Saturday 31 May 2014

The Tiger Feet Party Review

With Leo’s birthday less than a month away, I have been busy thinking up this year’s theme. Last year saw Timmy Sheep taking centre stage, and this year… Well this year it only seemed fitting to invite Lightning McQueen and the rest of Disney’s Cars to take the lead in my little man’s 3rd Birthday!

I absolutely love planning Leo’s birthday each year, I love to go completely over the top, and each year the theme seems to get that little bit bigger. With this year being Leo’s 3rd birthday, he is already pretty excited about the big day. He knows that birthday’s mean birthday cake, and if you ask him what he wants he will reply ‘Lightning McQueen Cake!’.  So I best get practicing…As you can see from the cake attempt below, I have to improve this a lot in order to provide Leo with a home made Birthday Cake! I am pleased to report that this Lightning McQueen cake tasted a lot better than it looked...

I have been using Tiger Feet Party for all of our birthday requirement’s this year, they have such a great selection of party supplies. I found the website so easy to navigate thanks to the relevant headers. I could browse the ‘Party’ header and narrow down the criteria to ‘Childrens Party’ and then ‘Disney Themes’. They have over 20 different Disney party themes to choose from including Frozen, Toy Story and Cars.

Tiger Feet Party had everything and more that I was looking for to make Leo’s Cars Birthday a special one, Birthday Banners, Candles, Balloons, A Cake Stand and so much more all within the Cars product range.

The prices were attractive and allowed me to get absolutely everything that I wanted. What I really loved was the selection that was available, how easy it was to navigate the site and find exactly what I was looking for. Above all else I was thrilled that I could buy everything from one place.

The delivery was prompt and arrived quickly. I ordered in the evening on the 20th May and my order was with me by the 22nd May.

Upon opening my order I became aware that the cupcake cases I ordered had been damaged in transit. I let Tiger Feet Party know and within a few days I had received a replacement packet. I couldn't fault the customer service I received, and found the entire experience incredibly positive. 

I am so pleased with the experience I received on Tiger Feet Party and will definitely be using them again in the future. We have some lovely items and they are going to really help make Leo’s day a special one, I cannot wait to see his little face light up when he see’s everything. He is going to be absolutely over the moon and I couldn't ask for anything more for my little man’s special day.

I now have plenty of time to practice baking Leo’s Lightning McQueen cake and putting the final touches together for Leo’s Birthday.

If you have a special event coming up I highly recommend checking out Tiger Feet Party.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a £50 Tiger Feet Party Voucher in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

Friday 30 May 2014


We have had our first glimpse of the summer over the last few weeks, and it has put us all into the holiday spirit. If we weren't thinking of summer breaks before... We are now!

More and more British holiday makers are looking to stay closer to home for one reason or another, and this means that we are discovering secrets that have been tucked away right on our own doorstep. I think this year, as much as I would like a holiday abroad, we will be making the most of the great British weather and taking some time away together as family on UK soil.

There are so many different options that we could look into, and I know that Luke will be considering camping. This would be the first time Leo has been camping, so it really could go one of two ways... He will either love it. Or hate it!

Indespension have put together a map in preparation for families who are planning on taking a staycation this year. The map highlights the top 15 places that you can take your caravan or pitch up your tent and has been put together on the back of official reviews taken from TripAdvisor, Facebook and the Scottish Tourist Board.

The map features 15 of the best caravan and camping sites that offer a great range of facilities and things to do for the whole family. There are coastal or central locations each offering something different to suit everyone's needs!

Just to name a few of the activities you could enjoy on your staycation:

- Boating
- Walking/Nature Trails
- Kids play areas
- Spas
- Day's at the beach

You can see the full infographic below to start making your holiday plans! 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Start The Cycle

Image Credit: The Energy Collective 

I know that I take for granted having clean drinking water on tap, and I think sometimes we are all guilty of this. We don't use water sparingly and it is so easy to use more than we really need to. I am not alone in this... Am I!?

Leading white goods manufacturer, Servis, is inviting residents from around the country to take part in its latest campaign to help save water in June ahead of World Water Week. 

Servis is determined to help the nation save water with its Start the Cycle campaign and is looking for water-wise consumers to join in and pledge to see how much water can be saved over the month of June.

Briton’s use around 16 buckets of water a day, which is around 153 litres and 10 litres alone is used in just one flush of the toilet. It’s easy to see how a small change can soon make a big difference. Start the Cycle is encouraging households to be more water conscious and find out just how much water they do use. 

Households can register with Servis to submit their water meter reading at the beginning of the challenge and take another reading at the end to see how much has been saved. The household who saves the most water will also win a new Servis water-saving dishwasher which can use as little as 5.5 litres of water per cycle.

