering an engagement ring has continued.

Should You Wear Both an Engagement Ring and a Wedding


Since the engagement ring is often the flashier ring of the two, many women choose to wear the engagement ring on their left hand or they stack their wedding bands beneath the engagement ring. Some women prefer just to wear a wedding band. It’s really down to personal choice.

Often, men prefer to buy an engagement and wedding ring set to ensure the rings match in style and can be comfortably worn together. But, this is not a set rule, and you can buy the rings separately or even have them custom made.

What About the Cost?

Both engagement rings and wedding bands vary in price depending on the metals used, the size, and the diamonds or gemstones. Generally, engagement rings will include at least one diamond whereas most wedding bands don’t have gemstones, which means that engagement rings are usually more expensive than wedding bands. How much you choose to spend on the rings is a personal choice that comes down to budget and preference.

Both rings represent the bond you and your partner have committed to each other. Whether you choose something elegant and understated or flashy and big, it is a piece of jewellery that will show off your commitment to one another.