Servis is inviting families to get involved and pledge to save water between the 1st June to the 30th June, ahead of World Water Week (31 August - 5 September 2014). Rita Balestrazzi, brand communications manager at Servis commented “We’re looking for families to get involved in this exciting campaign and really spread the word about water usage in UK households. 

“We hope to raise awareness about saving water and by being a little more aware and using water efficient appliances, consumers can save on their water bills.”

The highest water-saving family will be crowned Servis’ water-wise consumer and will receive a brand new water-saving dishwasher.  and 10 litres alone 1

To register your interest and apply for more information email and see how much you can save. For more information about products and ranges visit

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for sharing this post.

Tuesday 27 May 2014

35 Months Old

We entered the month of May with a 34 month old and leave it with a 35 month old. A 2 year old who is now a mere month away from turning 3! It is hard to believe that this time next month will be your birthday. You will be 3 years old, and it’s amazing to see how the time has made you the little boy you are today.

It has been a whirlwind of a month little man, and one that has seen two very big changes. At the end of last month we discovered that we have to move house, and the last 4 weeks have seen me frantically trying to find us a new home. You came along with your expert insights to view houses with me, and were of course a tremendous help.

The second big change is a sad one, on the 21st May we said goodbye to your Great Grampy. Grampy had been poorly and flew away to the skies to keep an extra special eye on you. You didn't understand what this meant, but we wanted to explain as best we could. You were such a good little boy when Mummy had to comfort Daddy, and you knew that something had happened. On any normal occasion you would not approve of Mummy and Daddy cuddling, but you seemed to realise that this time was different. 

May saw us taking you for your eye and hearing test, and of course passing both of them. It saw us re-introducing potty training on Sunday 25th May rather unexpectedly  and we decided to run with it. You decided that you were happy to wear pants after months and months of telling me that you wouldn't, and although you were having daily accidents you were doing so well.

You were loving the sticker chart that we had brought in as an incentive for you. It was this chart that was giving you the motivation to use the potty, in fact there were occasions where you were trying to use the potty just so you could claim your next sticker!

You had now been at nursery for 4 months, and any reservations you had about going originally had now been wiped out. You were loving your time at school, you were so excited about going and didn’t even want to come home at the end of the sessions! Granny had to chase you around when you decided you weren't going to be coming home!

We had even been given the forms for your nursery funding. I sat and pondered when I should put you in and for how long. I decided that Monday’s and Tuesday’s would be morning sessions and that you would do all day on Wednesday. I opted to give you Thursday off so that we had a day to go out and do things together. Friday I put you in for an afternoon session. I think you are going to love having more nursery time, and it will definitely do you the world of good on your year before starting school.

Earlier this month we had your first school photos, it was on a Thursday. A day you don’t have nursery, so we popped in and had your photos taken. I really didn’t think you were going to co-operate, but you surprised me and let the lady blow bubbles and make you smile. I had to move you into each position as you didn’t want to be overly helpful but I am confident the pictures will be absolutely perfect.

At 35 months you are absolutely loving story books, and we love nothing more than cuddling up in your bed and reading the books of your choice. You like to hear the same books each night, and you always ask for  the ‘bear book’. When we read your In The Night Garden Book you make all of the right noises in all of the right places. You know it from cover to cover.

As always I have noticed you using more and more language, I have finally got you saying ‘train’, but you still slip in the word ‘choo’ when talking about your favourite method of transport. I have always known that you knew the word really, and could say it if you really wanted to, but as always you have taken your good sweet time. You like to keep me on my toes.

A memorable moment was when you were having a water fight with Chris and Alice. You were loving splashing them with the water. You were running around and giggling relentlessly. You kept on repeating ‘I shoot Alice! I shoot Chris!’ and when they decided that they had enough, your smile was replaced with a sad face. Your head looked to the floor and you cried ‘I shoot Alice… I shoot Chris’ all the while just wanting a cuddle.

Over the weekend Daddy and I took you to watch Postman Pat at the cinema. You were so excited and had watched the trailer on my phone time and time again. This wasn’t your first trip to the cinema though, we had taken you not long after you turned 2 to watch Disney’s Planes, and more recently The Lego Movie.

This was the first time we had gone to one of the bigger cinemas out of town, and it’s a completely different experience. We walked in and got our tickets, you instantly spied the popcorn and we decided to treat you (and ourselves).

I am absolutely loving the age you are at now, you are so well behaved. I have seen older children really playing up in the cinema and then I look at you, and you are being fabulous!

This next month will be even busier than May. June see’s us packing up the house into boxes, heading away to the seaside for a few days and planning your birthday!

It’s hard to comprehend that 3 years have almost come to pass, but here we are going into your 36 month. Absolutely madness.

But here we go…

The KD Tech Too Tablet Review

As part of our KD Mumbassador role Leo has been trying a selection of their product range, and then I have been telling you all about our overall experience. I watch Leo as he plays with the toys he is sent, and then share our first hand thoughts and feelings about each product.

On this occasion Leo has been trying out the Tech Too Alphabet Tablet, we have had this a few months now and it’s a toy that we often take out with us in the car. It’s great as we can fit it comfortably in the changing bag, it’s thin and light and takes up hardly any room.

Not to mention it keeps my almost 3 year old entertained while we are out and about, it’s great to just keep in the changing bag, or in the car so that it is there should we need to distract Leo for any reason. 

The Tech Too Tablet is recommended from the age of 3 years and over, but Leo is getting the hang of it and is quite happy to flick between the games and play in his own little way. What I really love about it is that as with all of the KD range, Leo is learning as he plays and absorbing lessons all at the same time.

There is a lot going on within this realistic looking tablet, and I think that is why it has proved as popular as it has with Leo. There are 5 different game modes to play:

Game 1 is touch a letter - When you press a letter on the tablet it sounds out the letter and provides an example. For instance 'F says F as in Fish'.

Game 2 is finding letters - The tablet asks you to find the first letter of a word. For instance 'Can you find the first letter of the word Tiger?' Once you press the correct word it sounds out the letter and congratulates you.

Game 3 is a spelling game - The tablet asks you to spell a word. For example 'Can you spell the word Rabbit?'Once you spell the word out it sounds the word back to you.

Game 4 is a letter finding exercise - The tablet tells you to 'Listen carefully and touch the letter as quick as you can'. You then have to find the correct letter that has been assigned to you. 

Game 5 plays a selection of short tunes.

Each of the games can be selected form along the top of the tablet. Each of the games help promote letter and word recognition, spelling, and pronunciation, all really important aspects that will aid them as they grow.

As we have had a few red flags with Leo’s speech, I was pleased when this became a toy of choice. Hearing certain words and being exposed to learning while he is playing is the way to reach my little man. When we play and I am down on the floor with him, or even scooting around outside on my own.. Yes my own scooter! That is when I notice Leo paying more attention and repeating a lot more. Since January Leo’s speech has come on in leaps and bounds, and to be honest I always knew it would. But I still like to do everything that I can to make sure that when he starts school, he will be starting on an even playing field with the other kids.

We really like the Tech Too Alphabet Tablet and at the point of writing this review, it is currently on offer at £10.99 at Smyths Toys.

Disclaimer: We were sent the KD Tech Too Tablet for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

A picture speaks a 1000 words

We all love our little ones and think that they are the most beautiful children in the world. It is our god given right as parents, we are allowed to be biased and fuel the thought that the halo on their heads will always sit proudly on top of their heads. 

I think in those first few weeks of Leo's life, he most probably thought that the camera was a part of my face. I snapped every single moment, and as he has continued to grow I have continued to snap away. Now I have thousands of photos that have captured such beautiful memories, from Leo's first smile, to the first time he visited the beach. I love being able to flick back through my images, it shows me just how much Leo has grown, how he has changed. It shows me the exciting adventures that my little family has ventured on, and I love how they will always be there, a means to travel back in time to the very moments that each image was captured. I can remember how I felt at that one moment in time, I can remember exactly why I took each image. 

We have even had some professional photos taken, the first shoot was when Leo was only a few weeks old. What I would really love to do is book in a Venture photo shoot, there is something about the images that they take that really capture the very essence of the people in the photo. They tell a story that just shouts right out of the image itself. Right now Venture are running a competition to find this year's Little Face of Venture 2014. The winner will win a one year professional modelling contract with the popular MOT Models agency, who will promote and market the winner for an array of modelling assignments. Along with this super prize the winner will also recieve a year's supply of shoes courtesy of Start-rite and also a super prize from LEGO!

There will be regional winners from each studio who will each receive their winning image in a hand made Venture frame worth a whopping £350, along with a pair of Start-rite shoes and a set of LEGO.

The competition has now closed to entries but you can check out the website to see all of the beautiful entires, and even vote for your favourite!  For every family that has taken part Venture have very kindly donated £1 to Wellchild. 

Voting closes on the 6th June 2014 so you still have time to get over to the website and vote for your favourite!

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Friday 23 May 2014

The Y-Volution Y Glider Deluxe Review

Leo is as active as any toddler ever was, he runs, he jumps, skips, rolls and boy can he scoot. Leo learnt to scoot last July just after he turned 2 and since then he has come on in leaps and bounds. He builds up speed in the blink of an eye and he can balance himself so that he can turn corners with ease, not to mention the speed in which he hurtles around them. It has been amazing watching Leo come along so far with his scooting and there is no denying how much fun he has while he is outside playing.

Leo was recently sent the Y Glider Deluxe from Y-Volution to put through its paces, and he was so excited when he saw the box with a shiny new scooter for him to play with. Daddy was tasked with putting it together and it simply involved installing the handle bar into the scooter deck. It wasn’t even a 5 minute job, it really was as simple as that. With the scooter ready for action Leo wasted no time in getting outside.

As soon as the Y Glider was out the door Leo hopped on and sped away, the unique steering mechanism allowed Leo to navigate the driveway perfectly. He was weaving around my parked car and scooting circles around me (As per usual…) and showing me he knew exactly what he was doing. Along with Leo, Daddy was also scooting on his Y-Volution Fliker Carver, seeing both my boys enjoying themselves was so lovely to watch.

The Y Glider Deluxe is suitable for toddlers 3 years and over, Leo is not quite 3 yet and he has been enjoying it for the last few weeks. I think you know when your little one would be ready, but Y-Volution do actually have a first scooter that is suitable for kids aged 1 through to 5, The Y Glider 3in1.

Leo has been really enjoying the Y Glider Deluxe and I have been really impressed with the design of the scooter. The steering mechanism is really responsive, so when Leo wants to change direction he can do it effortlessly. I think when picking out a child’s scooter you do need to look at how they steer and handle, you do want something that is going to work for your little one and this is where I really rate the Y Glider.

Leo is getting to an age now that I think is a transition between being a toddler and being a little boy. We still use a pushchair on our travels primarily because he gets tired and I’ll either end up carrying  or, having a mental breakdown from him ‘looking’ with his hands in every shop we enter.. But there have been occasions recently where Leo has been scooting into nursery, and I think when Leo does finally wave bye bye to the pushchair days, he will be trading one set of wheels in for another.

His scooter!

It is such a convenient way for Leo to travel around, it gives him his own independence and allows him to have fun all at the same time. The other week when I let Leo scoot to the park he was so well behaved, he scooted along and listened to everything I said to him. He never went too far ahead, he stepped off the scooter and held my hand when it came to crossing the road and he was just really well behaved. I guess when we do start to give our little ones that little bit of extra freedom, we need to know that they will keep their eyes and ears open ready to take commands. It really is a sign that they are growing up.

Leo is even starting to use the brake on his new Y Glider, he scoots along and pops his foot back to put the brake on to slow down. He is just oozing confidence as he scoots around like he owns the place, and in his scooting he is learning lessons all of the time. Scooting is helping Leo learn about balance, he knows if he wants to go right then he has to lean right and vice versa. Scooting is helping Leo to develop his co-ordination and motor skills, and watching Leo scoot shows me that all of this is happening.

The Y-Volution Y Glider Deluxe is a great little scooter, and retailing at £39.99 it doesn't break the bank either. We are hopefully heading to the seaside in June and I get the feeling the Y Glider will be coming along too.

  1. Here is my little man in action, scooting around with his Daddy on the Y-Volution Fliker Carver.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Y-Volution Y Glider Deluxe for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. 

Wednesday 21 May 2014

The Potty Olympics BEGIN!

Potty training has been a topic we have been pretty relaxed about. Maybe to so? Leo has been ready to give it a proper go for the last 8 weeks, ever since he first decided he was ready to wee on the potty for that very first time. It is something that I haven’t wanted to rush, something that I have put off not wanting scare him with information over load. But really Leo has been ready for me to take him by the hand and help guide him through this latest milestone.

It all started on Sunday (25th May) when I asked Leo how he felt about the possibility of wearing pants. Of course Leo said ‘NO! Nappy!’ and I left it. Leo carried on playing and I sorted out clothes for the day ahead. I left a variety of pants on the bed, blue ones and red ones, all with Leo’s favourite characters on. These one’s of course had Lightning McQueen on the front.

Leo looked at them and even told me he would wear a pair, only to change his mind at the very last moment. I knew that if I forced the issue that it was only going to make Leo un-happy ,and I had less of a chance to persuade him to wear them. So I may have dazzled a few treats… (I know… Bribery is bad.. But it works!). On this occasion a small gift I had bought months ago in preparation for Leo’s birthday was the bait. A Thomas The Tank Engine Mega Blok set that I knew would get Leo excited enough to put on the pants.

Upon seeing the new Thomas Set Leo decided that he was happy to put on his new pants. In fact he looked really pleased with himself. There he was, my baby boy who had aged considerably just by wearing his pants for the first time. I explained that nappies were for babies, and now that he was getting bigger we should really consider using the potty and wearing big boy pants. I told Leo that we would get some stickers and set up a reward chart, and each time Leo used the potty he would gain a sticker to place on his new chart.

Leo was excited by the chart, but within a few minutes we had already had our first pants casualty. He stood there and began to pee right there and then in my bedroom. He stopped when I said ‘Come on you! Let’s get you on the potty’. We made it just in time and he did his first wee on the potty there and then. This was before we had picked up his stickers and his new chart, so we had lots of praise and a big high five!

We were heading to see Leo’s Nanny on Sunday and I was in two minds as to whether I should put Leo in a nappy for the 40 minute drive. In the end we decided to leave him in his pants to try and save confusion. Before we had even left the house though we had lost another two pairs of pants to wet accidents, but we dried him off and put some new pants on and tried again.

Before we left the house I made sure Leo had used the potty, in an attempt to keep him dry for the car journey. I explained that if he needed to go to the toilet that he should let us know and we would get him to the potty. Leo did so well for the entire drive, he was still dry when we pulled up at Nanny’s house and happily used the potty when prompted with the promise of a shiny new sticker at the end of it.

There were a few more accident’s during the course of the afternoon, but we pretty much just let Leo run around naked. Leo even attempted to use the potty for a number 2 for the first time, each and every other time this has been brought up he has always asked for a nappy on. On this occasion he told me that he needed to go, and lead me out to the potty where he began to sit down. I ran back in to get baby wipes in preparation when Leo began to cry and get really upset. It turns out that it had caught Leo off guard and arrived earlier than planned in his big boy pants..

Leo was so upset about this and he really thought he was in trouble. I gave him a big cuddle and told him that it was ok and accidents happen and not to worry. I called to Luke to get the wipes I hadn't been able to get in time, and Nanny very kindly took the pants away for a quick rinse.

I was just so pleased that Leo had given it a try, and for his brave attempt he gained himself 2 stickers for his chart.

Leo has been doing so well, and as long as we keep asking Leo whether he needs to go then we are getting a good response from him. Were now on day 3 of our official potty training, and yes we are still having accidents but I can see him getting more confident about using the potty all of the time.

We are now on the right path to eliminate nappies from our day to day lives, I know they will be sticking around for bedtime for a while yet, but it is such a good start.

How old was your little on when you began potty training? And what did you do to assist the transition? I have found that stickers are the currency of the toddler world, and these have been a godsend in getting Leo to the potty.

The plan is to keep going, we are already 3 days in and it can only improve. We do have a couple of occasions coming up that may prove interesting… A day at Alton Towers and a 4 hour drive to Cornwall.. What would you advise?

Tuesday 20 May 2014

A family that scoots together, learns together!

When I became a Mum I made Leo a promise, I promised to be active and join in with his games. I promised to be fun! I promised to be the kind of Mum who would hop on the most daring of rollercoasters with him and go for day’s out at our favourite theme parks. I promised above all else to be playful and energetic in all that we did and were going to do.

I was 21 when I became pregnant, so I have always had age on my side. There have been a few occasions where I have faced stigma for being a ‘young mum’, but the reality is I have the get up and go, I can run, jump, hop and skip! I can climb trees, hula hoop and take on soft play! As a twenty something Mum I can really take part in absolutely everything that Leo does, and not being the tallest person in the world.. height restrictions don’t really apply to me!

I love to get outside with Leo and take part in his games. There have been times I have stood on the side line as I have watched him scooting around at warp speed, and I have wished that I could join in with him. I never have been one to just sit on the edge and watch everyone else having all the fun, I like to be involved.

Now the whole family has a set of wheels, that’s Mummy, Daddy and Leo who now has a few, so It was lovely when he decided to give one to his younger cousin so that he could join in with all of the fun too.

These days when Leo scoots, one or all of us scoot too. Just the other day I became the leader of a scooter gang, and that is definitely something that I didn’t expect at the age of 24! Within the new scooter gang we have a great age range…Of course I am the eldest! There is my other half Luke at 24, 12 year old sister Alice, 2 year old Leo and my 18 month old nephew Josh, who is already able to scoot and happens to do the most fantastic leg pop!

Lots of giggling ensues when the scooting begins. Giggles at those having their first go on the Y-Volution Carver as they begin to wiggle their bodies to propel themselves forward. Leo’s Daddy seems to have claimed the Carver for his own, but granted he is the one who has discovered how to pull some of the better moves on there.

I have been using my Micro Scooter to keep up with everyone else, you can probably in vision us all scooting around being prompted by Leo to ‘Go Mummy! Go!’ and me trying to remember quickly how to scoot again! It’s amazing watching Leo’s face as I follow his commands, it really is rewarding seeing that big smile of his glaze his entire face over into that blissfully happy contented look of his.

Suddenly a simple family scooting activity is a race, and Leo has informed me that he is going to WIN!  Trying to keep up with my fast paced toddler is always an interesting prospect, and if I am trying to catch him while he is scooting around these days… and I am on foot, it really is a sight. He weaves circles and those circles are usually around me… Thankfully now I scoot too, I do have a fighting chance of keeping up.

Family scooting is not something I had considered when Leo got his first scooter, but the idea soon formed in my mind. It is an activity that gets us all outside, gets us all active and something that we can all do together. I can remember spending hours on my parent’s drive as a child, just scooting up and down, round and round or racing my younger brother. I love being able to leave my age on a hook and spend quality time with Leo in an environment where age just doesn't matter.

I think sometimes we as parent’s need to cast our age aside. Forget that we had to do that growing up thing… It’s not relevant anymore! As soon as you have kids we open ourselves up to the days that have gone by. I think one of the most important things that we can do is find our inner child again, and watch our children’s faces light up when we do.

Scooting together has opened up a whole new door for us, it gets us outside and playing, it gets us smiling, talking and learning all at the same time. Right now we are just scooting around the confinement of the family home, where we don’t have to worry too much about cars, but sooner or later we will venture further a field and our scooter fun will continue!

Monday 19 May 2014

The Infant Colic Support Centre

Thinking back to Leo’s early baby days always brings a smile to my face. You really do forget how small they were, it was only when I was sorting Leo’s old clothes into size order in preparation for our house move, I realised what a little dot he had been. Leo was only a week early but he didn’t fit in the average new-born baby clothes, and we had to nip out and buy early baby clothes! And there was me worrying that he was going to be a whopper!

When you think back you really do remember all of the best bits, you skirt over the night feeds and the early mornings. You push all of those bits to the very back of your mind and just bask in the glow of how magical new baby’s really are.

We were lucky in the respect that Leo was a good sleeper and aside from his Reflux and projectile vomiting after a feed… We really did get away lightly. My nephew suffered with Colic and this really affected him, he would get himself into such a state and would cry his little heart out. We found that it was usually worse in the late afternoon or evenings and would worsen after a feed.

Colic can be a daunting aspect as a parent, especially being a first time parent. The thoughts pass through your mind ‘Why is my baby screaming?’ ‘What am I doing wrong?’ and in the middle of the night it can feel like you are facing the battle alone. That is why Infacol have launched the Infant Colic Support Centre, a safe haven that is available to parent’s 24/7. A resource or a shining beacon to help rest your mind offer support when you need it most, anytime, anywhere.

Infacol’s midwife Nikki Khan is on hand to answer any of your colic related questions. Anything related to colic you can pose to the support centre, and you will find your answer. All you have to do in order to get started is type your question into the designated box on the site, or select a pre written question from the drop down list. If you cannot find the answer to your question you can even send them an email, so one way or another you will find the answers you seek. The beauty of this resource is that it it’s available to you no matter what the time is.

Everything always seems so much worse at night when you are tired and up with a screaming baby, who cannot tell you what is wrong with them. It is nice to know that you are not alone during those dark hours, and that other people have been through it too.

I think the Colic Support Centre is a fantastic idea as it is so accessible for parents. These days we all have a smart phone or tablet that is within easy reach. When Leo was little I would have my iPhone on hand to catch up on reading blog posts, or hitting up Google with all of my new Mummy related questions.

What do you think of the new Colic Support Centre?

Disclaimer: I was sent a Infacol Goodie Bag in exchange for this post. All views and opinons are completely honest and my own.

Sunday 18 May 2014

The Day That Review & Giveaway

Every once in a while we live a day that we never want to forget. A day that comes around and changes the rest of our lives forever, a day that brings a smile to our face and makes your stomach somersault. 

The Day That are a unique special gifts company that have been capturing the dawn of each new day since 2005. They have dedicated photographers that capture the start of each day over the sea, and having had a look at a variety of the different images and days on their website, the locations they choose are truly stunning. 

Everyone has a special day close to their hearts, a day that brings a tear to your eye as you remember all that that one day brought to you. 

When I think of my special day, that one day that will forever be emblazoned in my heart and soul for as long as I live, I think of the day that Leo arrived into the world. Somehow 3 years has almost come to pass since he changed my world forever, but I still have such a clear recollection of what that day was like...

Leo was due to arrive on July 4th 2011, but he decided that he wasn't hanging around, typical Leo to this day! One week exactly before my due date, June 27th 2011 I met my little man for the very first time. I had been up ALL night as there really was no getting comfortable, the day before had been scorching and my ankles had decided to respond to the heat by swelling up like balloons. So with the sunrise of the 27th I was pleased to see that it was a more over cast day, and as the day progressed, so did my labour... The clouds hung around and I got into my birthing pool, I really was pleased that I didn't have to pop out a baby and contend with the heat.

Within a few hours I had my beautiful boy in my arms for the very first time, it was such a surreal moment and I had to keep on pinching myself. I couldn't quite get my head around the fact that I was now a Mummy, that 9 months had passed by in such a flash and that he was now here! I can remember thinking even when I was in the throws of labour that it didn't seem real, that I couldn't possibly be having a baby TODAY. It is amazing how having a baby makes the mind work on over time, it took me to the point of no return to shout 'I want an epidural now!' when I knew really that it wasn't going to happen and in the next breath I was thinking 'If I just keep going it will be over and I will have my baby in my arms'. 

So that is exactly what I did, and within 15 minutes Leo had arrived in the world. 

That very first day of Leo's life is a day I hold closely to my heart, just thinking about our magical experience, meeting my beautiful boy and spending those very early hours with him were such precious moments. Watching Leo get the hiccups for the very first time, watching his eyes blink open for a few moments and counting his ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes. 

I sent Luke out to buy a selection of newspapers from the day that he arrived in the world, I thought that they would make a fantastic keep sake to go in his memory box. We have been adding to Leo's memory box as the years have rolled by, and now here we are with an almost 3 year old.

The Day That have captured the sunrise of the day that my little man was making his way into the world. The photograph sums up my memories of the day beautifully, and while this photograph was being taken I was pacing the house and ringing up the hospital to try and convince them that I was ready to be admitted! 

I cannot think of a more beautiful way to capture such a life changing moment. The one photograph captures such a special moment, it's the day I became a parent, the day I became a Mummy for the very first time. Just looking at this image and all that it represents makes me smile, as the day breaks I was just hours away from meeting my little boy, from kissing his tiny head and holding him close. 

The Day That offer a number of different ways for you to enjoy such a special photograph, and you can pick any day dating back to 2005. Each date has a number of different shots available so you are able to choose the photograph that you love the most. My photograph is a classic sized print framed within Birch, and I think it looks truly special. It is hung pride of place on our living room wall, and when we eventually move house I will be having it hung right above our bed.

There are a number of different options for how you want to display your The Day That Photograph:

Everyone I have spoken to and shown this image has fallen in love with the idea, who wouldn't want to remember such a special day? Be it the day of a new life entering the world, the day of a wedding or special anniversary? We all have these special days that we hold close to our hearts.

Prices vary depending upon which presentation option you choose, but you can pick up a digital print for £35.00 which I think is very reasonable. If you decided to go for the Classic Framed option like the one have fallen in love with, this retails for £130.00. Again I think this is very reasonable, it's a truly beautiful image, framed and has a hand written caption reading 'Leo's First Day - 27th June 2011'.

The Day That have very kindly provided me with a unique discount code for all of my readers. If you are looking to purchase a very personal gift for someone close to you (Father's Day is coming up...) why not take advantage of the 10% off you can receive with this code at the checkout: theworkingmum10 - Just enter this code and you will receive 10% off your order! 

Along with this super discount, I am really excited to be bringing you an exclusive giveaway to win a The Day That photograph of your special day worth £130.00! You will be able to pick the day that is most special to you, a day that you want to be reminded of whenever you look at that photo. You will be able to pick the colour of your frame and have it personalised with the caption of your choosing. 

How to enter:

All you have to do to be in with a chance of entering is fill in the Rafflecopter entry form below!

There is only one required option, and all you have to do is go over to The Day That and have a look at your special date, then simply leave a comment below telling me how many photos were taken on your special date! 

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Good Luck and I look forward to reading about your special days!

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Saturday 17 May 2014

A Day With The Cosatto Ooba

Leo and I have been big Cosatto fans since Leo was a baby, and over the course of those baby days we were very excited to join forces with Cosatto and become brand buddies! Over this time we got to try their products first hand and share are experiences on this here blog. To this day we still love Cosatto and their mission to save the world form boring baby stuff!

Yesterday we were invited along to the Birmingham Baby Show at the NEC with Cosatto themselves, and asked to take the latest pushchair addition to their lines out for a spin. The Ooba! I have been admiring the Ooba from afar for a while, it comes in two colourways Marizpan Yellow and Duck Egg Blue. Personally for me I am not a huge lover of the Marzipan as I find it a little garish, but I have pegged it as a marmite trait... You will either love it or hate it. 

The Duck Egg Blue Ooba on the other hand tickles all of my pushchair fancies, and I was really pleased to be presented with a brand spanking new Ooba in Duck Egg upon my arrival at the show. We were given free reign with the Ooba and able to take it all over the NEC, and although the time went fast we definitely got a good feel for the pushchair. 

So this post is all about our day with the Cosatto Ooba!

I always think it is good to have expectations when it comes to trying anything new for the first time, and giving a new pushchair a spin is no exception to this. Having only really ever seen the Ooba from a far and having never pushed one with my toddler at the helm, I thought that the Ooba looked like it may be a bit heavy, especially with my almost 3 year old in the driving seat. I loved the over all look, the colour and the accessories and I was looking forward to see how the Ooba and I were going to get on.

First Impressions

Having met the Ooba and got my rather tired toddler strapped into the seat, I began to push the Ooba and was instantly impressed with just how well it pushes. It was so smooth and even with a chunky 2 (almost 3 year old) in the seat, it handled beautifully. I did struggle with the straps and found that they were quite stiff, so I couldn't pull the strap tight very easily, but I put this down to it being so new.

The over all pushchair is nice and solid, and there is absolutely nothing flimsy about the Ooba and for me it was love at first push, Leo was comfortable in the seat but it was apparent to me that he is very almost outgrowing the Ooba. Leo is a tall toddler and his head reached right up to the hood, but they estimate that it will accommodate a toddler from birth right up to around 3 years of age. Granted Leo is a tall toddler for his age, and you could definitely see this.

A Day With The Cosatto Ooba

With the Ooba as our wheels of choice we were unleashed upon Birmingham Baby Show. We had a number of admiring comments from passers by, people who were admiring the Ooba. And we began to make our way around the show to visit all of our favourite brands. 

We were getting on really well with everything that the Ooba had to offer, and I decided to have a look at the different features that this pushchair has to offer. One of my biggest loves about this model is just how easy it is to make the change from parent to world facing. It really is a doddle and you just need to use the buttons on either side and then push the handle over the top until it clicks in the other side. You can even do this with a child in the seat unit! I decided to give this a go just as we left the Baby Show to get some lunch, this was when I discovered that the brake is actually on the handle bar! For a moment or so I couldn't quite work out why the wheels had locked up... Suddenly it clicked but no matter what I did I couldn't work out how to release the brake. So here we were just outside the Baby Show entrance, and I could just see Nancy (Cosatto's Head of Marketing) in the distance. So what did we do? I guess you could describe it as shuffling! I shuffled Leo and the Ooba back inside and asked for a little bit of Ooba assistance. 

It is probably always a good idea to know how to release the brake when using a pushchair, that's a lesson I learnt very recently!

The basket is a good size and depth, we managed to store all of our Baby Show loot in the bottom. If my changing bag hadn't been quite so full I would have been able to store that in the basket instead of on the handle bar. The Ooba stayed strong and sturdy even with my big heavy bag on the back and showed no signs of struggling to carry the load.

The wheels on the Ooba I first thought were air tyres, they look like they are. But actually upon discussion with the lovely Cosatto team I learnt that the wheels are actually foam. I thought this was a rather nice touch, as it eliminates the chance of having a wheel pop or having to fill them up once they have deflated a little. So if you didn't know already... You do now!

As we only had the Ooba for a couple of hours I can only tell you what we experienced during that time frame. I can't even begin to tell you how to put it up and down as this is something that I personally didn't experience, but I can tell you that over all we really did LOVE the Ooba.

We loved the way it handled and the way that it looks, and I almost shed a tear when we had to hand it back at the end of the day. It truly is a beautiful pushchair, and if it can sit my big 2 year old comfortably at the top end of the weight/age bracket then you can see just how long the Ooba would last you, right from birth until the end of days when you no longer need a set of wheels for your baby.

The Ooba retails at £800 which does make it the most expensive pushchair model out of the Cosatto range. but that price includes:

Chassis, carrycot and seat unit
- Cosy Toes with reversible zip off liner
- Coordinating changing bag with changing mat and messy bag
- Patterned raincovers for pushchair seat and carrycot
- Spacious storage basket
-Hold car seat adaptors (Hold car seat sold separately)

You do get a lot for your money with Cosatto, I have found that they are always very generous with the accessories and completely kit you out for every occasion you could imagine. Everything that you would have to buy as an extra is pretty much included in the initial package,  everything except for the hold car seat which is sold separately. 

If you are heading to the Birmingham Baby Show this weekend, make sure you pop by the Cosatto Stand and say hello to the amazing team. They will be more than happy to show you the Ooba and their other models in as much detail as you would like!

Disclaimer: I was invited along to the Baby Show and loaned a Cosatto Ooba for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.